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Update prices for sales, filter, and visually see product changes before you go with GJ Bulk Price Editor.

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With GJ Bulk Price Editor, you can easily manage your product prices and automate sales with filters, saving you time and effort!

This is a great Shopify app that will help you grow your Shopify store faster!

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May 21, 2024

Elevate Sales with Simple Price Management

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Streamline your price adjustment process with this robust Shopify marketplace tool: GJ Bulk Price Editor. This solution offers a range of flexible features that simplify and optimize the way you manage your pricing strategy. Whether it's for sales or season changes, this program equips you with the intuitive ability to implement changes across your product range efficiently.

The strength of this utility lies in its filtering capability. Users can easily select the products they wish to adjust by leveraging features such as filtering via CSV, tags, name, collection or price. This tailored approach lets you precisely target items with specific characteristics, ensuring optimized effectiveness when rolling out pricing updates.

Further refining its functionality, this tool also enables selection of variants within the filtered products by title or SKU. This means you can efficiently set up modification actions that adjust prices by either a specific amount or percentage, depending on the item's cost. You can even preset an exact price to align with the compare-at-price function.

Visual confirmation of planned product alterations is displayed before executing the changes, guaranteeing the accuracy of your adjustments. For added convenience, this tool also provides a scheduling feature, perfect for future price alterations, and a rollback option for mistakes or strategy shifts.

With its combination of intuitive user experience and powerful features, this pricing solution offers the tools necessary to augment revenue by stay current with sales trends and seasonal demands.


Filter products by Name, Collection, CSV, Tags, and more for efficient price adjustments
Easily roll back any changes with just one click
Schedule tasks to run at specific times
Conveniently select variants within filtered products to make modifications based on amounts or percentages
Preview planned product alterations for accurate pricing adjustments before execution


Efficiently adjust prices across your product range by using advanced filters such as CSV, tags, name, collection, or price
Easily select variants within filtered products to make modifications based on specific amounts or percentages, ensuring accurate pricing adjustments
Preview planned product alterations before executing changes, ensuring precision in your pricing strategy

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Owlfred Review

Whooo's looking for seamless management of their product pricing? Then look no further than GJ Bulk Price Editor! As a backend app, it might be an unsung hero with no known installs, but it's certainly earned its 5-star rating, garnering 11 glowing reviews. This nifty tool offers you the convenience to modify prices of multiple products simultaneously, filtered by criteria such as CSV, tags, collection, name, and price. You can even apply changes to variants within your filtered selection by SKU or title. Want to adjust your prices based on a flat rate, percentage, or cost-per-item? Easy peasy! Plus, it gives you a visual preview of planned product changes, just to make sure everything looks just right. Need to schedule tasks for future implementation? Done! Made a mistake? Fret not, with its one-click rollback feature, your store can be restored to its previous state instantly. And with a pricing range of $0.00 to $14.50, it offers a cost-effective solution for stores of all sizes. So if you're searching for a versatile, user-friendly bulk editor, GJ Bulk Price Editor is the hoot-de-la-creme!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are bulk price editing strategies that can help increase sales?
Bulk price editing strategies like tiered pricing, volume discounts, and dynamic pricing based on market demand can significantly boost sales.
What is the simplest bulk pricing strategy?
The simplest bulk pricing strategy is uniform pricing. This strategy applies the same price to all quantities of a specific product. It is straightforward and easy to manage.
How can retailers use GJ Bulk Price Editor to increase sales?
Retailers can use GJ Bulk Price Editor to swiftly change prices in bulk, implement price strategies like volume discounts or tiered pricing, thus boosting attractiveness of their products and potentially increasing sales.
What are two highly effective price strategies that can be achieved with the GJ Bulk Price Editor?
Two highly effective price strategies achievable with the GJ Bulk Price Editor are tiered pricing and volume discounts. Both strategies incentivize customers to purchase more, increasing store revenue.

Shopify App Comparison: GJ Bulk Price Editor vs Bulk Price Editor Pro - which is better?

When comparing GJ Bulk Price Editor and Bulk Price Editor Pro, we can see that both apps offer efficient and convenient bulk price editing capabilities for e-commerce store owners. GJ Bulk Price Editor stands out with its robust filtering capability, allowing users to easily select products for price adjustments based on CSV, tags, name, collection, or price. This targeted approach ensures precise and optimized effectiveness when rolling out pricing updates. Additionally, GJ Bulk Price Editor provides a scheduling feature for future price alterations and a rollback option for mistakes or strategy shifts, offering added convenience and flexibility.

On the other hand, Bulk Price Editor Pro offers a rule-based editor that allows users to choose specific items based on various criteria such as collection, tag, vendor, and product type. This precision in product selection ensures accurate price adjustments and offers versatility for businesses of any size. The app also stands out with its ability to edit prices for an unlimited number of products and variants, giving merchants the flexibility to manage pricing for their entire merchandise inventory. Furthermore, Bulk Price Editor Pro is optimized for productivity and efficiency, enabling users to schedule bulk sales, flash sales, or discounts with ease and accuracy, creating financial flexibility for businesses.

Ultimately, both apps offer powerful features for bulk price editing, but the decision between GJ Bulk Price Editor and Bulk Price Editor Pro will depend on specific requirements and preferences. If you prioritize robust filtering capabilities and the convenience of scheduling and rollback options, GJ Bulk Price Editor is the recommended choice. However, if you value a rule-based editor for precise product selection and the ability to edit prices for an unlimited number of products and variants, along with the flexibility of scheduling bulk sales and discounts, Bulk Price Editor Pro would be the ideal solution.

GJ Bulk Price Editor Shopify AppGJ Bulk Price Editor
Bulk Price Editor Pro Shopify AppBulk Price Editor Pro
Average Rating 5 out of 5 4.2 out of 5
Number of Reviews 15 155
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Max Price $14.50 $3.33
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