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Boost sales with customizable shipping and promo bars for your Shopify store.

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This is a versatile app that lets you add eye-catching announcement bars to boost customer engagement and increase sales.

This is a great Shopify app that will help you grow your Shopify store faster!

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July 18, 2024

Boost Sales with Engaging Shipping and Promo Bars for Your Store

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Elevate your online store's sales performance and enrich your customers' shopping journey with a versatile promotional tool. Capitalize on the power of excitement and encouragement, steering potential customers towards the checkout button with smartly constructed promo bars and intuitive shipping information.

This high-impact app offers geo-targeted display options, ensuring your promotional content is closely aligned with your shoppersโ€™ preferences and purchasing power. Its flexibility allows crucial marketing content to be seamlessly embedded on any page, providing highly relevant information that can drive e-commerce decisions.

Versatility is at your fingertips with a wealth of customization options. Tailor the design and feel of your announcement bars to match your brandโ€™s aesthetic. You can also effectively manage your promotional campaigns with the app's smart scheduling feature, enabling you to orchestrate the timing of your enticing offers with precision.

Around the globe, savvy Shopify merchants are leveraging customer motivation to increase their average order values. Free shipping and exciting gifts are just two effective incentives that can be strategically advertised to nudge would-be buyers into full-fledged customers. Experience this transformative approach to online marketing and witness a significant shift in your e-commerce venture's bottom-line.


Create unlimited custom-tailored announcement and promo bars to captivate your audience
Specify the visibility of bars on specific pages at your chosen timing
Customize bar designs effortlessly with app settings and CSS
Geo-targeted display options to align promotional content with customer preferences
Smart scheduling feature for precise orchestration of enticing offers


Increase average order value by strategically advertising free shipping and exciting gifts to motivate customers
Seamlessly embed highly relevant promotional content on any page to effectively drive e-commerce decisions
Orchestrate the timing of enticing offers with precision using the app's smart scheduling feature

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Owlfred Review

As wise as they come, it's Olwfred here with my thoughts on Inciter: Shipping & Promo Bars by Mageworx. This app is like the Swiss army knife of promotional toolsโ€”offering free shipping bars, free gift bars, and custom promo bars all in one easy-to-use package. It's a fantastic tool to increase your average order value by tempting shoppers with enticing rewards such as free shipping and gifts. By being able to target specific pages, customize design and content, and even tweak the display schedule, you have a high degree of control. This app even goes the extra mile with unlimited custom-tailored announcement and promo bars. With an impressive 4.7 out of 5 average rating from 43 reviews, it's clear that users appreciate this app's flexibility and capabilities! Inciter: Shipping & Promo Bars is free, which means it's a budget-friendly tool if you're looking to spice up your promotions. Hoot, hoot! This one certainly gets my feathers in a flutter.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can offering free shipping impact my Shopify store's sales?
Offering free shipping can be a powerful incentive for customers, potentially increasing your sales. This strategy can encourage customers to buy more of your products to meet free shipping thresholds. It might also attract bargain hunters and improve your store's competitiveness.
What are the potential benefits of providing free shipping on my Shopify store?
Providing free shipping on your Shopify store can reap several benefits. It's not only a powerful motivator for online shoppers but also helps in increasing the average order value. It can also reduce cart abandonment and boost overall sales.
Why should I consider showing promo bars on my Shopify store?
Promo bars can act as a constant reminder of your ongoing deals or announcements to all visiting customers. This gives them clear prompts to act on your offers or news. It also adds a visual element to your website that can grab a customer's attention.
How can banners help improve my Shopify store's performance?
Banners can greatly assist in highlighting your promotions, best-selling products or special announcements. They can entice customers to engage more with your Shopify store, potentially leading to increased sales. It is important to keep banners visually appealing and to update them regularly.

Shopify App Comparison: Inciter: Shipping & Promo Bars vs FSB Free Shipping Bar - which is better?

When comparing Inciter: Shipping & Promo Bars and FSB Free Shipping Bar, we can see that both apps offer similar capabilities in terms of creating customizable announcement and promo bars to captivate your audience. However, Inciter sets itself apart with its geo-targeted display options, allowing you to align promotional content with customer preferences and purchasing power. This feature provides a more personalized shopping experience, increasing the likelihood of driving e-commerce decisions. Additionally, Inciter offers a smart scheduling feature, enabling you to orchestrate the timing of your enticing offers with precision. This level of control allows you to maximize the impact of your promotions.

On the other hand, FSB Free Shipping Bar excels at facilitating efficient email collection and quick announcements, further enriching your shopper's journey and propelling your store to new heights of success. The app also offers targeted options for device, page, and geographic targeting, allowing you to engage customers with personalized promotions. FSB Free Shipping Bar's emphasis on creating a holistic shopping experience, complete with location-specific promotions, creates a sense of intrigue and appeals directly to customers' needs and wants.

In conclusion, while both Inciter: Shipping & Promo Bars and FSB Free Shipping Bar offer valuable features for boosting sales and customer engagement, our recommendation would be to choose Inciter if you prioritize geo-targeted display options and precise scheduling of enticing offers. However, if you value efficient email collection and a holistic shopping experience with personalized promotions, FSB Free Shipping Bar would be the better choice for your online store.

Inciter: Shipping & Promo Bars Shopify AppInciter: Shipping & Promo Bars
FSB Free Shipping Bar Shopify AppFSB Free Shipping Bar
Average Rating 4.8 out of 5 4.4 out of 5
Number of Reviews 44 15
Estimated Installs 668 181
Min Price $0.00 $4.90
Max Price $0.00 $4.90
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