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Import and export products, variants, and metafields more efficiently using Bulk Transporter.

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Bulk Transporter is a faster way to manage products, pages, collections, and metafields via csv/xlsx - perfect for easy import/export and bulk metafield management!

This is a great Shopify app that will help you grow your Shopify store faster!

Last Updated:
June 13, 2024

Effortlessly manage products, pages, and more with Bulk Transporter

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Looking for a better way to manage the migration of your products, variants, collections, and pages on your Shopify store? Make the switch to Bulk Transporter. This app offers a tremendous level of functionality, allowing comprehensive data manipulation through a seamless CSV and XLSX format.

Experience how painless importing and exporting can truly be. With Bulk Transporter, you no longer need to juggle multiple apps to manage metafields. Thanks to its fully integrated system, you can manipulate metafields straight from the app's platform, regardless of whether they are linked to products, variants, collections, or pages.

Optimized for larger data sets, you can depend on the app for mass updates or deletions. This isn't just a transporter; consider it your reliable data management partner on your e-commerce journey. With Bulk Transporter, data migration isn't just easierβ€”it's smarter.


Easily import and export products in bulk using CSV or Excel formats
Streamline metafield management for products, variants, collections, or pages in bulk
Track upload progress and export errors effortlessly
Partially update product details without uploading the entire catalog
Optimize data management with mass updates or deletions, perfect for larger data sets


Easily manage migration of products, variants, collections, and pages with seamless CSV and XLSX format
Streamline metafield management to save time and effort, whether it's for products, variants, collections, or pages
Optimize data management with mass updates or deletions for larger data sets

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Owlfred Review

When it comes to data management, Bulk Transporter | Migrate, developed by Clarity, proves to be a real sizable owl treat. This Shopify app offers a faster way for you to manage products, pages, collections, and metafields in bulk via CSV/XLSX. It's basically an all-in one platform for importing, exporting, creating, updating, and deleting these elements. Moreover, it lets you track your uploads' progress and export errors- a feature that enhances the user experience. Don't want to upload the entire catalog? Well, fret not! This app allows you to partially update your product details. It has only 3 reviews, but don't ruffle your feathers over that! The average rating is an impressive 5 out of 5. Pricing is quite feather-light, with plans ranging from free to $19.00. While it may have zero install counts, that could likely be due to it being a backend app (still important for the behind-the-scenes magic!). As of now, it seems that Bulk Transporter | Migrate is flexing its wings on the right path. I'd tip my owl cap to this app if you're in need of a straightforward, efficient tool for managing your store data.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the main function of Bulk Transporter?
Bulk Transporter makes managing the migration of products,variants,collections and pages on your Shopify store easier. It offers comprehensive data manipulation through CSV and XLSX formats.
Can Bulk Transporter manage metafields?
Yes,Bulk Transporter can manipulate metafields straight from its platform. This means you don’t need multiple apps to manage metafields linked to products,variants,collections,or pages.
Is Bulk Transporter suitable for larger data sets?
Yes,Bulk Transporter is designed to handle larger data sets effectively. It can be relied upon for mass updates or deletions.
How does Bulk Transporter simplify data migration?
Bulk Transporter simplifies the entire data migration process by integrating all functionalities in one platform. It allows for importing,exporting and managing data sets of any scale,thus making data migration straightforward and efficient.

Shopify App Comparison: Bulk Transporter | Migrate vs Mentis Collection Duplicator - which is better?

When comparing Bulk Transporter and Mentis Collection Duplicator, we can see that both apps offer unique capabilities and benefits for Shopify store owners. Bulk Transporter stands out with its functionality for managing the migration of products, variants, collections, and pages. It provides a seamless CSV and XLSX format for comprehensive data manipulation, making importing and exporting easy. Additionally, its integrated system allows for efficient metafield management without the need for multiple apps. This app is optimized for larger data sets, making it a reliable data management partner for e-commerce journeys. We highly recommend Bulk Transporter for its comprehensive features and benefits.

On the other hand, Mentis Collection Duplicator focuses on streamlining collection creation and curation. This app allows users to easily replicate collections, saving time and effort by removing the redundancy of creating collections from scratch. It also offers granular control for precise collection design and alteration, giving users the flexibility they need. With the ability to quickly test changes and efficiently manage large collections, Mentis Collection Duplicator provides a time-saving solution for optimizing collection performance. For store owners looking to enhance efficiency and increase scalability, we recommend using Mentis Collection Duplicator.

Bulk Transporter | Migrate Shopify AppBulk Transporter | Migrate
Mentis Collection Duplicator Shopify AppMentis Collection Duplicator
Average Rating 5 out of 5 5 out of 5
Number of Reviews 3 4
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