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Make time management easy for your team with a POS-integrated clocking-in tool.

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If you want to simplify time management for your team members and streamline clocking in and out of shifts, ClockedIn is the tool for you!

This is a great Shopify app that will help you grow your Shopify store faster!

Last Updated:
July 15, 2024

Streamline Time Management for Your Team with a Powerful Clocking-In Tool

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Is workforce time management proving to be a hurdle in your business operations? The solution lies in a precise, intuitive tool that has revolutionized traditional time tracking methods.

Farewell to inefficient spreadsheets and embrace the seamless functionality of a digitized punch card system. Your team members gain an extremely user-friendly interface that allows them to clock in and out of work shifts hassle-free. This app is designed with a dual perspective – team members gain an easy-to-use tool to track their hours, whilst administrators acquire a potent tool that aids in efficient personnel management.

Who's on the clock currently? With one glance, both the workforce and the admin can get a real-time view of who's actively clocked in. Not only does this modernize time management, but it also fosters transparency and operational fluency in your business ecosystem. In a world that's racing against time, this app could just be the time-management ally your Shopify business needs.


Seamlessly migrate existing Clockedin users into Shopify POS, saving time and streamlining workforce management
Efficiently manage personnel with an intuitive tool for tracking work hours
Easily add and remove team members, assign PIN codes, and control access levels
Adjust time as needed for better accuracy
Real-time tracking of employee work hours promotes transparency and operational efficiency.


Track employee work hours in real-time, fostering transparency and operational fluency
Efficient personnel management with an easy-to-use tool for team members to track their hours
Seamlessly migrate existing Clockedin users into Shopify POS, saving time and streamlining workforce management.

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Owlfred Review

Oh, hoot-hoot, let's talk about ClockedIn! This app seems dedicated as a time management tool for your team, especially designed for the Shopify POS. It aims to eliminate the age-old struggle of tracking team member work times by ditching the spreadsheets and presenting a digital punch card system instead. Handy features such as migrating existing ClockedIn users into Shopify POS, managing CSV bulk user uploads, and the ability to add/remove team members, manage access levels, and adjust times, help fine-tune the app's customizability. Now, while ClockedIn from Venntov has not clocked into many installs yet (as it's a backend app), it does have 11 reviews with an average rating of 2.4, indicating some room for improvement. At $10 a month, it could be a wise investment for merchants focused on enhancing staff management, but keep an eye on its performance and feedback from the user community.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of a staff manager app like ClockedIn?
ClockedIn is a staff management app that helps you track and manage your team's work hours in real-time. It enables efficient time tracking, ensures accurate payroll, and helps improve overall operational productivity.
How can ClockedIn improve my business efficiency?
ClockedIn makes it easy for your team to log and track their work hours, reducing the chances of errors in payroll. This helps ensure everyone gets paid correctly for their time, which can lead to higher morale and productivity.
How do I integrate ClockedIn into my daily operations?
It’s simple. Once ClockedIn is installed, your team members just log in at the start of their shift. The app records when they clock in and out, providing you with accurate, real-time data on your operational hours.
What makes ClockedIn stand out from other time tracking tools like Clockify?
While there are many time tracking tools available, ClockedIn sets itself apart with its focus on simplicity and real-time tracking. It's specifically designed for Shopify merchants, providing a streamlined and integrated experience that other tools can't match.

Shopify App Comparison: ClockedIn vs Deputy - which is better?

Both the ClockedIn and Deputy apps offer solutions for efficient workforce management, giving businesses the ability to track employee work hours and optimize scheduling. However, the capabilities and features of each app differ slightly. ClockedIn provides a user-friendly interface for team members to easily clock in and out of work shifts, while administrators can gain real-time visibility of who is actively clocked in. This promotes transparency and operational fluency in the business ecosystem. Additionally, ClockedIn seamlessly integrates with Shopify POS, saving time and streamlining workforce management for Shopify businesses.

On the other hand, the Deputy app offers advanced AI and data analysis capabilities to balance sales and labor costs. With a single click, users can create ideal business schedules using AI-automated auto-scheduling. The app also provides real-time data comparisons of Shopify sales versus wage costs, enabling businesses to strategically lower their labor cost percentage. Deputy helps optimize workforce efficiencies and significantly reduce unnecessary wage expenditures, leading to cost-effectiveness and growth opportunities.

Overall, both apps have their strengths and can benefit businesses in different ways. ClockedIn is recommended for Shopify businesses looking for a user-friendly time-tracking solution with seamless integration, transparency, and operational fluency. On the other hand, Deputy is recommended for businesses seeking advanced AI capabilities to balance sales and labor costs, optimize scheduling, and achieve cost-effectiveness and growth.

ClockedIn Shopify AppClockedIn
Deputy Shopify AppDeputy
Average Rating 2.4 out of 5 5 out of 5
Number of Reviews 11 1
Estimated Installs 0 0
Min Price $10.00 $0.00
Max Price $10.00 $0.00
Works With Shopify POS
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