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Easily manage your product data and save time with Contentify's seamless integration for Shopify.

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With Contentify, managing your product data in Contentful is a breeze, allowing you to focus on more important tasks for your business!

This is a great Shopify app that will help you grow your Shopify store faster!

Last Updated:
July 12, 2024

Simplify and Enhance Product Data Management with Contentify

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Streamline your product data management to unlock the full potential of your online business. Contentify revolutionizes the way you manage and maintain your product's data, allowing you to forego the painstaking process of trawling through enormous Excel sheets. Tailor-made for Shopify merchants, it offers a hassle-free approach to data editing and management.

With a simple, one-click integration, your product data is seamlessly imported from Shopify to this intelligent apparatus. No intricate setup is needed, making it ideal even for those less tech-savvy amongst us. Having your data in one place ensures consistency across your product listings and reduces the risk of errors that may impact your brand identity.

Grow your business by utilizing all the capabilities of Contentify. It empowers you with easy-to-utilize editing tools and an intuitive interface that lets you focus your energy on other aspects of your business. Plus, rest assured as every alteration is meticulously tracked and synchronized with your Shopify store.

Experience the seamless integration and robust functionalities of this data management system designed to take your e-commerce platform to the next level. Give yourself the gift of effortless content management and watch your business flourish.


Streamline your product data management to ensure consistency and reduce errors, enhancing your brand identity
Import product data effortlessly from Shopify with a simple one-click integration, saving time and effort without the need for complex setup
Empower your business growth with user-friendly editing tools and an intuitive interface, enabling you to focus on other areas of your business
Seamlessly track and synchronize every alteration made, ensuring meticulous data management for your Shopify store
Experience seamless integration and robust functionalities designed to elevate your e-commerce platform to the next level.


Manage and maintain your product data effortlessly, ensuring consistency and reducing errors to enhance your brand identity
Import product data seamlessly from Shopify with a simple one-click integration, saving time and effort with no intricate setup required
Empower your business growth with easy-to-use editing tools and an intuitive interface that allows you to focus on other aspects of your business.

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Owlfred Review

Contentify by Atlas is a smart tool that transforms the way you manage your product data, freeing you up to focus on more productive aspects of your business. Instead of wrestling with raw HTML in Excel sheets, Contentify uses Contentful, a straightforward and efficient product import system with zero setup required. If you run multiple Shopify stores, you'll be thrilled with Contentify's ability to connect all your stores to a single Contentful space, bundling similar products together for simplified, one-screen editing. All changes are rigorously tracked and imported into Shopify, providing reliable version control. The app supports advanced bulk editing and allows you to schedule publishing changes. Plus, it beautifully eliminates redundant data and enables swift image syncing for shared product visuals. As an owl who champions efficiency, I wholeheartedly recommend trying Contentify which offers a free plan too. Providing your handy digital companion in the realm of store management, it truly takes the puzzle out of product data management.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can Contentify improve my store's data management?
Contentify helps you streamline your store's data management by automating content creation based on product data. This increases efficiency and allows you to focus on other critical areas of your business.
What does product data management mean in the context of Contentify?
In the context of Contentify, product data management involves the organization and optimization of product-specific information. This data can be utilized by Contentify to automate content creation, thus reducing manual efforts.
How is a Product Data Management (PDM) system like Contentify used?
A Product Data Management system like Contentify is used to automate and streamline the process of organizing, storing, and retrieving product data. This frees up merchant time, allows timely updates, and improves overall store management.
How does better data management through Contentify increase efficiency?
Better data management through Contentify increases efficiency by reducing manual work in content creation. By using accurate product data, Contentify creates relevant content, minimizing errors and improving customer experience.

Shopify App Comparison: Contentify vs Trackiy ‑ Sync Tracking info - which is better?

We believe that both Contentify and Trackiy have unique capabilities that can greatly benefit Shopify merchants. Contentify offers a streamlined approach to product data management, allowing users to easily edit and maintain their product data. With its seamless integration with Shopify, users can import their data with just one click, saving them time and effort. The editing tools and intuitive interface empower businesses to focus on other aspects of their operations, while every alteration is tracked and synchronized with their Shopify store. This robust data management system is designed to enhance brand identity and take e-commerce platforms to the next level.

On the other hand, Trackiy offers seamless automation for tracking info management. It not only uploads tracking numbers to the store but also gathers claim information and handles proof submission of package delivery to customers. The app stands out with its automatic tracking data routing to payment platforms, ensuring error-free and hands-off operation. With real-time sync of Stripe and PayPal tracking information, users can minimize the time their money is on hold. The app also provides email reports and seamlessly syncs with Shopify Plus for efficient tracking data management. Trackiy is perfect for those who value simplified yet effective tracking data management.

Both apps offer unique benefits, and we recommend evaluating your specific business needs to determine which one is the best fit for you. If you are looking for a comprehensive solution for product data management, Contentify should be your top choice. However, if you need a reliable app for tracking info management and want to save time and increase efficiency, Trackiy is the way to go. Regardless of your choice, both apps have the potential to greatly enhance your Shopify store's operations and contribute to your business growth.

Contentify Shopify AppContentify
Trackiy ‑ Sync Tracking info Shopify AppTrackiy ‑ Sync Tracking info
Average Rating 5 out of 5 5 out of 5
Number of Reviews 1 15
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Max Price $50.00 $79.98
Works With Contentful Oberlo, stripe, paypal, MassFulfill, PayPal Disputes Chargebacks
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