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June 13, 2024

Create Custom Holiday Bundles to Increase Average Order Values.

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Transition from a standard shop-and-go store to an interactive experience with a unique bundling solution. This app empowers merchants to create a personalized journey for their customers. By implementing custom bundle offers, businesses can benefit from increased average order values and improved client loyalty.

The core advantage of this app lies in its flexibility and adaptability. It provides merchants the freedom to design their bundles, allowing a specific number of steps, minimum product thresholds, varied discount tiers, and bespoke messaging. This flexibility empowers businesses to tailor the customer's shopping path, ensuring a remarkable, interactive experience while simultaneously staying on brand.

Be it holiday special offers or unique gift box deals, the bundling solution provides a strategic pathway to enrich customer satisfaction whilst cycling significant revenue. Drive memorable shopping experiences, increase your sales and take the lead in e-commerce competitiveness with this exemplary bundling solution.


Create custom bundles with adjustable prices and discounts to cater to individual customer preferences
Enable customers to navigate through bundle items easily using filters based on collections or product titles
Layer discounts within the bundle with other Shopify discounts for additional savings
Customize bundle layouts with a choice of two builder layouts and endless styling options
Enhance customer engagement by adding customizable forms for text inputs or image uploads in the bundle


Increase average order values by offering custom bundle deals tailored to each customer's preferences
Design unique bundle offers with specific steps, discount tiers, and messaging to create memorable shopping experiences while staying on brand
Drive significant revenue by creating strategic holiday special offers and gift box deals that enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty

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Owlfred Review

Hoot hoot! With over 100 positive reviews and an average rating of 3.9, BundleBuilder: Custom Bundles by the lovely folks at StayTuned has really caught my attention. This clever little app has been designed to spread some holiday joy by helping Shopify merchants increase their average order value with customizable bundles and gift boxes. With unique features allowing you to adjust prices, apply layered discounts, and even add forms where customers can personalize their bundles, it really adds that personal touch to the shopping experience. Not to mention, there’s an option for customers to filter items by collections or product titles at each step, making the shopping process as smooth as can be. Priced at a reasonable $24.99/month after a 7-day free trial, who wouldn't want to elevate their e-commerce store by creating unforgettable shopping experiences through bundling? Remember, adding this splendid app to your Shopify tool belt could be your ticket to boosting those average order values!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can the BundleBuilder: Custom Bundles app increase the average order value for my Shopify business?
BundleBuilder: Custom Bundles helps increase the average order value by letting you create attractive product bundles that entice customers to buy more items for a deal. It leverages up-selling and cross-selling techniques to enhance customer shopping experience and increase sales value.
What are up-selling and cross-selling techniques and how do they help in enhancing my shopify store sales?
Up-selling is a sales technique where you encourage customers to purchase a higher-end product than the one in question. Cross-selling invites customers to buy related or complementary items. Both strategies allow you to maximize value from each customer, leading to an increase in the overall sales for your Shopify store.
What is a product bundle and how can it help increase my average order value on Shopify?
A product bundle is a group of products sold together often for a discounted price. Offering product bundles encourages customers to buy more items than they initially intended, thus increasing your average order value. BundleBuilder: Custom Bundles allows you to easily set these up in your Shopify store!
What is the best way to configure BundleBuilder: Custom Bundles to maximize increases in my average order value?
To maximize your average order values with BundleBuilder: Custom Bundles, it's important to group products that complement each other well. This enables the customer to see the value in buying them together. Experiment with different bundled product setups, and adjust prices to find the most enticing balance.

Shopify App Comparison: Bundle Builder: Custom Bundles vs Easy Bundle Builder | SkaiLama - which is better?

When comparing BundleBuilder: Custom Bundles and Easy Bundle Builder | SkaiLama, we found that they both offer powerful features for creating custom bundles and increasing Average Order Value (AOV). However, BundleBuilder stands out with its flexibility and adaptability, allowing merchants to design bundles with specific steps, discount tiers, and messaging, ensuring a remarkable, interactive experience while staying on brand. This app empowers businesses to tailor the customer's shopping path and drive significant revenue through strategic holiday special offers and gift box deals. With BundleBuilder, you can create unique bundle offers that enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty while increasing sales. Therefore, we highly recommend this app.

On the other hand, Easy Bundle Builder | SkaiLama provides a seamless bundle building experience for customers, allowing them to showcase their individuality and potentially increase AOV. It offers customizable layouts, greeting cards, and gift boxes, adding a personal touch to the shopping journey. Additionally, this app streamlines inventory management and order fulfillment processes, improving efficiency for merchants. With the ability to offer tiered bundle discounts and upsell and cross-sell products, Easy Bundle Builder can help increase customer loyalty and boost conversion rates. We recommend considering this app if you are looking for an app that enriches the user experience and streamlines business processes.

Bundle Builder: Custom Bundles Shopify AppBundle Builder: Custom Bundles
Easy Bundle Builder | SkaiLama Shopify AppEasy Bundle Builder | SkaiLama
Average Rating 4.1 out of 5 4.9 out of 5
Number of Reviews 161 201
Estimated Installs 145 482
Min Price $24.99 $0.00
Max Price $24.99 $199.00
Works With Checkout Klaviyo, Rebuy, All Side Cart Apps, All subscription apps, All 3PL
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