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Effortlessly collect visitor details with Safe Keeper's contactless registration using a store-specific QR code.

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Safe Keeper is a great app for contactless recording of visitors to your physical store, making it easy for customers to provide their details in a safe and efficient way.

This is a great Shopify app that will help you grow your Shopify store faster!

Last Updated:
July 12, 2024

Effortlessly Capture Store Visitor Details with Safe Keeper App

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Effortlessly navigate today's post-pandemic retail environment with this comprehensive digital solution designed to support the contactless collection of visitor information. This astutely designed software goes beyond the conventional norms, enabling a seamless way to collect and manage shopper data, while staying compliant with regulatory requirements and facilitating safe and secure in-store interactions.

With an in-built QR code generator that's store-specific, the app delivers hands-free registration at the touch of a button – a smooth experience for both staff and visitors. Shoppers can simply scan the QR code using their smartphones and provide their contact details, maintaining a contactless yet personalized interaction.

In events where a shopper lacks the technology or necessary tools, the software provides an option for staff to manually input visitor data. This agile solution perfectly balances high-tech digital tools with the time-tested benefits of human intervention.

Stay ahead in the evolving world of retail with this proactive app that ensures the continuity of your business while keeping the health and safety of your customers as its primary focus. Adapt quickly, maintain operations, and strengthen the confidence of your visitors with this smart, easy-to-use app.


Effortlessly collect visitor information with a contactless registration process, enhancing customer satisfaction
Manage and store shopper data efficiently, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements
Use a store-specific QR code generator to streamline in-store interactions, promoting a safe environment
Enable staff to manually input visitor data when needed, balancing digital tools with human intervention
Stay ahead in retail by ensuring business continuity while prioritizing customer health and safety


Safely and efficiently collect visitor information with a seamless contactless registration process, increasing customer trust and satisfaction
Easily manage and store shopper data while staying compliant with regulatory requirements, saving time and reducing the risk of fines
Streamline in-store interactions with a store-specific QR code generator, promoting a safe and secure environment for both staff and visitors

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Owlfred Review

"Safe Keeper, developed by Hiplee, cleverly capitalizes on the necessity of today's contactless climate. Although it currently holds just one review, this unique app enables businesses to exert a seamless transition towards a touch-less shopping experience. Albeit acting like a free Facebook or Google Ad campaign, visitors to your physical store are effortlessly redirected to your online setup, thus potentially boosting future visits and purchases. Its most striking features – QR code scanning and self-serve registration, staff intervention in the absence of a shopper's mobile phone, and the ability to export visitor details as desired – amalgamates into an impressive, modern productivity tool. Safe Keeper also promotes promotional benefits, such as the utilization of QR code for driving foot traffic online and even promising future enhancements like visitor analytics and compliance with government health regulations. While the app stands free of cost, the value it promises to add to your Shopify business is immeasurable. Even though it has yet to establish a notable presence, this little gem of a tool could be the secret ingredient to your business' evolution in these changing times!"

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Frequently Asked Questions

How secure is the Safe Keeper app?
Safe Keeper is designed with advanced security features including high-level encryption to ensure your sensitive information is well-protected.
What are its features in increasing my productivity?
Safe Keeper helps to boost productivity by organizing and securely storing passwords. It eliminates the hassle of remembering or resetting forgotten passwords, allowing you more time to focus on essential tasks.
Has Safe Keeper ever been compromised before?
As far as public records indicate, Safe Keeper has not been subjected to any successful security breach, owing to the rigorous measures it takes for safeguarding user data.
How does Safe Keeper store and secure my passwords?
Safe Keeper employs sophisticated encryption technologies to secure your passwords. These are saved in a digital vault that only you can access, ensuring your information is kept confidential and safe.

Shopify App Comparison: Safe Keeper vs Kroco Order Email Automation - which is better?

We have reviewed two apps, Safe Keeper and Kroco Order Email Automation, and both offer unique capabilities and benefits. Safe Keeper is a comprehensive digital solution designed to support contactless collection of visitor information in the post-pandemic retail environment. It allows for seamless registration through a store-specific QR code generator, promoting a safe and secure environment for staff and visitors. With the option for staff to manually input visitor data, Safe Keeper strikes a balance between high-tech digital tools and human intervention. This app will help you adapt quickly, maintain operations, and strengthen visitor confidence, making it a valuable asset in the evolving world of retail.

On the other hand, Kroco Order Email Automation is a tool that streamlines administrative tasks by automating order summary emails. With no coding skills required, it reduces manual errors and frees up time for other important business tasks. The app enables the customization of every email, allowing you to modify subject lines, headers, bodies, and footers to meet the specific needs of your suppliers and internal teams. By sending detailed order information and promoting cross-departmental coordination, this app enhances operational efficiency and communication within your organization. If you are a merchant striving for streamlined communication and operational efficiency, Kroco Order Email Automation is the app for you.

Ultimately, both Safe Keeper and Kroco Order Email Automation offer unique capabilities catered to different business needs. However, if we were to recommend one app, we would suggest Safe Keeper, as it addresses the crucial aspect of ensuring health and safety in the post-pandemic retail environment. With its seamless contactless registration process and store-specific QR code generator, Safe Keeper promotes a safe and secure in-store experience for staff and visitors. Adaptability, operational continuity, and visitor confidence are paramount in today's retail landscape, and Safe Keeper provides their users with the tools to achieve these goals.

Safe Keeper Shopify AppSafe Keeper
Kroco Order Email Automation Shopify AppKroco Order Email Automation
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