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Verify orders before shipping with the Check & Ship app, saving time and reducing shipping mistakes.

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Check & Ship is a must-have app for merchants with high order volumes who want to verify orders effortlessly before shipping them out.

This is a great Shopify app that will help you grow your Shopify store faster!

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April 11, 2024

Verify Your Orders and Ship with Confidence

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#About Check & Ship The shipping mistake can cause a hassle for merchants and customers. ‘Check & Ship’ is designed especially for merchants who have a high volume of orders going out each day and spend far too much time checking and rechecking the order to make sure it's the right one. Through check & ship app automatically you can verify the order before shipping, so you can deliver the exact orders.

Expedite order fulfillment and infuse certainty into every ship-out with the 'Check & Ship' app. Perfect for those managing a high flow of daily orders, this app clears the clutter and reduces errors by thoroughly verifying your orders before they're in transit. Offering an automatic check and balancing system, it ensures no order goes unvetted, saving precious time and effort.

Experience the power of automation and the peace of mind it brings to both merchants and customers. Spend less time double, triple-checking orders; instead, let the system intuitively validate product orders for you. With meticulous verification procedures, this app ensures you always ship the right item, improving your customer satisfaction rates and saving you potential hassle from shipping mishaps.

Bid adieu to the tiring, error-prone manual checks. Entrust your order verification to an automated system designed to perform with precision. This app is the silent, vigilant, and diligent assistant you need to ensure the smooth execution of your order fulfillment process, allowing you to focus on other crucial aspects of your e-commerce operations.


Automatically verify orders before shipping to reduce errors and ensure accuracy
Enhance customer satisfaction by always shipping the correct items, minimizing shipping errors
Streamline order verification process to save time and improve efficiency
Automate order verification for hassle-free shipping experience
Optimize e-commerce operations by focusing on essential tasks while app handles order verification


Reduce errors, save time, and ensure order accuracy with automated order verification and balancing before shipping
Improve customer satisfaction rates by always shipping the right items, reducing shipping mishaps and potential returns
Focus on essential e-commerce tasks while the app efficiently manages order verification, enabling a smoother order fulfillment process

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Owlfred Review Recap

Hoot, hoot! Here comes my review of the Check & Ship app by Alchemative. It's designed with high-volume merchants in mind, ensuring accuracy and efficiency in the shipping process. This app automatically verifies orders before they're shipped out, making sure you're sending the right product to the right customer. Sounds great, right? However, the app currently has a somewhat pessimistic start with only one review and a one-star rating. Overlooking the number of installs (since it's a backend app), my feathers are slightly ruffled by this. The app promises an efficient and hassle-free shipping experience - a fantastic feature for managing workflow automation and an order scanner; however, whether it delivers is yet to be seen. It's a little steep in price at $29/month, but if it lives up to its promises, it might prove to be a valuable tool for busy shopkeepers. At the moment, I'd recommend giving the 15-day free trial a spin before committing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the main functionality of the Check & Ship app?
The Check & Ship app is designed to expedite order fulfillment by verifying orders before they're shipped. It incorporates an automatic check and balancing system that goes through every order meticulously to prevent errors and mis-shipments.
How can Check & Ship app benefit the shipping process?
The app saves time and effort in order processing by eliminating manual checks. It intuitively validates product orders to ensure the right item is always shipped, improving customer satisfaction rates and reducing the potential hassle from shipping mishaps.
How does the Check & Ship app contribute to workflow automation?
The Check & Ship app contributes to workflow automation by automatically verifying all orders before they're in transit. There's no need to spend time double or triple-checking orders. The app does the process for you, allowing you to focus on other e-commerce operations.
What can merchants expect using Check & Ship app?
Merchants can expect a smoother and error-free order fulfillment process. The app serves as a diligent assistant that performs precise order verification. It reduces clutter and instances of shipping the wrong item, and provides peace of mind to both merchants and customers.

Shopify App Comparison: Check & Ship vs Order Automator - which is better?

When comparing the Check & Ship app to the Order Automator app, it is clear that both have their unique capabilities and features. The Check & Ship app focuses on automating the order verification process before shipping, ensuring accuracy and reducing errors. With its meticulous verification procedures, it guarantees that the right item is always shipped, improving customer satisfaction rates and minimizing shipping mishaps. This app is the perfect assistant for merchants managing a high flow of daily orders, clearing the clutter and saving precious time and effort. We recommend this app for businesses looking to streamline their order fulfillment process and improve efficiency.

In contrast, the Order Automator app offers a more comprehensive solution by automating the entire order processing based on specific rules and conditions. It eliminates the need for constant manual oversight, allowing merchants to effortlessly manage large volumes of transactions. This app can automatically tag orders and customers for organization and marketing export, fulfill line items including digital products, integrate with Amazon FBA for inventory syncing, and prevent fraudulent orders by canceling high-risk transactions. With its versatile monitoring parameters and the ability to handle bulk old order processing, this app is a valuable tool for businesses looking to save time and enhance fraud prevention. We recommend this app for merchants who want to streamline their business operations and manage their orders more effectively.

Check & Ship Shopify AppCheck & Ship
Order Automator Shopify AppOrder Automator
Average Rating 1 out of 5 5 out of 5
Number of Reviews 1 75
Estimated Installs 0 0
Min Price $29.00 $0.00
Max Price $29.00 $10.00
Works With Amazon FBA, Amazon MCF
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