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Prevent Fraud and Protect Your Business with Identity Verification

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Protect your e-commerce business from fraud with a secure validation tool that offers both identity and payment verification. This sophisticated app integrates easily into the Shopify platform, reducing the risk of fraudulent activities through its meticulous order screening system. Every order is scrutinized for its authenticity, ensuring that each transaction is legitimate and each customer correctly identified.

Beyond flagging suspicious orders before they're processed, this app also safeguards the trust your customers place in your business. User-friendly alerts swiftly inform you about risky transactions, allowing you to make informed decisions, without compromising customer satisfaction or losing valuable time and revenue.

This app does more than just protect your businessβ€”it also gives you the peace of mind to focus on what matters most, growing your business. Offering comprehensive protection, it goes a step further to confirm the validity of payment methods, ensuring smooth, secure, and satisfactory transactions. The result is a safer, more reliable e-commerce environment, knowing you have an ally in mitigating fraud.

Deploy this reliable cybersecurity solution designed explicitly for Shopify merchants who take their risk management seriously. Let its robust capabilities provide an unprecedented level of transaction safety, shielding your Shopify store from the perils of online fraud. High-level security doesn't need to be complex - simplify your fraud management with this proficient app.


Send SMS for phone validation at checkout to prevent fraud
Utilize certified data sources to verify customer identities
Match customer names with cardholder names using credit bureau data for additional security
Receive alerts for risky transactions to make informed decisions quickly
Ensure secure transactions by validating payment methods for smooth e-commerce operations


Reduce fraudulent activities and protect your business with meticulous order screening, ensuring every transaction is legitimate and each customer is correctly identified
Safeguard customer trust by swiftly alerting you about risky transactions, enabling informed decisions without compromising satisfaction or revenue
Simplify fraud management and enhance transaction safety with comprehensive protection, validating payment methods for smooth, secure, and reliable e-commerce operations

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Owlfred Review

DeRiskify by Zumigo is a helpful lifesaver when it comes to keeping your Shopify transactions secure and your customer trust intact. It's fantastic at spotting those sneaky fraudulent orders before they can wreak havoc on your business. Having this owl's-eye-view means you will save precious time, resources and prevent those pesky chargebacks. DeRiskify isn't just throwing darts in the dark either; it verifies customer identities with serious authority using certified data sources, making sure that the person buying from you is indeed who they say they are. Its features don't stop there, it also verifies that the customer's name matches the cardholder name using credit bureau data and even sends an SMS to your customers at the point-of-purchase to validate phone possession. A proactive and efficient approach if I've ever seen one! While it may not have any installs we can track, the singular review gives it a shining 5-star rating. Available at a range of price points, there's even a free plan! As a wise owl, I recommend keeping things secure and trustworthy with DeRiskify.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can you protect your online business from fraud?
To protect your online business from fraud you should implement strong measures such as setting up secure payment systems, using secure network systems and strong encryption, carrying out regular risk assessments and audits, and employing proper data management practices.
Here is how businesses can verify identity?
Businesses can verify identities by using various methods such as document verification, biometric data, two-factor authentication, knowledge-based authentication, and electronic verification services. These measures help prevent identity fraud and protect the business.
Why should a business verify identities and transactions?
Identity and transaction verification in business is critical as it helps to prevent fraud, builds trust with customers, ensures compliance with license agreements, and protects sensitive company data.
What are the benefits of using electronic verification?
Electronic verification offers several advantages such as improved customer service through quick and accurate verification, streamlined operations, reduced verification costs, and enhanced security by helping detect fraudulent activities effectively.

Shopify App Comparison: Zumigo DeRiskify vs FUGU ‑ Every Payment Counts - which is better?

When comparing the capabilities of deRiskify and FUGU, it's clear that both apps excel in providing secure and reliable risk management solutions for e-commerce businesses. deRiskify offers a comprehensive approach to fraud protection by integrating seamlessly into the Shopify platform and conducting meticulous order screening. This ensures that every transaction is legitimate and each customer is correctly identified. On the other hand, FUGU takes a post-checkout approach by analyzing customer behavior and providing fraud warnings, as well as offering dynamic routing of selected orders to chargeback protection plans. Additionally, FUGU's Promise To Pay functionality ensures the continuity of shipments even if payments fail. In terms of features, deRiskify stands out with its SMS verification and credit bureau data matching, while FUGU offers automated verifications including signatures, selfie IDs, and credit card scans. Overall, both apps offer robust capabilities and unique features that can effectively mitigate fraud risks and safeguard e-commerce transactions.

When considering the benefits, deRiskify emphasizes reducing fraudulent activities and protecting businesses through meticulous order screening, ensuring customer satisfaction and revenue are not compromised. It also simplifies fraud management and enhances transaction safety with comprehensive protection. On the other hand, FUGU focuses on securing business transactions for a safe and trustworthy online marketplace. It also enables dynamically routing orders for chargeback protection, strengthens e-commerce strategies through risk recommendations, and guarantees every payment counts by proactively protecting against fraud, chargebacks, and payment churn. With its Promise To Pay functionality, FUGU goes above and beyond to ensure the continuity of shipments, even in the face of failed payments. Both apps offer valuable benefits, but FUGU's emphasis on proactive protection and continuity of shipments makes it a compelling choice for e-commerce businesses looking to minimize risk and retain customer loyalty. As a result, we recommend considering FUGU as an excellent option for comprehensive financial protection.

Zumigo DeRiskify Shopify AppZumigo DeRiskify
FUGU ‑ Every Payment Counts Shopify AppFUGU ‑ Every Payment Counts
Average Rating 5 out of 5 4.2 out of 5
Number of Reviews 1 11
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Max Price $500.00 $599.00
Works With Stripe, Paypal, Hyp
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