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Powerfully increase sales with effortless product bundles, tiered pricing, and volume discounts.

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If you want to drive sales effortlessly by offering product bundles and volume discounts, DC:Bulk Discount Sales is a great choice with its easy setup and automated features!

This is a great Shopify app that will help you grow your Shopify store faster!

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July 12, 2024

Increase Sales with Easy Product Bundles, Tiered Pricing & Discounts

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Taking your e-commerce business to new heights can often hinge on successful scaling strategies. This app streamlines that very process, making it seamless to establish enticing volume and bulk discount sales for your merchandise. No coding skills are required to get these sales initiatives off the ground; our features are designed user friendly for all.

Your customers will be compelled to make purchases through the enticing options the app provides. Think of it as a virtual hook – the promise of greater rewards with increased purchases. Examples of sales tactics that can be used include 'Buy X Get Y' offers, where buying one product rewards the customer with another free item. Other functionalities include offering sliding scale discounts depending on the quantity of a product bought - for instance, buy 5 items and enjoy a 10% price reduction.

Customizable, automatic, and equipped with a range of tailor-made volume and bulk discount features, this app helps navigate the tricky field of scaling with finesse. Harness the power of smart sales strategies and watch your eCommerce storefront flourish.


Setting up discount rules is quick and easy
Automated functionality simplifies discount management without coding skills
Customize pricing tables effortlessly
Display personalized messages in the cart section
24/7 assistance available for support


Increase average order value by enticing customers with bulk discount offers
Save time by automating the process of setting up and managing discount rules without the need for coding skills
Improve customer retention by offering customizable and appealing volume discount options

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Owlfred Review

Hoot hoot! Listen here, Shopify merchants! Want to drive sales effortlessly with the magic of product bundles, tiered pricing, and volume discounts? Well, Automatic Volume Discounts might just flap its way into your heart. The app is developed by Epixel and it's here to make scaling your e-commerce stores a breeze. With features that offer easy and automated setup of bulk discount sales, no code writing is required, making it perfect for those of us who prefer our nests neat but our lives software-free. The pricing table is simple and easy to customize, making it a versatile fit for any digital roost. Plus, their round-the-clock assistance ensures you're never left in the dark. The app currently enjoys a glowing 5 star rating, and even though it has 0 installs (it's a backend app, you see), its incredible features hint at a promising future. Easy setup, automation, customization, and 24/7 support - the full package with a free plan available just in case you want to test the flight before spreading your wings. So, keep your eye on this one, it seems like a hootsuite-ably impressive tool for your Shopify needs!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does offering bulk discounts improve sales?
Offering bulk discounts can encourage customers to purchase more items at once. This strategy is beneficial for increasing sales volume, reducing inventory and boosting profits.
Why is volume-based pricing advantageous?
Volume-based pricing offers customers lower prices per item when they purchase larger quantities. This encourages the purchase of more units, increasing overall sales and revenue.
How do volume discounts impact profits?
Volume discounts can positively impact profits by enticing customers to buy in larger quantities. While the margin per unit may decrease, the overall sales volume and revenue can increase.
How does the bulk discount strategy increase revenue?
The bulk discount strategy works by incentivizing larger orders. While the profit per individual item may be less, the overall sale is larger, driving up revenue.

Shopify App Comparison: DC: Volume Discounts, Bulk vs Capital ‑ Quantity Discounts - which is better?

In comparing the capabilities of DC:Bulk Discount Sales and Capital - Quantity Discounts, both apps offer a range of features designed to help businesses increase sales through bulk discount offerings. However, DC:Bulk Discount Sales sets itself apart by providing customizable and automated functionality without the need for coding skills. This not only saves time for businesses but also makes it easier to set up and manage discount rules. Additionally, DC:Bulk Discount Sales offers personalized messages in the cart section, allowing businesses to further engage and entice customers.

On the other hand, Capital - Quantity Discounts focuses on enhancing the customer's journey and brand presentation. The app allows for easy customization of the interface to match the online store's theme, ensuring a seamless integration and a uniformly aesthetic presentation. It also offers compatibility with popular features such as pop-up carts and currency converters, making it a valuable tool for a well-rounded Shopify store setup. Furthermore, Capital - Quantity Discounts is positioned to assist businesses of all sizes in achieving their sales objectives, making it a versatile choice.

While both apps offer benefits such as increasing average order value and promoting customer spending, DC:Bulk Discount Sales stands out for its user-friendly automation and personalized messaging features. Therefore, we recommend DC:Bulk Discount Sales for businesses looking to streamline the process of setting up and managing volume and bulk discount sales.

DC: Volume Discounts, Bulk Shopify AppDC: Volume Discounts, Bulk
Capital ‑ Quantity Discounts Shopify AppCapital ‑ Quantity Discounts
Average Rating 5 out of 5 5 out of 5
Number of Reviews 1 15
Estimated Installs 0 64
Min Price $0.00 $0.00
Max Price $7.99 $19.98
Works With Checkout, Online Store 2.0
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