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Streamline product management and save time with unlimited edits, SEO optimization, and automatic tagging for Shopify.

What Owlfred thinks...

Bulk Edit Mojo is a powerful tool to streamline your product management, SEO optimization, and automatic tagging tasks, making store management a breeze!

This is a great Shopify app that will help you grow your Shopify store faster!

Last Updated:
May 8, 2024

Streamline Product Management and SEO Optimization with Powerful App

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Experience the power of consolidated shop management with an all-in-one solution that's laser-focused on streamlining your store's operations. This application equips you with a suite of features designed to make common managerial tasks more efficient, thereby saving your team invaluable time and resources.

Empower your productivity with unlimited product edits, ensuring your catalogue remains up-to-date and aligns with your evolving business needs. The agility of scheduling tasks without limits facilitates smooth operations and keeps your shop well-coordinated. Allowing numerous SEO optimizations for images, this tool aids the organic visibility of your products, transporting them to a broader customer base.

Harness an expansive functionality to merge product filters without restrictions, providing your shoppers with a seamless navigation experience. The app's capability to run tasks across multiple shops concurrently is a testament to its scalability, effectively supporting your eCommerce expansion endeavors.

Put your shop management in overdrive with this versatile tool, encapsulating multiple needs within a single solution, your key to agile and proficient store operations.


Edit product information such as tags, types, vendor, and prices in bulk
Schedule tasks at desired intervals for efficient store management
Automatically tag selected products or orders for organization
Optimize SEO with image, URL, and meta tag enhancements
Merge similar product option values for a seamless shopping experience


Save time by bulk editing product information, scheduling tasks, and automatically tagging products, streamlining store operations
Increase productivity with unlimited product edits and seamless SEO optimizations, attracting a wider customer base
Enhance shopping experience by merging product filters without restrictions and running tasks across multiple shops concurrently

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Owlfred Review

Hoot hoot! Allow me to introduce Bulk Edit Mojo, your new ally in taming your Shopify store's management tasks. With an admirable average rating of 4.9 from several pleased users, this application is all set to streamline your daily shop operations. It's like taking flight on a magic carpet of convenience, automating everything from product edits to SEO optimizations. This means more time to focus on growing your business! You can schedule tasks at your convenience, tag products or orders automatically, and optimize your site's performance, all under the roof of a single app. Their unique feature of merging similar product filter values into more coherent options is the real cherry on top. Ideal for those needing a bulk-editor and discount-management solution, this app is priced comfortably at $4.99 a month with a 14-day free trial. Take it from this wise owl, Eushopa's Bulk Edit Mojo is worth a flutter.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can Bulk Edit Mojo help in optimizing my Shopify store?
Bulk Edit Mojo is a powerful app that helps in mass editing your Shopify products. This can improve your store's SEO (Search Engine Optimization) by enabling you to efficiently update product details, styles, pricing, and discounts: all key factors that can affect your store's online visibility and search engine ranking.
What is Bulk Editing in ecommerce?
Bulk Editing refers to the process of making changes to multiple items at once. In ecommerce, this usually applies to editing various product attributes, such as prices, descriptions or discounts. A bulk editor, like Bulk Edit Mojo, can save time and ensure consistency in your store's product data.
How can using Bulk Edit Mojo improve my website's SEO?
Using Bulk Edit Mojo can significantly improve your website's SEO by making your product listings more polished and consistent. The app allows you to easily update product details, including titles, descriptions, prices, and discounts: elements that influence how search engines index and rank your webpage.
How do discounts influence my ecommerce SEO?
Offering discounts and effectively promoting them can positively influence your ecommerce SEO. When you update your product details to reflect discounts, it increases the chances of your products being found by shoppers searching for deals. This leads to more traffic, better click-through rates and improved search engine rankings.

Shopify App Comparison: Bulk Edit Mojo vs CW: Bulk Product Editor - which is better?

We have reviewed two app options that are designed to streamline store management and enable efficient product edits in bulk. The Bulk Edit Mojo app provides an all-in-one solution with a suite of features that aim to save time and resources for store owners. This app offers unlimited product edits, allowing users to keep their catalog up-to-date and aligned with evolving business needs. It also enables scheduling tasks without limits and supports seamless navigation with the capability to merge product filters. Additionally, the Bulk Edit Mojo app can run tasks across multiple shops concurrently, making it scalable and ideal for eCommerce expansion.

On the other hand, the CW: Bulk Product Editor app also offers efficient product edits in bulk. It provides a comprehensive filtering system that allows store owners to easily navigate and modify various product attributes. The app allows users to schedule changes and offers the flexibility to edit and reverse modifications whenever necessary. With the CW: Bulk Product Editor app, merchants can streamline merchandise management and optimize Shopify operations, giving them more time to focus on scaling their business.

While both apps offer valuable capabilities, the Bulk Edit Mojo app stands out with its all-in-one solution and extensive functionality. Its support for unlimited product edits, seamless navigation with merged filters, and the ability to run tasks across multiple shops make it an ideal choice for store owners looking to enhance their store operations and expand their eCommerce endeavors. We highly recommend the Bulk Edit Mojo app for its agility and proficiency in store management.

Bulk Edit Mojo Shopify AppBulk Edit Mojo
CW: Bulk Product Editor Shopify AppCW: Bulk Product Editor
Average Rating 4.8 out of 5 5 out of 5
Number of Reviews 17 2
Estimated Installs 33 0
Min Price $4.99 $5.99
Max Price $4.99 $5.99
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