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Create custom CSV, TXT, JSON, and XML data feeds of your product catalog quickly and easily.

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Product Feeds by Syde is a great tool to easily create customizable data feeds for your products, making it a breeze to share your catalog across different platforms.

This is a great Shopify app that will help you grow your Shopify store faster!

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July 12, 2024

Create Customizable Data Feeds for Your Product Catalog with Ease

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Unleash the power of seamless integration of your online store to a range of ร  la carte global marketplace platforms with the Product Feeds app. Embrace the convenience of crafting a tailored data feed from a selection of over 80 shopping engines or, if needed, build yours from ground zero.

The app empowers merchants with an expansive library of intelligent placeholders, all inclusive of your store's product fields, options and metafields. This verifies that a snapshot of your data feed, complete with your personal data, is accessible within moments.

A salient feature of the app is a robust filter system, facilitating an effortless weeding out of unwanted products. This ensures only relevant data is shared with your target markets, effectively meeting their unique specifications and demands. To further streamline the process, the scheduling of updates is treated as a matter of a couple of clicks.

Equally impressive and integral is the app's universal compatibility, matching all shopping engines and marketplaces that approve of data feed input. This equates to a vast field of opportunities, ensuring your e-commerce venture is truly limitless.


Craft tailored data feeds with over 80 templates, including the option to create custom feeds, maximizing flexibility.
Utilize an extensive library of placeholders with drag-and-drop functionality for easy template customization.
Preview data feeds in real-time to ensure accuracy and efficiency in sharing your product information.
Efficiently export desired products with a powerful filter system, enhancing relevancy and targeting for optimal results.
Stay universally compatible with all major shopping engines and marketplaces, maximizing opportunities for expanding your e-commerce presence.


Increase your online store's visibility by easily integrating with over 80 global marketplace platforms, such as Google Shopping, Facebook Feeds, Amazon, and more, to expand your reach and drive more traffic.
Save time and effort by utilizing a robust filter system to export only the products you want, ensuring that your data feed meets the unique specifications and demands of your target markets, leading to increased conversion rates.
Seamlessly update and manage your product feeds with just a couple of clicks, thanks to the app's scheduling feature, allowing you to stay relevant and competitive in real-time across all shopping engines and marketplaces.

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Owlfred Review

Whoosh, here comes the Product Feeds app by Syde, soaring high with a perfect 5-star rating from its users! This app is perfect for those Shopify merchants who crave granularity and control in managing their product feeds. It allows you to create fully customizable CSV, TXT, JSON and XML data feeds in a snap, preparing your catalog for various shopping engines. With over 80 templates to choose from and options to design your own, you're adjudged the master of your shop. And fret not about the relevant placement of your product data, the app features a handy drag'n drop tool and a comprehensive library of smart placeholders, accommodating all product fields, options, and metafields. Add that shiny real-time preview, and you're all set to make spreadsheets shiver! The powerful filters ensure you export only what you want, thereby keeping your feeds tidy and focused. Though it's a backend app with no visible install count, it's winning hearts with its functionality. It works seamlessly with Google Shopping, Facebook Feeds, Amazon, Ebay, Instagram, and Pinterest. Pricing options are flexible with a free plan available and a 30-day free trial option to test waters. So, Shopify store owners, this might just be your ticket to super-organized data feeds sans the worry of messy or incomplete datasets. Recommended for those who love an organized data-stravaganza!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a product feed?
A product feed is a file made up of a list of products and attributes of those products organized in a way that each product can be displayed, advertised or compared in a unique way. It's essential for ecommerce platforms like Shopify.
How is a data feed created using a template?
Creating a data feed using a template involves filling out specific product related information in a structured manner. This information could include product IDs, titles, descriptions etc. determined by the template's layout.
How can I upload data feed to my catalog?
Uploading data feed to your catalog can be done through your platform's backend. Generally you need to access the product feed or data import section, select your file, and click on 'upload'.
How is a feed file created?
A feed file is created by extracting product data from your ecommerce platform, and then arranging it in a specific structure as determined by the feed user, usually in CSV or XML format.

Shopify App Comparison: Product Feeds by Syde vs Simprosys Google Shopping Feed - which is better?

We have analyzed both the Product Feeds by Syde app and the Simprosys Google Shopping Feed app, and here's what we found:

The Product Feeds app offers a range of features that allow merchants to seamlessly integrate their online store with over 80 global marketplace platforms. With the ability to craft tailored data feeds using templates or starting from scratch, merchants have the flexibility to meet the unique specifications and demands of their target markets. The app's robust filter system ensures that only relevant products are shared, increasing conversion rates. Additionally, the scheduling feature simplifies the process of updating and managing product feeds, allowing merchants to stay relevant and competitive in real-time across all shopping engines and marketplaces. With its universal compatibility, this app provides a vast field of opportunities for expanding e-commerce ventures.

On the other hand, the Simprosys Google Shopping Feed app focuses on streamlining the process of submitting product feeds across multiple platforms. Merchants can easily manage and schedule feeds for Google Shopping, Facebook Shop, Instagram Shop, and more. The app also supports advanced listing options like Pinterest Ads and Microsoft Shopping Ads, allowing merchants to expand their product marketing efforts while keeping the process simple and efficient. The app's ability to set up and manage Google Ads Performance Max Campaigns and Microsoft Ads Smart Shopping Campaigns adds another layer of control and engagement for merchants. Furthermore, the comprehensive Google Analytics 4 Tracking Setup provides a clear view of progress and performance across multiple campaigns.

Both apps offer valuable capabilities for e-commerce merchants, but the choice ultimately depends on individual needs and preferences. If merchants are looking for a wide range of global marketplace integration and enhanced flexibility in crafting tailored data feeds, the Product Feeds app is recommended. However, if merchants prioritize streamlining product feed submissions across multiple platforms and want to leverage advanced listing options and campaign management features, the Simprosys Google Shopping Feed app would be a great choice.

Product Feeds by Syde Shopify AppProduct Feeds by Syde
Simprosys Google Shopping Feed Shopify AppSimprosys Google Shopping Feed
Average Rating 5 out of 5 4.9 out of 5
Number of Reviews 4 6127
Estimated Installs 0 56022
Min Price $0.00 $4.99
Max Price $99.00 $17.98
Works With Google Shopping, Facebook Feeds, Amazon, Ebay, Instagram, Pinterest Checkout , Google Merchant Center, Google Ads Account, Microsoft Ads, Google Analytics 4 (GA4), Facebook Business Manager, Pinterest For Business
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