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Find Your Nearest Store with the Ultimate Branding Solution

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Maximize your online-to-offline conversion rates with the advanced, yet user-friendly store locator application. Cater specifically to your potential brick-and-mortar customers, offering them a seamless, tailor-made web experience to guide them physically to your store.

The tool's easy customization adheres to your unique brand aesthetic, ensuring consistent integrity across platforms. Simply designed and effortlessly applied, this locator application eliminates the need for costly web development or design, becoming an asset of impeccable value in no time.

Achieve swift setup within minutes, not hours. This feature-heavy application promises to heighten your customer's online journey. It leads customers directly to your doorstep, accelerating offline sales, and saving your venture both time and monetary resources. Succeed in the digital era without forsaking the power of physical brand touchpoints.


Add a beautiful locator to your store as a page or section
Select from design options to best express your brand
Mobile-friendly, feature-rich, and easy to use for customers
Sync with Google Sheets and Google Analytics for teams
Search locations, add custom button, set locale restrictions, and more


Maximize online-to-offline conversion rates by guiding potential customers directly to your store, boosting offline sales
Ensure consistent brand integrity across platforms with easy customization, saving on costly web development or design resources
Achieve swift setup within minutes, not hours, enhancing the customer's online journey and saving valuable time and money

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Works with

Google Sheets, MapBox, Google Analytics, Any Website


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Owlfred Review

Hoot hoot! Let's talk about the Closeby - Store Locator app, raved by many with its strong average rating of 4.8 based on 19 reviews. This app proves to be a modern and chic solution for businesses with an online presence that also have physical retail locations. Closeby - Store Locator offers a seamless web experience that encompasses a customizable map and store locator, designed to capture potential in-person customers. Not only does this app promise a rich, user-friendly, and mobile-friendly interface, but it's also super easy to set up! No need to hire a costly web developer, in just a few steps you can add a sleek and beautiful locator to your online store. Closeby also ensures your locator feels like a natural extension of your brand by allowing extensive customization options. From a pricing perspective, it caters to businesses of all sizes with its free to affordable plans ranging from $0 to $19 per month. So, for those looking for a feature-packed yet intuitive store locator solution, this app may be a perfect fit!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I use the Closeby - Store Locator?
Closeby - Store Locator is a Shopify app that allows you to easily add a location finder for your business on your website. When customers use the locator, they can find the nearest store, along with its operating hours and other details.
What features does Closeby - Store Locator offer?
Closeby - Store Locator offers features such as customised look and feel to match your brand, automatic detection of the customer's location, and directions to your store from their location. It also provides useful information such as opening hours.
What benefits does a Store Locator offer to my Shopify store?
A Store Locator like Closeby can greatly enhance your customer's experience. It does not only provide your customers with the convenience of finding your store near them, but also increases in-store visits and sales.
Can I customise Closeby - Store Locator to match my brand?
Yes Closeby - Store Locator allows you to customise the look and feel of the Store Locator to match your brand. You can change the colors, fonts and other stylistic elements to ensure it fits well with your website design.

Shopify App Comparison: Closeby ‑ Store Locator vs Makkpress ‑ Store Locator - which is better?

Closeby - Store Locator application is an advanced, user-friendly tool that maximizes online-to-offline conversion rates by guiding potential customers directly to your store. Its easy customization options ensure consistent brand integrity across platforms and eliminate the need for costly web development or design. With a quick setup within minutes, not hours, this feature-rich application enhances the customer's online journey and saves valuable time and money. By recommending Closeby, you can boost offline sales, maximize conversion rates, and achieve swift setup without compromising on brand integrity.

Makkpress - Store Locator application enhances the customer journey by providing easy-to-find location information using its renowned location services. The application allows a smooth integration of multiple store locations onto a Google Maps interface, making it easy for customers to find your business. With customization options that tailor the Google Maps interface to align with your brand, you can establish a more personalized interaction with your clientele and enhance customer satisfaction. By recommending Makkpress, you can increase customer trust and loyalty, drive traffic and sales, and amplify overall visibility. It removes the guesswork out of location sharing, ensuring customers can easily find your business and increasing the overall user experience and store traffic

Closeby ‑ Store Locator Shopify AppCloseby ‑ Store Locator
Makkpress ‑ Store Locator Shopify AppMakkpress ‑ Store Locator
Average Rating 4.8 out of 5 1 out of 5
Number of Reviews 19 1
Estimated Installs 598 0
Min Price $0.00 $0.00
Max Price $19.00 $2.00
Works With Google Sheets, MapBox, Google Analytics, Any Website
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