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Stop Fraud & Boost Sales with Comprehensive Protection

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ClearSale provides a complete, data-science-backed fraud solution that prevents chargebacks and false declines to optimize the shopping experience. Fraud and chargebacks can chip away at a retailer’s bottom line, but false declines can turn legitimate customers away. This is why ClearSale focuses on both, combining sophisticated AI technology and proprietary advanced analyses to help maximize a business’s revenue, approve as many valid orders as possible, and keep customers happy.

Safeguard your bottom line from the treacherous waters of online business with this cutting-edge fraud protection app. Not only does it form an invincible shield against chargebacks, but it also saves you from the invisible threat of false declines which can drive potential customers away.

With an advanced algorithm working in the background, the app goes far beyond a blanket approach to security risks, relying on data science and complex AI technology. Its proprietary analyses are designed to give a higher approval rate for valid orders. The aim? Maximize your sales, keep customers satisfied, and succeed in the competitive eCommerce landscape.

This app doesn't just solve existing problems — it anticipates what's around the corner. An integral companion for any savvy merchant looking to provide a secure and optimized shopping experience.


Protect your revenue by leveraging powerful AI algorithms and advanced analytics to prevent ecommerce fraud
Recover losses from chargebacks by receiving compensation for fraud-related disputes
Enhance the customer experience by approving more genuine orders and preventing false declines
Identify and block fraudulent activities to safeguard your profit margin
Optimize the shopping experience and boost customer satisfaction with robust fraud protection


Protect your revenue by preventing ecommerce fraud with powerful AI algorithms and advanced analytics
Recover losses from chargebacks by getting compensated for fraud-related disputes
Improve the customer experience by approving more genuine orders and preventing false declines

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Get a hoot out of ClearSale Fraud Protection, an innovative backend app designed to keep your Shopify store safe from fraudulent transactions that can erode your earnings. With a nearly perfect rating of 4.6 from over 50 users, it's clear that this app is a keeper. It employs advanced algorithms and state-of-the-art AI to protect your revenue, reduce chargebacks, and optimize customer experience. The clever owls at ClearSale have not only focused on preventing fraud but also found ways to turn around false declines which can inadvertently push away genuine customers. And the best part? The installation is absolutely free! However, additional charges may apply later based on your usage. This comprehensive fraud solution, designed to approve as many valid orders as possible, is seen fluffing its feathers under the 'fraud' category. Shopify merchants, give ClearSale Fraud Protection a go and let it protect your nest from eCommerce fraudsters.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some ways to prevent online fraud?
One of the most effective ways to prevent online fraud is by implementing security measures such as secure payment gateways, SSL certificates, and fraud protection apps like ClearSale Fraud Protection. Another way is to educate your staff and customers about the signs of fraud and what actions to take if they suspect fraudulent activity.
Why is it important to have a fraud protection app like ClearSale Fraud Protection?
Having a fraud protection app like ClearSale Fraud Protection is crucial for safe online business transactions. It provides a layer of security that protects your business from fraudulent activity by detecting, preventing, and managing potential risks in real time.
What is the role of fraud protection apps in resolving fraud?
Fraud protection apps play a critical role in resolving fraud. They help in monitoring and identifying suspicious activities, provide detailed reports for investigation, and assist in managing the risk of fraud. Using a robust fraud protection app like ClearSale Fraud Protection ensures a secure shopping environment for your customers.
How effective is ClearSale Fraud Protection in stopping fraud accounts?
ClearSale Fraud Protection is highly effective in stopping fraud accounts. It uses advanced algorithms and database checks to detect and prevent fraudulent activities. It offers real-time protection and continuous monitoring to ensure the security of your transactions.

Shopify App Comparison: ClearSale Fraud Protection vs Fraud Control - which is better?

We have evaluated both the ClearSale Fraud Protection App and the Fraud Control App, and although both apps offer fraud protection for online merchants, they have distinct capabilities and features that set them apart.

The ClearSale Fraud Protection App stands out for its utilization of cutting-edge AI technology and data science to provide comprehensive fraud protection. It not only detects and blocks fraudulent activities in real-time but also focuses on preventing false declines. With its powerful AI algorithms and advanced analytics, this app is designed to optimize the shopping experience and boost customer satisfaction. It prioritizes customer happiness as much as revenue protection, making it an ideal choice for merchants looking to safeguard their profit margin while keeping their customers loyal.

On the other hand, the Fraud Control App takes a slightly different approach. It leverages business intelligence and analytics to provide an eagle-eye view of fraud risk, using indicators such as acceptance and high-risk order rates. This app focuses on customizable fraud prevention rules that can be tailored to meet individual merchant requirements. It also offers detailed analytics and trend reports to enhance decision-making and mitigate fraud risks effectively. With its emphasis on automating fraud detection processes and improving operational efficiency, the Fraud Control App is a great choice for merchants seeking a secure, growth-focused business environment.

Based on their distinct capabilities and features, we recommend both the ClearSale Fraud Protection App and the Fraud Control App, depending on your specific needs and preferences as an online merchant.

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