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Get discovered by millions of new shoppers on ChaChing, and drive incredible transactions.

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ChaChing is a great app to get your products discovered by new shoppers and support hard-working families while driving new sales.

This is a great Shopify app that will help you grow your Shopify store faster!

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April 13, 2024

Reach millions of active shoppers and drive incredible sales performance.

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This app allows you to have your products discovered on ChaChing. As a result, you can reach millions of new shoppers active-in-market for what you sell. You can sync your products to ChaChing, automatically install the ChaChing pixel, and ultimately drive incredible new transactions. Your products will show on ChaChing’s app, where purchases are incentivized by ChaChing to drive cutting-edge sales performance.

Connect your eCommerce store with a teeming audience of potential customers through this remarkable application. Marketplace connectivity takes center stage, enabling seamless synchronization of your product range. This reduces manual upload hassle and fast-tracks the potential growth of your sales figures.

Your detailed product listing is magnified on a thriving platform frequented by active buyers. The appeal of your merchandise is leveraged with an engaging app atmosphere, backed by innovative purchase incentives. This results in compelling shopping experiences that can significantly rev-up your transaction figures.

The application goes the extra mile with automated pixel installation, paving the way for broader reach and interaction with your posts. As such, you can envisage a remarkable surge in product visibility, attracting a new wave of fresh shoppers while retaining existing ones. The architecture of this app is built around driving your sales to newer and impressive heights.

Align your business with tomorrow's technology today, bridging the gap between your store and the global shopper. This application translates your business goals into realized sales success.


Get discovered by shoppers searching for similar products, increasing your chances of selling your items.
Drive sales by enticing shoppers to choose your products over other brands or retailers.
Support hard-working families by allowing them to benefit from your marketing efforts.
Easily create always-on campaigns with just a few clicks, saving you time and hassle.
Maximize your adspend efficiency by receiving returns when our systems detect wasted ad spend, preventing unnecessary loss.


Expand your reach and increase product visibility by connecting with a vast audience of potential customers on a thriving platform, enhancing your chances of attracting new shoppers and retaining existing ones
Streamline your product listing process and reduce manual upload hassle, fast-tracking the potential growth of your sales figures
Leverage automated pixel installation to broaden your reach and interaction with posts, leading to a remarkable surge in product visibility and driving your sales to newer and impressive heights

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Owlfred Review

Meet ChaChing, a unique Shopify app designed to give your products the limelight they deserve! With ChaChing, you can get your products right in front of eager shoppers who are browsing for exactly what you're selling. Despite being a new feathered face on the Shopify app store, ChaChing has already started impressing merchants, proven with its straight 5/5 review score. And though the app isn't publicly broadcasting its install count, it's surely not one to overlook. Key features such as incentivizing purchases to maximize sales performance, improving margins, and eliminating performance risk have earned it some early praise. Another interesting aspect of this app is its focus on minimizing ad waste from returned products - talk about an environment-friendly move! ChaChing is free to install, though it doesn't shy away from mentioning that additional charges may apply. So, if you're seeking new, incremental sales and a way to transform the purchasing behavior of your potential customers, ChaChing might just be the gem you've been hunting for in the eCommerce jungle.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the role of advertising in a successful online retail business?
Advertising plays a significant role in any successful online retail business. It helps in raising brand awareness, attracting potential customers, and promoting products or services.
How can I increase sales using an advertising app like ChaChing: Support families now?
To increase sales using an advertising app, you need to plan targeted campaigns resonating with your audience, utilize the analytics that these apps provide, and optimize your strategies based on these insights.
How does Chaching: Support families now help in advertising?
ChaChing: Support families now helps in advertising by providing targeted and purposeful ad strategies. These strategies can improve brand visibility, increase customer engagement, and aid in conversion rate optimization, ultimately boosting sales.
What impact can a focused advertising strategy have on my online business?
A focused advertising strategy can significantly benefit your online business. It allows you to reach your target audience effectively, increase brand awareness, and drive more sales while also allowing for performance tracking and campaign adjustment.

Shopify App Comparison: ChaChing: Support families now vs Wixpa Google Ads Tracking - which is better?

When comparing ChaChing: Support families now and Wixpa Google Ads Tracking, it's clear that both apps offer unique capabilities and features that can benefit businesses. ChaChing: Support families now focuses on connecting eCommerce stores with a large audience of potential customers, enhancing product visibility and driving sales. With automated pixel installation and always-on campaigns, businesses can streamline their marketing efforts and maximize ad spend efficiency. This app emphasizes the importance of expanding reach, attracting new shoppers, and supporting hard-working families.

On the other hand, Wixpa Google Ads Tracking provides a comprehensive tracking tool for marketing campaigns across major digital platforms. With seamless integration of GTM and GA4, businesses can easily manage pixel data from various sources. The standout feature of this app is the 'Elevar Conversion Tracking,' which allows businesses to understand and analyze customer and eCommerce data for precise targeting and optimal ROI. This app bridges the gap between complex data management and strategic advertising, empowering businesses to make fact-based decisions.

While both apps offer valuable capabilities, the recommended app depends on the specific needs and goals of the business. If the main objective is to boost sales, attract new shoppers, and support families, ChaChing: Support families now would be the ideal choice. However, if the focus is on tracking and optimizing marketing campaigns across multiple platforms for precise targeting and ROI, Wixpa Google Ads Tracking would be the preferred option.

ChaChing: Support families now Shopify AppChaChing: Support families now
Wixpa Google Ads Tracking Shopify AppWixpa Google Ads Tracking
Average Rating 5 out of 5 4.8 out of 5
Number of Reviews 4 28
Estimated Installs 0 83
Min Price $0.00 $9.99
Max Price $0.00 $9.99
Works With Checkout Google Ads Conversion Tracking, Google Tags, Google Ads Tracking, Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics 4, GTM
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