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Offer personalized health testing to earn extra revenue with Hurdle's at-home, diagnostics-driven tests.

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Hurdle is a fantastic app for offering personalized health testing to your customers, making it easy to enhance your wellness products with actionable diagnostics.

This is a great Shopify app that will help you grow your Shopify store faster!

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April 9, 2024

Offer Personalized Health Testing for Increased Revenue

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Sell at home, personalised diagnostics-driven health tests Looking to start offering personalised health testing to your customers such as blood tests for Vitamin B12 or approved COVID-19 tests? With Hurdle you can now do this without worrying about logistics, labs or regulation as we take care of everything for you. It’s time to start enhancing your wellness and wellbeing products by being able to offer customers actionable diagnostics that can really improve their health.

Leap over the complexity of selling personalized diagnostic health tests with this full-feature Shopify app. Expanding your wellness product line has never been easier. No handling labs or navigating regulations, this app manages all the logistical challenges for you. Now, offering customers insightful health assessments, including blood tests for Vitamin B12, and even approved COVID-19 tests, is as simple as a click.

This tailored solution integrates seamlessly with your Shopify store, allowing for effortless addition and management of health test kits. Interested in helping customers gain actionable insights into their health and wellbeing? This comprehensive platform enables you to extend your product diversity in line with your customers' health-driven needs.

With the power of personalized diagnostics at your fingertips, you can offer unique wellness solutions and refined customer journeys. Watch as your store gets transformed into a holistic health platform, providing meaningful, health-improving solutions to your customers.


Offer personalized health tests easily
Easily add and manage personalized diagnostic health tests, including blood tests for Vitamin B12 and COVID-19 tests, on your Shopify store with Hurdle.
Set your own price by adding your desired retail margin to products for personalized health testing.
Hurdle handles all logistical challenges from logistics to sample collection for you, making offering health tests seamless.
Transform your store into a holistic health platform effortlessly by adding personalized diagnostic health tests to provide customers with meaningful, health-improving solutions.


Offer personalized health tests easily
Easily add and manage health test kits on your Shopify store to increase average order value with health-driven products
Transform your store into a holistic health platform without worrying about logistical challenges

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Owlfred Review Recap

"Whooo's there? It's your friendly owl guide, Owlfred, bringing you insights on Hurdle - a groundbreaking Health Testing app. This one's a perfect fit for merchants keen to flap into the health and wellness sector, specifically personalized diagnostics. With Hurdle, you can offer home-based health tests such as Vitamin B12 blood tests and approved COVID-19 tests and earn extra revenue while perched comfortably in your nest. It handles everything from logistics, labs to regulation. It also gives you the freedom to set your own price by adding your retail margin to the products. While we only have two reviews with little to no fanfare yet, the sky's the limit as it presents a unique opportunity to enhance your offerings. It's free to install with additional charges possible. Spread your wings and ride the winds of this innovative app's possibilities!"

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Frequently Asked Questions

How might personalized medicine impact our healthcare?
Personalized medicine can significantly improve healthcare by tailoring medical treatment to individual patient characteristics. This approach allows doctors to select therapies and prevention strategies that are most likely to work for each person, thus increasing the effectiveness of treatment and reducing side effects.
How could the HGP provide Personalised healthcare plans?
The Human Genome Project (HGP) can provide personalised healthcare plans by offering insights into a person's genetic make-up. By understanding a person's genetic predisposition to certain diseases, medical professionals could create preventative plans and treatments that specifically cater to an individual's needs.
What is an example of personalized medicine in healthcare?
A good example of personalized medicine in healthcare is cancer treatment. With cancer, personalized medicine often involves determining the genetic makeup of the tumor to identify the most effective treatment strategy. This approach not only helps to maximize the effect of therapy, but also minimizes potential side effects.
What are the benefits of Personalised medicine?
The main benefits of personalized medicine are increased efficacy and safety. It enables tailored treatments that suit the patient's genetic profile, leading to better treatment outcomes. It may also help in early disease detection and prevention, enhancing overall health outcomes and potentially reducing healthcare costs.

Shopify App Comparison: Hurdle ‑ Health Testing vs SexyLiving: Adult Dropshipping - which is better?

When comparing Hurdle, a health testing app, with SexyLiving, an adult dropshipping app, we can see that both apps offer different capabilities and benefits for Shopify store owners. Hurdle provides the ability to easily offer personalized health tests, including blood tests for Vitamin B12 and COVID-19. This allows store owners to expand their product diversity and provide customers with meaningful health-improving solutions. On the other hand, SexyLiving specializes in automated importation and fulfillment of adult wellness products, allowing store owners to focus on store growth and increasing sales.

While Hurdle focuses on personalized diagnostics and transforming the store into a holistic health platform, SexyLiving focuses on the automation and efficiency of the dropshipping process. Hurdle handles all the logistical challenges, from sample collection to order fulfillment, making offering health tests seamless. SexyLiving, on the other hand, offers a well-oiled supply chain and meticulous product catalog management, ensuring peace of mind for store owners.

Based on these capabilities and benefits, both apps have their strengths and are suitable for different purposes. If you are looking to offer personalized health tests and transform your store into a health platform, Hurdle is the recommended app for you. On the other hand, if you are focused on the dropshipping of adult wellness products and want an automated and efficient process, SexyLiving is the recommended app. Ultimately, the choice depends on your specific needs and goals for your Shopify store.

Hurdle ‑ Health Testing Shopify AppHurdle ‑ Health Testing
SexyLiving: Adult Dropshipping Shopify AppSexyLiving: Adult Dropshipping
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