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Secure your store with chargeback defense & real-time order problem alerts.

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Trouble Tracker | Chargeback is the ultimate solution for an informed and secure ecommerce store, helping you protect your store with chargeback defense and hunt down order problems before they impact fulfillment.

This is a great Shopify app that will help you grow your Shopify store faster!

Last Updated:
June 13, 2024

Protect Your Store with Chargeback Defense & Risk Detection

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Unearth a new layer of protection for your online marketplace with this exceptional tool designed to shield your e-commerce operations from the complexities of credit card disputes and tricky orders. Armed with sophisticated technology that effortlessly accelerates the chargeback resolution process, this app significantly boosts win rates while recovering lost revenues.

More than just a shield, though, this app also acts as an advanced sentinel. Its uniquely engineered Trouble Tracker spotlights problematic orders and difficult customers, furnishing real-time alerts that help you understand and manage associated risks swiftly and effectively. This is not just another app; it's the guardian angel of your e-commerce that makes it secure and informed in one fell swoop.

Take a leap towards hassle-free e-commerce transactions, trounce chargebacks, and wave goodbye to customer concerns with our app that effortlessly meets the needs of Shopify merchants. A shield, a sentinel, a troubleshooter- it wears several hats, ensuring your e-commerce operations are not just trouble-free but prosperous too.


Expert Dispute Assistance: Our skilled team handles your chargeback disputes
Trouble Tracker: Harness data-driven insights to identify problematic orders
Real-Time Alert System: Receive instant notifications for problematic orders
Accelerate chargeback resolution process, leading to increased win rates and recovered revenues
Enhance e-commerce security and profitability through proactive risk management


Accelerate chargeback resolution process, leading to increased win rates and recovered revenues
Identify and manage risky orders and troublesome customers in real-time, minimizing potential losses and customer disputes
Enhance e-commerce security and profitability through expert dispute handling and proactive risk management

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Chargeback Resolver LLC
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Owlfred Review

Hoot hoot! Listen up, merchants! The Trouble Tracker | Chargeback app by Chargeback Resolver LLC is your ultimate weapon to defend your store from those pesky credit card disputes and problematic orders. Rated a perfect 5/5 stars, this app is like having your very own guardian owl perched on your store's metaphorical doorstep! It's all about coverage here – from streamlining the chargeback rebuttal process increasing win rates and getting your hard-earning revenue back, to identifying risky orders in real-time using data-driven insights and alerting you before they can cause a headache. But it doesn't stop there - the incredible team of experts won't just handle your disputes, they'll also swoop in with their Trouble Tracker feature to hoot out any potential order problems. Although it's a backend app with no visible installs, its features make it a hidden gem in the Shopify app forest. This app is free to install but be aware, additional charges may apply. So if you're in the market for something to keep your store secure, you'd be wise to give Trouble Tracker | Chargeback a flying visit!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is chargeback protection?
Chargeback protection is a service offered by certain entities to protect businesses from potentially damaging chargebacks. This service often involves tools and strategies to prevent chargebacks from happening in the first place or to fight illegitimate chargebacks if they occur.
How can an app like Trouble Tracker Chargeback help with fraud prevention?
Apps like Trouble Tracker Chargeback can play a critical role in fraud prevention. They monitor transactions and flag suspicious ones, which can help you take preventive action or provide data that can be used to dispute illegitimate chargebacks.
Do Shopify merchants need additional protection against chargebacks?
Chargeback protection is considered a helpful layer of security for any online business, including Shopify merchants. Given the nature of online transactions and the increased risk of fraud, having measures in place to limit the impact of chargebacks can be beneficial.
How can I prevent chargebacks from happening in my store?
Preventing chargebacks involves monitoring your transactions for potential fraud, ensuring good customer service, and having clear policies for transactions and returns. Fraud prevention apps like Trouble Tracker Chargeback can also greatly assist in this process by tracking and flagging questionable activities.

Shopify App Comparison: Trouble Tracker | Chargeback vs FUGU ‑ Every Payment Counts - which is better?

When comparing Trouble Tracker and FUGU - Every Payment Counts, we can see that both apps offer advanced protection against fraud and chargebacks in the e-commerce space. However, Trouble Tracker stands out with its expertise in chargeback dispute assistance, ensuring that merchants have a skilled team to handle these disputes. This not only accelerates the chargeback resolution process but also leads to increased win rates and recovered revenues. On the other hand, FUGU offers tools for dynamic routing of orders to chargeback protection plans, providing flexibility in aligning e-commerce strategies. It also includes automated verifications and a ready-to-use log for challenging unjustified disputes.

Another differentiating factor is Trouble Tracker's Trouble Tracker feature, which harnesses data-driven insights to identify problematic orders in real time, allowing merchants to take immediate action. It acts as an advanced sentinel, providing real-time alerts that help manage associated risks swiftly and effectively. FUGU, on the other hand, offers the Promise To Pay functionality, ensuring the continuity of shipments even amidst failed payments. This proactive protection identifies customers until items are dispatched, minimising potential losses and customer disputes.

Overall, both apps provide valuable features and benefits to enhance e-commerce security and profitability. However, depending on the specific needs of your business, we would recommend Trouble Tracker for its expertise in chargeback dispute assistance and real-time risk management. It offers a comprehensive solution for ensuring trouble-free and prosperous e-commerce operations.

Trouble Tracker | Chargeback Shopify AppTrouble Tracker | Chargeback
FUGU ‑ Every Payment Counts Shopify AppFUGU ‑ Every Payment Counts
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