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July 14, 2024

Boost Store Sales with AI-Powered In-Store Shopping Assistant

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Transition into the future of in-store retail with this cutting-edge app that empowers customers with the tools to self-serve directly from their mobile devices. This pioneering solution pivots traditional shopping practices into the digital age, seamlessly enhancing the shopping experience without the need of hiring additional staff, and effectively increasing sales.

At peak store hours when every second counts, the app steps in like an invisible sales assistant, streamlining the checkout process and reducing wait times. The power of self-service, combined with your existing PoS, helps overcome the constraints of a limited budget and crowded stores.

Highlighting the unique feature of this app - it requires no additional software on shoppers' mobile devices, putting convenience at the forefront of every shopping interaction. With this shift towards self-service, customers feel more autonomous and engaged in their shopping experience, and businesses notice significant revenue uptick.

This game-changer app is exceptionally tailored for Shopify merchants who are looking to modernize their instore experience while maximizing sales as they facilitate faster and efficient customer service. Embrace the new standard in bricks-and-mortar retail and experience the immediate benefits of incorporating self-service into your storefront.


One QR code scan for shoppers to access and browse all your products
Capture shopper contact details for re-marketing purposes
Serve more customers with a web-based app instead of hiring additional staff
Enable online self-checkout to speed up sales during peak hours
Collect shopper data and receive AI-driven behavior insights


Increase in sales by empowering customers with self-service options and reducing checkout wait times
Boost in revenue and customer engagement with no need for additional software on shoppers' devices, enhancing convenience and autonomy
Capture valuable shopper data and leverage AI-driven behavior insights to maximize sales opportunities

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Level 19, BO1-D, Menara 2, NO 3 Jalan Bangsar, Kampung Haji Abdullah Hukum, Malaysia, KUL, 59200, MY
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Level 19, BO1-D, Menara 2, NO 3 Jalan Bangsar, Kampung Haji Abdullah Hukum, Malaysia, KUL, 59200, MY Map

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Owlfred Review

Introducing the ingenious In-store Shopping Assistant app by ComeBy SDN BHD. Designed with brick-and-mortar retailers in mind, this app is quintessential for those looking to leverage AI analytics and self-serve convenience to elevate their store sales. The In-store Shopping Assistant app successfully integrates with your existing PoS system to allow shoppers to browse all your products with a single QR code scan, empowering them with seamless self-service even during peak hours. Furthermore, this smart app holds the potential of a staff addition without straining your budget, making it a cost-effective solution for higher customer turnover. More than just sales, this app brings the future of retail to your fingertips with its ability to capture crucial shopper's data, thus aiding re-marketing strategies with invaluable AI-driven behaviour insights. Although it's relatively new to the Shopify App family with only one review so far, its single user has appreciated its functionality with an impressive 5-star rating. Provided completely free of price, it's a must-try tool for all Shopify retailers who want to innovate their in-store experience. So, ready to give your physical store a powerful digital edge? Don't wait to install the In-store Shopping Assistant.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What capabilities does In-store Shopping Assistant offer to improve in-store experiences?
In-store Shopping Assistant integrates with your PoS to bolster self-service, accelerating the checkout process and slashing wait times. This innovative solution empowers customers to shop via their mobile devices, eliminating the need for extra staff while reimagining the traditional retail experience.
How can In-store Shopping Assistant benefit my Shopify business?
The app bolsters customer autonomy and engagement, which can lead to an evident increase in revenue. By streamlining the checkout process, this solution helps overcome the challenges of budget constraints and crowded store spaces, promoting more efficient customer transactions.
Does the In-store Shopping Assistant require additional software on customer’s devices?
No the In-store Shopping Assistant is designed with a shopper-first mindset and does not demand any additional software on the customer's mobile devices. This enhances convenience for customers, positioning effortless shopping at the center of every interaction.
Who can benefit from using In-store Shopping Assistant?
The app is uniquely tailored for Shopify merchants looking to modernize their in-store experience and maximize sales. It is particularly advantageous for merchants seeking to offer faster, more efficient customer service while embracing the new standards in brick-and-mortar retail.

Shopify App Comparison: In‑store Shopping Assistant vs Easy Tabs ‑ Product Tabs - which is better?

The In-store Shopping Assistant app revolutionizes the traditional shopping experience by empowering customers with self-service options directly from their mobile devices. By eliminating the need for additional staff, the app streamlines the checkout process and reduces wait times, resulting in increased sales. The standout feature of this app is its convenience, as it requires no additional software on shoppers' devices. With this shift towards self-service, customers feel more autonomous and engaged, leading to a boost in revenue and customer engagement. We highly recommend this app for Shopify merchants who want to modernize their in-store experience while maximizing sales.

On the other hand, the Easy Tabs - Product Tabs app provides a sleek and professional layout for your product pages, making product information more understandable and accessible. What sets this app apart is its commitment to accessibility guidelines, complying with WCAG 2.0 / Section 508. By ensuring usability for customers with disabilities, this app demonstrates your store's inclusivity. With the ability to easily customize tabs for individual items or apply uniform tabs to all products, you have complete control over the organization of your content. Not only does this app streamline the user experience, but it also saves time and improves productivity by effortlessly splitting information into tabs and creating uniform product pages. We highly recommend this app for merchants who want to enhance their product descriptions and create superior product pages.

In‑store Shopping Assistant Shopify AppIn‑store Shopping Assistant
Easy Tabs ‑ Product Tabs Shopify AppEasy Tabs ‑ Product Tabs
Average Rating 5 out of 5 4.9 out of 5
Number of Reviews 1 971
Estimated Installs 0 1463
Min Price $0.00 $5.00
Max Price $0.00 $5.00
Works With Reviews, Yot.po,, Loox, Kudobuzz, Verified Reviews
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