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Allow customers to easily upload files to orders, supporting all types and sizes.

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ClickUpload is a great tool for enabling file uploads in your store, allowing customers to easily add files to their orders for a seamless experience.

This is a great Shopify app that will help you grow your Shopify store faster!

Last Updated:
April 18, 2024

Effortless File Uploads for Seamless Order Management

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ClickUpload enables your store to let customers upload files to their orders. The app supports all file types and sizes. All files are linked to the order and can be downloaded easily. ## Fast file Uploads Upload any file size quickly and easily without delay. Once uploaded files are available to instantly download by clicking a link when viewing the order. ## File Display Uploaded files are displayed on your cart and checkout pages. The customer can preview images on the product page...

With today's ecommerce growth, one can't underestimate the importance of delivering personalized customer experiences and ClickUpload just offers that! This intuitive tool allows your customers to personalize their orders effortlessly by providing them the capability to upload any type of file or document to an order, irrespective of its size.

Gone are the days of frustrating file upload procedures! With ClickUpload, your customers can upload any file - be it a gigabyte-heavy software or an intricate 3D print file - within seconds and without any delay. Your customers get instant access to their uploaded files, affording them a seamless customer experience.

But the utility of ClickUpload doesn't end there. It elegantly integrates with your cart and checkout pages, presenting the uploaded files effortlessly to your customers. If they have uploaded an image, they can even preview it on the product page, lending an added layer of interaction to your customer's shopping journey. ClickUpload fosters a personalized relationship between your store and customers by allowing them a room for personalized order experience.

It's about time you embraced the new norm in customer experience. Empower your customers, let them embrace their creativity, and provide a unique shopping journey. Utilize ClickUpload and transform your store into a customer-centric e-commerce platform.


Simplify order personalization by enabling customers to upload various file types of any size, enhancing their shopping experience.
Enhance efficiency by streamlining file upload processes, enabling quick uploads of large files like software or 3D print files.
Seamlessly integrate with cart and checkout pages to present uploaded files, including image previews on product pages, enhancing customer interactions.
Foster a personalized relationship between customers and your store by facilitating unique order experiences.
Empower customers to unleash their creativity, providing a personalized shopping journey and transforming your store into a customer-centric e-commerce platform.


Allow customers to personalize orders effortlessly by uploading any type of file or document, regardless of size, enhancing their shopping experience
Streamline file upload procedures, enabling customers to upload files quickly, including gigabyte-heavy software or intricate 3D print files, for an efficient and smooth process
Integrate seamlessly with cart and checkout pages, presenting uploaded files to customers and even offering image previews on product pages, fostering a personalized relationship and enhancing customer interaction

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Owlfred Review

Hoot hoot! Here's the scoop on ClickUpload, a handy app by Now, this is a treat for Shopify merchants wanting to add a custom file upload feature to their store. It allows your customers to upload files of all types and sizes to their orders, which are promptly linked and available for instant download with a simple click. With ClickUpload, even your cart and checkout pages become a display for these uploaded files - talk about a feather in your cap! Though it's a relative newbie with a small number of installs and no reviews yet, the promise of fast and fuss-free file uploads is an attractive proposition for enhancing customer interaction. Best part? There's a free plan available alongside a 7-day free trial. This owl thinks it's worth giving it a whirl, especially if attaching files to orders could add value to your Shopify store.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can ClickUpload help in customer personalization?
ClickUpload assists in enhancing customer personalization by providing them the ability to upload any type of file or document to an order. This opens up a lot of possibilities for customization and personalization, improving overall customer experience on your store.
What is the utility of ClickUpload?
ClickUpload integrates with your cart and checkout pages, presenting the uploaded files to your customers. If a customer has uploaded an image, they can even see a preview on the product page. This encourages interaction, and aids in fostering a personal relationship between a store and its customers.
Can ClickUpload handle large file uploads?
Yes ClickUpload is designed to handle large file uploads. Whether it is a large software or a complex 3D print file, customers can upload their files within seconds without any delay.
How does ClickUpload transform my e-commerce store?
ClickUpload morphs your e-commerce store into a customer-centric platform by allowing customers to personalize their orders. This utility promotes creativity among customers, personalizing their shopping journey and enhancing their experience with your store.

Shopify App Comparison: ClickUpload vs Upload‑Lift Image Upload - which is better?

When comparing ClickUpload and Upload-Lift Image Upload, we can see that both apps offer file upload capabilities to enhance the shopping experience for customers. However, there are some key differences between the two.

ClickUpload stands out with its ability to handle files of any size, even gigabyte-heavy software or intricate 3D print files. This feature ensures that customers can quickly and effortlessly upload any type of file, without the frustration of slow or limited upload processes. The app also seamlessly integrates with cart and checkout pages, presenting uploaded files and even offering image previews on product pages, enhancing customer interactions and fostering a personalized shopping journey. With ClickUpload, you can empower your customers by allowing them to unleash their creativity and transform your store into a customer-centric e-commerce platform.

On the other hand, Upload-Lift Image Upload focuses primarily on file compatibility and includes a dedicated image editor. This allows users to easily crop images according to specific specifications, ensuring a uniform aesthetic for all public-facing visuals. The app also offers benefits such as fast file uploads of up to 5GB in size, file validations for configuring file dimensions, and the ability to preview uploaded images on both the upload field and cart page. With Upload-Lift Image Upload, you can save time and resources by eliminating the need for manual post-editing, while also enhancing user experience and increasing customer engagement.

Overall, both ClickUpload and Upload-Lift Image Upload offer valuable features that can enhance the file upload processes on your e-commerce store. However, if you are looking for a more comprehensive solution that supports files of any size and seamlessly integrates with your website, ClickUpload is the recommended choice. On the other hand, if you primarily need a reliable file upload app with an image editing feature, Upload-Lift Image Upload is a great option to consider.

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