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Build AR experiences for your online store with a drag and drop editor.

What Owlfred thinks...

Designar is a great tool to create engaging AR experiences for your Shopify store, helping you showcase your products in a unique and interactive way.

This is a great Shopify app that will help you grow your Shopify store faster!

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July 14, 2024

Create Stunning AR Experiences for Your Shopify Store!

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Engage your customers on a new level with the cutting-edge Augmented Reality application. This distinctive app allows you to construct dynamic AR experiences for your product range using an intuitive drag and drop editor. It effortlessly integrates with your existing Shopify setup, while also unlocking novel AR functionalities specifically designed for Shopify.

Create 3D models of your products to provide a rich and immersive virtual shopping experience for your customer. Once your 3D model is prepared, you can swiftly upload it to the 3D warehouse app, allowing customers to visualize your product from every angle in their own space without ever leaving the comfort of their homes.

In addition, the app is a powerful tool for customizing products due to its adept handling of complex, adjustable models. Make your online store stand out by enhancing the realism, interactivity, and customer engagement in ways you hadn't thought possible. Achieve a new eCommerce standard with this game-changing AR tool.


Offer a seamless drag and drop editor for rendering inventory in rich 3D models, enhancing the online shopping experience with AR
Easily sync with Shopify's AR features to create and manage 3D models for every SKU in inventory
Augment custom products to transform the catalogue into a captivating 3D showcase, promoting informed purchase decisions and reducing return rates
Craft a memorable shopping journey with AR that increases customer engagement, conversion rates, and boosts brand loyalty
Bring the future of shopping into reality with immersive AR experiences that leave a lasting impression on consumers


Increase customer engagement and conversion rates by offering a captivating 3D shopping experience
Reduce return rates and promote informed purchase decisions with immersive AR product showcases
Stand out from competitors and create a memorable shopping journey that boosts brand loyalty and customer retention

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Owlfred Review

Whoo! The Designar - AR builder app is a real hoot for merchants seeking to take their product experience to the next level with Augmented Reality! This app makes it super easy to create engaging 3D models of your products with a handy drag and drop editor. Designed to integrate seamlessly with Shopify's AR features, it was built specially for the merchants selling products like t-shirts, mugs, phone cases, etc. But don't ruffle your feathers if you're not selling these specific items! The app promises to design custom 3D models for any product if requested. The exciting part is they're planning to roll out social media integrations soon, so you can bring your 3D models to platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and even Snapchat! With a focused commitment to boost your conversion rates and improve customer interaction, coupled with instant support, this app is definitely out of the nest and ready to soar! It's currently free, being in public beta, so don't forget to get your claws on it soon! However, you might be tempted to fly over it due to its low average rating, but remember, launches can be a tricky business, even for owls!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Shopify support augmented reality?
Shopify does indeed support augmented reality (AR). It allows you to upload 3D models of your products which can be viewed in AR by your customers.
How do you make augmented reality projects?
Making augmented reality projects requires a combination of coding and 3D design skills. Firstly, you need to create or obtain a 3D model of the object you wish to display. Then, using AR development software, you code the model to behave in certain ways when viewed through an AR app.
How do I start an AR development?
You start AR development by first having a clear understanding of your project requirements. Then, you typically require a 3D model for your project, and AR development software or AR app builder like Designar. A good foundation in software development and 3D design can greatly aid the process.
How do I add a 3D model to Shopify?
Adding a 3D model to Shopify is straightforward. In your Shopify admin, go to the product that you want to add a 3D model to. In the media section of the product details, click Add media and choose the 3D model you want to add.

Shopify App Comparison: Designar ‑ AR builder vs dLocal ‑ Accept Local Payments - which is better?

We have examined Designar and dLocal ‑ Accept Local Payments, two distinct apps that serve different purposes within the realm of e-commerce. Designar stands out for its expertise in augmented reality (AR), offering Shopify store owners a seamless drag and drop editor to render their inventory in rich 3D models. This enables customers to have an immersive shopping experience, resembling the tactile environment of brick-and-mortar stores. Additionally, Designar effortlessly syncs with Shopify's AR features, making the creation and management of 3D models for every SKU in inventory a breeze. This app also excels in augmenting custom products, transforming catalogues into captivating 3D showcases. By offering these features, Designar significantly enhances customer engagement, conversion rates, and brand loyalty.

On the other hand, dLocal ‑ Accept Local Payments focuses on expanding e-commerce businesses into new markets by offering a comprehensive range of local payment methods. By accepting local cards, cash payments, installments, digital wallets, and bank transfers, this app ensures that stores can cater to an expansive customer base. The convenience of using familiar and user-friendly payment options provides customers with a seamless shopping experience. The ability to tailor payment systems to fit customers' comfort zones allows store owners to forge impactful connections, ultimately driving revenue. By embracing dLocal ‑ Accept Local Payments, Shopify businesses can enter emerging markets, demystify e-commerce for potential customers, and consolidate their brand's footprint.

Designar ‑ AR builder Shopify AppDesignar ‑ AR builder
dLocal ‑ Accept Local Payments Shopify AppdLocal ‑ Accept Local Payments
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