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DeepMine offers searchable, detailed reports for streamlined order and product sales insights.

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DeepMine helps you by sifting, sorting, and searching all your orders to provide detailed reports and insights on your product sales, making it easier to track trends and manage your business effectively.

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Last Updated:
July 12, 2024

Get Detailed Reports & Sales Insights for Your Shopify Store

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Unlock the power of data-driven decision making with an insightful analytics solution designed specifically for Shopify merchants. Drawing on vast amounts of transaction information, our app uncovers critical trends, giving you an upper hand in product and variant selection.

A few clicks reveal your top-performing products, their dominant variants and favored options. Simplify your inventory planning process by understanding that your small-sized green shirt outsells, or the black shirts in 3X are more in demand. By offering a nuanced view of your products' performance, we empower you to optimize your merchandise mix effectively, catering to the specific preferences of your customer base.

Convenience extends beyond data extraction with the app. It integrates a royalty calculation feature that makes disbursing funds to your artists and partners a breeze. No more manual calculation mishaps. Generate comprehensive reports and send them out via email directly, removing tedious work and letting you focus on the bottom line.

From revealing your bestsellers to streamlining royalty payments, this robust application offers you an all-encompassing solution to handle various aspects of your day-to-day operationsβ€” leading to deeper insights, productive decisions, and efficient practices.


Unlock data-driven decision making by revealing top-selling products and their dominant variants with a few clicks
Customize insights by SKU, POS location, vendor, discount code, and more for a tailored analysis
Automate report scheduling and distribution via email for hassle-free operations
Easily set up revenue sharing with partners based on sales performance
Works seamlessly with all aspects of your Shopify store for comprehensive analytics.


Increase product performance insights
Streamline inventory planning by identifying top-selling products and variants quickly
Simplify royalty calculations and reporting for easy fund disbursing

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Owlfred Review

Keeping an eye on your Shopify store's data is a hoot with DeepMine! Rated at 4.2 based on 31 reviews, this little wizard of an app helps you gain actionable insights about product sales and order details through clean, comprehensive reports that are both searchable and emailable. Imagine coming to know with just a few clicks that the green shirt is a hit among petite sizes and the black shirt rules the roost among 3X sizes! The fine feathers of DeepMine don't stop at analysis either. The app also boasts functionality for calculating royalties for artists and partners, perfect for those with rich collaborative ecosystems. App reports are customizable by SKU, POS location, vendor, discount code and more, ensuring all your data mining needs are met. For a monthly fee of $10-$30 and with a 60-day free trial to nestle into, DeepMine is a great pick for those looking to swoop down into the depths of their data in pursuit of increased sales and financial management.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of a financial report in sales analytics?
A financial report in sales analytics assists in understanding the financial health of a business. It provides insights into sales performance and profitability patterns, informing strategic decisions for the business.
How can DeepMine help with detailed sales analytics?
DeepMine is designed to provide detailed sales analytics. It produces tailored financial reports to help users visualize their financial data, understand trends, and make informed business decisions.
Why is it important to have detailed reports in sales analytics?
Detailed reports in sales analytics are essential for effective decision-making. They provide an in-depth understanding of individual product performance, customer purchasing habits, and sales trends, driving revenue growth and improved business strategies.
How can I use financial reports from DeepMine for my Shopify store?
Financial reports from DeepMine can be used to track revenue, determine profitability, and identify best-selling products in your Shopify store. These insights can help to streamline financial management and create effective sales strategies.

Shopify App Comparison: DeepMine vs QuickBooks Online Global - which is better?

We have evaluated two powerful apps that cater to different aspects of ecommerce operations. DeepMine is an analytics solution tailored specifically for Shopify merchants, offering deep insights into product performance, inventory planning, and royalty calculations. With just a few clicks, you can uncover critical trends and optimize your merchandise mix effectively. The app also simplifies royalty calculations, generating comprehensive reports and automating the distribution process. DeepMine empowers you to make data-driven decisions and streamline your day-to-day operations.

On the other hand, QuickBooks Online Global seamlessly integrates your Shopify marketplaces, irrespective of their global locations, with your QuickBooks Online account. This app focuses on synchronizing and organizing your inventory and accounting data. It takes care of creating invoices, adding new customers and products, and tracks income and expenses, maximizing tax deductions. The app eliminates the need for manual data entry and processing, providing financial accuracy and efficiency for your ecommerce operations. By centralizing and harmonizing your business hub, QuickBooks Online Global enables you to scale your business and achieve greater financial control.

Both apps offer unique capabilities and benefits. If you're looking for comprehensive analytics and insights for your Shopify store, as well as simplified inventory planning and royalty calculations, DeepMine is the recommended app for you. However, if you prioritize seamless integration and organization of your Shopify marketplaces with QuickBooks Online, along with effective management of income and expenses for optimized tax deductions, QuickBooks Online Global is the app we recommend. Choose the app that aligns with your specific needs and take your ecommerce operations to the next level.

DeepMine Shopify AppDeepMine
QuickBooks Online Global Shopify AppQuickBooks Online Global
Average Rating 4.2 out of 5 4.9 out of 5
Number of Reviews 31 2490
Estimated Installs 0 0
Min Price $10.00 $0.00
Max Price $30.00 $85.00
Works With Shopify quickbooks online
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