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Enhance Customer Engagement with a Customizable Customer Account Portal

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Imagine giving your customers a sleek, user-friendly dashboard where they can manage their profile, view their order history, and even reorder with just one click. This is the level of usability that this app brings to the table, with its feature-loaded, customizable customer portal.

Whether you want to add custom fields or menus, change color palettes to align with your brand, or even incorporate advanced styles with custom CSS, this tool offers you the flexibility you need. It even goes the extra mile by letting your users manage their delivery addresses and change passwords with utmost ease.

This powerful tool is not just customer-focused, it also empowers merchants with the ability to alter and improve user interfaces as per their branding requirements. With its ability to enhance the interactive capacity of the customer account page, it creates a more engaging shopping context that is primed for encouraging customer loyalty and repeat business.

The end result? A more personalized, user-friendly experience for your customers and a more cohesive, brand-aligned strategy for your e-commerce business. Harness the power of optimized customer interaction and user experience with this versatile e-commerce tool and watch your business grow!


Allow customers to effortlessly manage personal information and addresses
Easily customize the color palette of the account page to match your brand
Access order history, quick reordering, custom fields, custom pages, and password changes
Simplify page translation with Customer Dashboard Pro
Enhance customer loyalty and foster repeat business with a customizable customer portal


Customizable customer portal for enhanced user experience
Flexibility to personalize customer account page to align with brand identity
Empowers merchants to improve customer loyalty and encourage repeat business

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Mandasa Technologies
Gandhi Chouraha, Mandsaur, MP, 458001, IN
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Klaviyo, Smile:Rewards & Loyalty, Yotpo Subscriptions, Growave: Loyalty & Wishlist, AiTrillion, Apptile ‑ Mobile App Builder


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Owlfred Review

Customer Dashboard Pro by Mandasa Technologies is an excellent Shopify app that brightens up your customer account portal with bespoke elegance. This app, with an impressive average rating of 4.7 from 17 reviews, has been installed by over 180 merchants eager to expand their customer engagement. It provides a wide range of functionalities, including customizable fields, custom menus, delivery addresses, and order history, allowing customers to effortlessly re-order their favorite items. Additionally, one of its standout features lets your customers easily edit their personal information and addresses. The color palette of the account page is another notable feature, customizable to match your brand seamlessly. And not to forget, it also adds a multilingual edge, making it super easy to translate the customer account page while there's still a bonus of advanced styling with custom CSS option. The cherry on top is the 14-day free trial and affordable plans. As Owlfred, your wise owl, I highly recommend this customer accounts app for elevating your Shopify store's user experience while maximizing customer lifecycle interaction.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a customer portal?
A customer portal is a private, secure website that provides businesses with a strategic point of interaction with their customers. It allows customers to access their account history, place new orders or request assistance.
Why is a customer portal important for my Shopify store?
A customer portal can significantly improve your Shopify store's customer support services. They provide customers with 24/7 access to their account information, help to streamline order processes, and foster higher levels of customer engagement and satisfaction.
What are some of the best practices for implementing a customer support portal?
For successful implementation of a customer support portal, firstly it should be user-friendly and easily navigable. Secondly, it should allow customizations in terms of branding to maintain consistency with your overall store look and feel. Lastly, it should include self-service options like FAQs or knowledge bases.
How can I create a customer login portal on Shopify?
Creating a customer login portal on Shopify requires the addition of a customer portal app like MT: Customer Dashboard Pro. Once installed, this app will help you create a secure portal where customers can access their account details and interact with your brand.

Shopify App Comparison: MT: Customer Dashboard Pro vs InviteYard β€” Invite Customers - which is better?

When comparing MT: Customer Dashboard Pro and InviteYard β€” Invite Customers, it's clear that both apps offer valuable features and benefits for e-commerce businesses. MT: Customer Dashboard Pro stands out with its customizable customer portal, allowing merchants to improve the user experience and create a more engaging shopping context. With features like order history, custom fields, and password changes, this app offers a personalized and user-friendly experience for customers. The ability to customize the color palette and incorporate advanced styles with custom CSS further enhances brand identity and loyalty. Overall, MT: Customer Dashboard Pro empowers merchants to optimize customer interaction and user experience, contributing to business growth.

On the other hand, InviteYard β€” Invite Customers focuses on eliminating the hurdle of customer account activation and facilitating a smooth transition for businesses moving to Shopify. The app automatically invites new customers to activate their accounts, reducing customer friction and saving time for merchants. By providing a personalized shopping experience and instantly activating customer accounts, this app increases customer engagement and loyalty. With the ability to bulk invite previously uninvited and guest customers with just one click, InviteYard ensures that your valuable customer base is well taken care of, allowing you to focus on business growth.

Based on the unique capabilities and benefits offered by each app, we recommend both MT: Customer Dashboard Pro and InviteYard β€” Invite Customers. Choose MT: Customer Dashboard Pro if you are looking to enhance the user experience and create a more engaging shopping context, while InviteYard is a great option for smoothly transitioning your business to Shopify and increasing customer engagement and loyalty.
MT: Customer Dashboard Pro Shopify AppMT: Customer Dashboard Pro
InviteYard β€” Invite Customers Shopify AppInviteYard β€” Invite Customers
Average Rating 4.9 out of 5 5 out of 5
Number of Reviews 49 6
Estimated Installs 656 0
Min Price $0.00 $0.00
Max Price $20.00 $0.00
Works With Klaviyo, Smile:Rewards & Loyalty, Yotpo Subscriptions, Growave: Loyalty & Wishlist, AiTrillion, Apptile ‑ Mobile App Builder
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