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Revolutionize your Shopify store checkout with AI-powered personalization, dynamic features, and simplified processes.

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Echo: Checkout Blocks & Bundle is a must-have app to personalize your checkout process, increase sales, and create a delightful shopping experience for your customers.

This is a great Shopify app that will help you grow your Shopify store faster!

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June 13, 2024

Transform Your Checkout Experience with AI-powered Personalization

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Rewrite the final stage of the online shopping experience with this Shopify app. Leveraging formidable AI capabilities, the app rethinks traditional checkout systems by personalizing customer interaction, aiming to increase conversion rates while offering delightful user experiences. With the Power of Artificial Intelligence, the app delivers the feature of product suggestions that resonate with individual buyer preferences.

The app infuses an interactive element into transactions by incorporating Checkout Surveys and Feedback, keenly inclined towards acquiring valuable customer insights. This tool helps in honing marketing strategies, leading to refined customer targeting.

Capture the wandering eye of your customers with Custom Image Banners, transforming your checkout page into an enticing visual feast that stimulates engagement. Trust Badges acknowledge reliability, inculcating a sense of credibility among potential buyers.

Moreover, the application introduces Custom Fields in Checkout, a mechanism designed to collect vital information from customers that could help in optimizing the sales model. Shifting quantity modifications into an uncomplicated process, the Quantity Modifier emerges as a testament to the user-friendly orientation of the app, encouraging seamless purchase motions.

This Shopify App presents a reimagined checkout encounter, crafted holistically to uplift sales and customer satisfaction through revolutionary algorithms and interactive features.


Utilize AI-powered Checkout Blocks for personalized product recommendations, custom fields, trust badges, surveys, and more
Easily offer volume discounts through Shopify functions to incentivize customer purchases
Create enticing bundles using the bundle builder or mix and match bundles feature
Customize your checkout page with Shopify Plus branding and design options
Encourage sales by offering free gifts or samples with checkout widgets


Increase conversion rates with personalized product suggestions aligned with individual buyer preferences, powered by AI technology
Acquire valuable customer insights for honing marketing strategies through Checkout Surveys and Feedback, enhancing customer targeting
Enhance credibility and trust among potential buyers with Trust Badges, leading to increased customer engagement and higher sales

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Owlfred Review

Echo: Checkout Personalisation is a revolutionary Shopify app that turns up your sales game using the power of AI. Developed by the clever owlets at, it optimises your store's checkout to give the customers an experience they won't forget in a hurry. From personalised product recommendations for successful upsells to checkout surveys for gathering customer insights - Echo has it all! Eye-catching custom image banners highlight promotions while trust badges enhance credibility. Its unique ability to gather valuable customer data via custom fields in checkout could simply turn up the sales volume for your store. Take my owl-word for it, the Quantity Modifier feature which simplifies quantity adjustment will charm your feathered caps off! Though it's still a nestling in the app store with a limited review count, it has already received top marks from early users. Echo is budget-friendly with a free plan available, and additional charges that may apply. Whether you're a seasoned Shopify merchant or just spreading your e-commerce wings, I'd recommend giving this app a spin. After all, serving the customers right is always in vogue, and Echo seems to have it down to an art!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Echo: Checkout Personalisation?
Echo: Checkout Personalisation is a Shopify app that uses AI to enhance the online shopping experience by offering personalised upselling and cross-selling at the checkout.
What is AI-powered personalisation in shopping?
AI-powered personalisation in shopping refers to using artificial intelligence technology to provide customised product recommendations to individual customers based on their browsing behaviour and purchase history.
How does Echo: Checkout Personalisation use AI to improve online shopping?
Echo: Checkout Personalisation uses AI to analyse a customer's shopping behaviour and make targeted upselling and cross-selling suggestions. By presenting products the customer is likely interested in, it aids in increasing the merchant's sales.
How does AI create a personalised customer experience?
AI creates a personalised customer experience by tracking and analyzing user behaviour. Through machine learning algorithms, it can predict what the customer might need or want next, and present suitable product recommendations. This offers a tailored shopping experience to each customer.

Shopify App Comparison: Echo: Checkout Blocks & Bundle vs Checkout Upsell - which is better?

When comparing Echo: Checkout Personalisation and Checkout Upsell, it's clear that both apps offer unique features and benefits to enhance the online shopping experience. Echo: Checkout Personalisation leverages AI technology to provide personalized product suggestions based on individual buyer preferences, increasing conversion rates and customer satisfaction. The app also offers tools like Checkout Surveys and Feedback to acquire valuable customer insights, allowing businesses to refine marketing strategies and target customers effectively. With visually appealing Custom Image Banners and Trust Badges, Echo creates an engaging and trustworthy checkout page. Additionally, the app simplifies the checkout process with the Quantity Modifier, encouraging seamless purchases. Overall, Echo: Checkout Personalisation offers a holistic approach to improve sales and customer engagement.

On the other hand, Checkout Upsell focuses on upselling and enhancing the checkout thank you page. The app allows businesses to upsell related products based on recent purchases, boosting revenue and sales conversion. It also provides the flexibility to create customized offers and personalize the thank you page with custom text, images, and CSS, leaving a lasting impression on customers. With customizable appearance settings and CSS options, Checkout Upsell offers easy customization for product blocks and offers. This app's unique approach to upselling and personalization creates a distinct customer experience while increasing brand loyalty. For businesses looking to optimize upselling strategies and uplift their brand identity, Checkout Upsell is an excellent choice.

In conclusion, both Echo: Checkout Personalisation and Checkout Upsell offer valuable features and benefits to enhance the online shopping experience. If your main goal is to increase conversion rates and improve customer targeting, Echo: Checkout Personalisation with its AI-powered personalization and interactive tools is the recommended app. On the other hand, if you are looking to boost revenue through upselling and create a unique and personalized thank you page, Checkout Upsell is a great option. Choose the app that aligns with your specific goals and requirements to achieve the desired results for your business.

Echo: Checkout Blocks & Bundle Shopify AppEcho: Checkout Blocks & Bundle
Checkout Upsell Shopify AppCheckout Upsell
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