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July 12, 2024

Combined discounts, tiered pricing & labels. Skyrocket conversions & boost sales!

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Revolutionize your customers' online shopping experience with advanced discount functionality provided by DiscountYard - Stack Discounts. This impactful solution empowers your customers to supercharge their savings by combining multiple discount codes directly in their carts. Unchain your strategic promotions and exponential customer savings with a pliable discount stacking opportunity.

DiscountYard doesn’t stop there. The app’s prowess extends to the convenient setting of tiered automatic discounts. Effortlessly create layered savings models and watch your sales volumes soar. Your customers will appreciate getting more bang for their buck and feel the instant gratification of stacking savings.

In addition to its unparalleled discount capabilities, the app excels in its abilities to swiftly create and manage product labels and bundles. Easily compose enticing product imagery with informative labels that catch the eye and spark interest. Streamline your customers' online shopping journey by grouping related products into attractive, easy-to-buy bundles.

From classic discount solutions to sophisticated tiered savings scenarios, product labeling, and bundling, DiscountYard is a new level of strategic marketing right at your fingertips. Its unique blend of key functionalities brings well-rounded e-commerce capabilities to your online store, making it an invaluable asset in driving both customer satisfaction and business growth.


Customers can stack discounts in their cart
Create tiered discounts with combined codes or automatic application
Enhance sales by adding product labels and badges
Increase sales by suggesting attractive product bundles
Feature selected offers on a side widget to boost purchases


Increase customer loyalty and sales by empowering shoppers to combine multiple discount codes at checkout, maximizing their savings potential
Effortlessly create tiered automatic discounts to incentivize larger purchases and boost sales volumes
Streamline the shopping experience and drive more conversions by visually showcasing product labels and creating attractive product bundles

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Owlfred Review

It's time to perk up those feathered ears, Shopify merchants! DiscountYard - Stack Discounts is an app that flutters above and beyond to increase your cart to checkout conversion rate. The app has been crowned with an impressive 4.6 ratings from 77 reviews, indicating that it's widely appreciated by its nest of over 1700 users. Good news for those who love a bargain - not only can customers stack discount codes on their cart, they can also enjoy tiered, automatic discounts. Plus, DiscountYard comes with extra adornments; allowing you to add labels and badges to products to enhance sales, or creating product bundles to suggest attractive combos to your customers. Have a special offer you want to push? Feature it on a side widget and watch your sales skyrocket. And the cherry on the cake - it's compatible with Shopify POS, Point of Sale (POS), Quantity Discounts, and Loyalty Discounts, making it a seamless addition to your digital store. They offer a free plan so you can dip your claws in, and a 7-day free trial to see if it truly flies with your business model. Give DiscountYard a go and watch your sales soar higher than an owl on a moonlit night!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of tiered pricing in eCommerce?
Tiered pricing in eCommerce is a strategy to encourage customers to buy more products. It works by offering incremental discounts or incentives based on the quantity of items purchased. The more a customer buys, the greater the per-item discount they receive.
How does a tiered quantity discount benefit my Shopify store?
A tiered quantity discount encourages higher volume purchases, which can increase your overall sales revenue, average order value, and can help you move inventory more quickly.
What is the concept of a product badge in eCommerce?
A product badge in eCommerce is a graphical element that you can add to your product images to highlight certain features or promotions, like 'Sale', 'New', 'Best Seller'. It helps make these products stand out in your store and pushes customers towards making a purchase.
How is the 'DiscountYard — Stack Discounts' app beneficial for my Shopify store?
The 'DiscountYard — Stack Discounts' app allows you to easily set up tiered pricing and quantity discounts, and attach product badges. It could simplify the discounting process in your Shopify store and potentially increase your sales by encouraging customers to buy more products at once.

Shopify App Comparison: DiscountYard — Stack Discounts vs Discount Stacker - which is better?

When comparing DiscountYard - Stack Discounts and Discount Stacker, there are several key differences in their capabilities and features. DiscountYard offers the ability for customers to stack multiple discounts in their cart, giving them the opportunity to maximize their savings potential. In contrast, Discount Stacker also allows customers to stack multiple discounts on a single order, but it goes a step further by seamlessly synchronizing both automatic and code discounts. This feature is especially valuable for managing complex and limitless discount strategies.

Another point of distinction is the integration capabilities of the two apps. While both apps integrate with Shopify, Discount Stacker stands out for its high degree of compatibility with other Shopify applications. This ensures a smooth shopping experience for customers as they navigate your incredible bargains. Additionally, DiscountYard excels in its abilities to create and manage product labels and bundles, enticing customers with informative labels and easily grouping related products into attractive bundles. Ultimately, the choice between these two apps depends on your specific needs and preferences, but both DiscountYard and Discount Stacker offer valuable capabilities that can enhance your online store and drive customer satisfaction and sales.

DiscountYard — Stack Discounts Shopify AppDiscountYard — Stack Discounts
Discount Stacker Shopify AppDiscount Stacker
Average Rating 4.4 out of 5 1 out of 5
Number of Reviews 82 1
Estimated Installs 1685 8
Min Price $0.00 $24.99
Max Price $49.95 $24.99
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