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Unlimited free chat channels & transparent pricing. Award-winning AI customer service with a free mobile app.

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Chative is a helpful chat and chatbot app that can assist you in selling directly on your store with AI and automation.

This is a great Shopify app that will help you grow your Shopify store faster!

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May 1, 2024

Unlimited Free Live Chat & Chatbot: Transparent Pricing & AI Support

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Experience a revolution in customer communication with this live-chat and chatbot application, designed to streamline interactions and boost efficiency. Free, unlimited messaging capacity and transparent pricing imbue this solution with unrivaled accessibility, particularly appealing to fledgling ventures striving to optimize budget and outcomes.

With the included mobile app, maintain a seamless connection to your clientele wherever you go. A unique approach to cost-effectiveness, it's the ideal support tool for burgeoning businesses. Moreover, avail of unparalleled in-app assistance, always ready and waiting to help take your user experience to an entirely new level.

Dive into the realm of AI customer support with an application that boasts a ready-to-go solution adaptable to any business. Implement it effortlessly in just a few clicks and watch as it uplifts your customer service game, leveraging the power of an award-winning UI and UX.

Having carved a unique niche in AI, chatbot, and messaging automation over the past six years, this live-chat and chatbot integration stands as a testament to technological advancement in customer relations. It's not just an app, it's the future of efficient, engaged, and effective customer interactions.


Unify all conversations, customers, orders, and product catalogues
Access complete customer context, order history, and activity details
Enable direct sales via everyday messaging apps, converting visitors into leads
Ensure timely, personalized customer service to increase productivity and efficiency
Leverage AI technology to streamline customer interactions and boost engagement


Increase customer engagement and retention with timely, personalized customer service
Boost sales by converting visitors into leads through direct sales via everyday messaging apps
Save time and increase productivity by unifying all conversations, customers, orders, and product catalogues

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Owlfred Review

Time to chat about Chative - Live chat & Chatbot, fellow Shopify merchants! This feather-light, intuitive app aims to streamline your customer interactions by compiling all your convos from various sites and social channels into one handy nest. Set up your own live chat with a mere flick of a feather and watch as it draws in potential customers the moment they land on your page. Chative isn't just about chat either, it has the wisdom of an AI, effectively automating replies and increasing efficiency! Plus, it allows direct sales via your regular messaging apps, ensuring personalized customer service while increasing your productivity. Take flight with its free plan or try out the 30-day free trial! Although this fledgling app currently has just one review and a low rating, it signifies growth potential in its AI and chatbot capabilities. It might need more time and user feedback to mature into a wise old owl, but seizing potential early is the key to a successful e-commerce journey. Give Chative a chance to prove its worth - after all, who wouldn't enjoy a friendly chat?

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a live chat app?
A live chat app, like Chative, allows online businesses to communicate in real time with their website visitors and customers. It is typically used for customer service and support, sales conversations, and can also include chatbot functionality.
Are chatbots useful for my Shopify Store?
Chatbots can be a great asset to any Shopify store. They provide customer service round the clock, can handle multiple inquiries simultaneously, and offer consistent and instant responses to common customer queries thereby increasing customer engagement and satisfaction.
Is Chative app free to use?
While many chat apps offer free versions or trials, the cost of the Chative app specific to its premium features and services would be best found on its listing in the Shopify app marketplace.
What are the benefits of Chative โ€‘ Live chat & Chatbot for my online store?
Chative - Live chat & Chatbot can improve customer service by providing instant responses and 24/7 support. It also helps reduce cart abandonment by answering queries and problems in real time, and can boost sales by engaging customers interactively throughout their shopping journey.

Shopify App Comparison: Chative โ€‘ Live chat & Chatbot vs Facebook Chat Flux - which is better?

Chative - Live chat & Chatbot and Facebook Chat Flux both offer robust messaging facilities to enhance customer communication. However, Chative takes it a step further by providing a ready-to-go solution that is adaptable to any business, making it the ideal support tool for burgeoning ventures. With unrivaled accessibility and transparent pricing, Chative stands out as a cost-effective option for businesses striving to optimize their budget and outcomes. Additionally, Chative offers in-app assistance, ensuring a seamless user experience and taking customer support to a whole new level. With its focus on AI technology and messaging automation, Chative is the future of efficient and effective customer interactions.

On the other hand, Facebook Chat Flux offers a user-friendly design and customizable aesthetic elements, allowing businesses to blend the messaging facility seamlessly with their store's visual identity across all devices. This app emphasizes connectivity and the potential to transform idle website visitors into engaged customers, therefore increasing sales. With just a click, customers can reach out at any time and anywhere, turning conversations into sales opportunities with ease. While Facebook Chat Flux provides a great solution for customer engagement and boosting conversions, it may not offer the same level of adaptability and in-app assistance as Chative.

Based on the capabilities and unique features of both apps, we highly recommend Chative - Live chat & Chatbot for businesses looking for a comprehensive and adaptive solution to streamline customer interactions. Its AI technology, in-app assistance, and cost-effectiveness make it an excellent choice for businesses aiming to optimize their budget and engage with customers effectively.
Chative โ€‘ Live chat & Chatbot Shopify AppChative โ€‘ Live chat & Chatbot
Facebook Chat Flux Shopify AppFacebook Chat Flux
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Works With Facebook Messenger
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