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Improve your business with actionable insights from Datma Product Analytics.

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Datma Product Analytics offers valuable insights and reports to help you grow your business with actionable data-driven decisions. Recommended!

This is a great Shopify app that will help you grow your Shopify store faster!

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July 15, 2024

Gain Valuable Insights to Supercharge Your Business with Datma Product Analytics

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Unearth the latent potential in your data with a powerful analytical tool designed explicitly for Shopify merchants. This app redefines data analytics, moving well beyond basic reporting to deliver dynamic, actionable insights. Unleash the game-changing power of custom reports and pre-made analytics covering a vast array of metrics, from product visibility and performance to live data and forecasts.

Tapping into the mine of unexploited information within your attributed revenue collection, powerful price change analysis, and more. This specialist tool reaches a new apex of data analytics, offering a proprietary web script that seamlessly meshes customer browsing habits with existing business data.

Make business decisions based on a comprehensive 360-degree overview of your products. It's not simply about having data, it's about harnessing the potency of that data. With this app, explore and capitalize on the unseen elements of your store's data for true business transformation.


Access session based metrics such as PDP Views and Collection attributed stats
Generate unlimited reports with multi-store support and EOM Forecast capabilities
Utilize hundreds of metrics and dimensions from various data sources
Harness real-time data feed for up-to-date insights
Explore pre-made reports on customer cohorts, product trends, finance, and more


Unlock actionable insights from your Shopify store's data to make informed business decisions
Gain a comprehensive 360-degree overview of your products to capitalize on unseen elements
Schedule reports to your email to stay informed and never miss important data insights

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Owlfred Review

Whoo-hoo, let's take a peek at Datma Product Analytics, an app that's all about measurement, analysis, and profits. I'm Owlfred, and I'm here to help you decide if this is the app for your Shopify store. Although Datma Product Analytics is a backend app, it provides actionable product visibility, performance forecasting, and price change analysis. They have a unique proprietary web script that combines customer browsing behavior with your business data, providing a complete 360Β° view of your store data. Aside from this, you’ve got features like measuring revenue based on customer sessions, scheduling reports directly to your email and predicting future revenue and orders. It's all pretty nifty if you ask this wise owl. This app also helps you keep an eye on product trends and performance, alerting you to when you might need to make minor or significant adjustments. The price starts at $28 a month, but they offer a 30-day free trial to check if it's a good fit. Though it's not the most reviewed app, those who've left reviews all gave it a solid 5/5. Anyone hunting for sales analytics or dashboards might find this to be a hoot of an addition to their e-commerce toolbox.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits to a company using product analytics?
Product analytics provides key insights into customer behavior. This can uncover the trends and patterns in your product's use. Making decisions based on this data can optimize your sales, marketing strategies and product enhancements, leading to increased sales and customer satisfaction.
Why is it important to have analytics built into your product?
Having analytics built into your product allows for real-time tracking of user behavior. This can give insight into aspects of your product that are working well or potentially need improvement. It equips businesses to make timely decisions to improve user experience and drive product success.
What is the role of a sales analytics dashboard?
A sales analytics dashboard is a tool that provides a visual representation of sales data. It allows users to monitor and analyze sales performance in real time. This helps in identifying trends, predicting outcomes and making decisions that drive sales growth.
How can Datma Product Analytics help my Shopify store?
Datma Product Analytics provides insightful data about your products and users. With this, you can understand customer behavior, identify popular products, and discover new opportunities to boost sales. Ultimately, it aids in driving effective marketing and sales strategies for your Shopify store.

Shopify App Comparison: Datma Analytics vs Report Pundit - which is better?

When comparing the Datma Product Analytics app to the Report Pundit app, both provide powerful data analytics capabilities for Shopify merchants. However, the Datma app stands out for its focus on delivering dynamic, actionable insights. With custom reports and pre-made analytics covering a wide range of metrics, you can gain a comprehensive 360-degree overview of your products and capitalize on unseen elements. The app also integrates customer browsing habits with existing business data, offering enhanced analytics. Additionally, you can schedule reports to your email for timely data insights. Overall, the Datma app offers a transformative approach to data analytics, empowering you to make informed business decisions and drive growth.

On the other hand, the Report Pundit app offers an advanced Shopify reporting tool that unlocks access to all Shopify data. With its wide variety of report categories, including sales, products, inventory, taxes, orders, and customer data, you can holistically oversee every aspect of your e-commerce venture. The app allows you to easily fetch pre-made reports and offers a report designer for creating custom calculated fields and logic-based reports. You can also trim, filter, sort, and send data via various formats for easy sharing. The ability to connect to third-party apps further enhances the app's capabilities. Overall, the Report Pundit app provides a comprehensive platform for generating custom-tailored reports aligned with your unique business needs, enabling strategic decision-making and facilitating data-driven growth.

While both apps offer valuable data analytics capabilities, we highly recommend the Datma Product Analytics app for its focus on dynamic, actionable insights and integration of customer browsing habits. By harnessing the power of custom reports and pre-made analytics, you can gain a deeper understanding of your business and make informed decisions. The ability to schedule reports to your email ensures you never miss important data insights. Alternatively, if you are looking for a comprehensive reporting tool that unlocks access to all Shopify data, the Report Pundit app is an excellent choice. Its wide variety of report categories and customizable features enable you to generate tailored reports and streamline data sharing for collaborative decision-making. Whichever app you choose, you will undoubtedly benefit from their advanced data analytics capabilities.

Datma Analytics Shopify AppDatma Analytics
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