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Protect your store from fake and fraud COD orders with this easy-to-install and customizable app.

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If you want to save money by avoiding fake and fraud COD orders in Saudi Arabia, the COD Order Confirmation app is the way to go!

This is a great Shopify app that will help you grow your Shopify store faster!

Last Updated:
July 12, 2024

Avoid Fake & Fraud COD Orders

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Ensure your COD (Cash On Delivery) transactions are legitimate and secure your return ratio using this resourceful tool. It serves as a safeguard against bogus orders, offering peace of mind for merchants dealing with unwelcome and fraudulent activities on their stores.

One of the tool's striking features enables swift setup, ensuring a seamless integration into your current eCommerce platform. Its user-friendly interface lends itself to quick navigation, offering effortless access to customization settings.

Distinguishing itself from other platforms, this app provides a sophisticated COD confirmation process. Each COD transaction initiates a confirmation call to the customer, ensuring their order is genuine and further enhancing store security. Plus, the call mode feature can easily be controlled from the admin console, allowing for adaptability to your sales operations.

By implementing this proactive measure in your eCommerce operations, the tool meticulously safeguards against counterfeit orders, secure in its purpose to drive success and revenue growth in your online store.


Reduce return ratio and prevent fraudulent activities with secure COD transactions
Streamline integration and setup for quick adoption into existing eCommerce platforms
Enhance store security with sophisticated COD confirmation process and customizable call mode feature
Safeguard against counterfeit orders through proactive measures
Drive success and revenue growth in your online store with meticulous order verification


Mitigate the risk of fraudulent COD orders, therefore reducing losses and increasing the reliability of your revenue streams
Enhance the security of your store leading to higher customer trust and ultimately improved sales and customer loyalty
Save time on resolving issues related to bogus orders and focus more on improving your sales and customer relationship management.

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Softpulse Infotech
Ghoddod Road, Surat, GJ, 395006, IN
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Owlfred Review

COD Order Confirmation is a highly specialized app developed by Softpulse Infotech, specifically targeted to help Shopify merchants in Saudi Arabia tackle the issue of fake and fraudulent COD (Cash on Delivery) orders. With an average rating of 3.1, the app appears to have its determination focused primarily on verifying COD orders and reducing return ratios caused by false orders. It offers a simple setup, hassle-free installation, and the ability to easily manage call modes for order confirmations. What's a real hoot about the app is its feature of sending out an immediate SMS to customers once an order is placed, with a verification link to either approve or reject an order. For cases when a response is not received, the app conveniently marks the order as 'Pending'. Although we can't track installs due to it being a backend app, its cost-effective nature (free to install but with potential additional charges) and specific focus towards order redundancy and verification in a targeted region make it a promising solution for merchants contending with COD order issues. It's a niche tool that might be just what you're looking for in the vast forest of Shopify's Orders and Shipping app category!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of the COD Order Confirmation app?
The COD Order Confirmation app is designed to ensure that all Cash On Delivery transactions are legitimate. It acts as a safeguard against bogus orders, thus ensuring store security and peace of mind for merchants.
How does the COD Order Confirmation app help with security?
The app initiates a confirmation call for each Cash On Delivery transaction made. This helps confirm that the order is genuine and enhances the safety of the store against fraudulent actions.
How does the app integrate with my eCommerce platform?
The COD Order Confirmation app has a feature that enables a quick and seamless setup. This allows for an easy integration into your existing eCommerce platform and also sets for effortless navigation and customization.
What control does a merchant have over the call mode feature?
The call mode feature of the COD Order Confirmation app can be controlled from the admin console. This allows for easy adaptability to your sales operations and enhances the safeguards against counterfeit orders.

Shopify App Comparison: COD Order Confirmation vs Kroco Order Email Automation - which is better?

When comparing the COD Order Confirmation App and the Kroco Order Email Automation App, we see two valuable tools designed to streamline eCommerce operations and enhance communication. The COD Order Confirmation App focuses on securing cash on delivery transactions and safeguarding against fraudulent activities. Its standout feature is the sophisticated COD confirmation process, which includes a confirmation call to the customer for each transaction. This not only ensures the genuineness of the order but also enhances store security. On the other hand, the Kroco Order Email Automation App offers a comprehensive solution for automating order summary emails. It enables cross-departmental coordination by sending detailed order information to suppliers and internal teams, facilitating efficient decision-making. The app's customization options allow for tailored communication that drives action from recipients.

While both apps offer valuable features and benefits, we believe that the COD Order Confirmation App is particularly well-suited for merchants looking to reduce return ratios and prevent fraudulent activities. Its proactive approach to verifying COD transactions provides peace of mind and enhances overall store security. In contrast, the Kroco Order Email Automation App serves as a powerful tool for streamlining communication and promoting operational efficiency. Its automation capabilities and customizable emails facilitate effective coordination with suppliers and internal teams. Therefore, our top recommendation would be based on the specific needs and priorities of your eCommerce business.

COD Order Confirmation Shopify AppCOD Order Confirmation
Kroco Order Email Automation Shopify AppKroco Order Email Automation
Average Rating 3.1 out of 5 5 out of 5
Number of Reviews 5 4
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