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Collect store foot traffic with an easy peel-and-stick people counter for actionable insights.

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Dor is the perfect tool to help you understand your store's foot traffic and make informed business decisions.

This is a great Shopify app that will help you grow your Shopify store faster!

Last Updated:
July 12, 2024

Get Actionable Insights on Your Store's Foot Traffic with Dor

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Experience an entirely new level of operational clarity with a refined analytics tool, adept at interpreting the story behind your store's foot traffic. This app offers actionable insights designed to enhance your business growth and satisfy customer needs. Catering to brands and retailers of all sizes, this user-friendly tool puts a solid emphasis on the things that truly matter in your business.

With the aid of state-of-the-art thermal-sensing technology, the app's astutely engineered people counter system not only tallies foot traffic but also interprets the data gathered, delivering key takeaways. These insights equip business owners with a clear view of their overall brand performance, empowering them to make informed, productive decisions.

Setting up this effective foot traffic counting solution across various storefronts is hassle-free, thanks to its easy deployment feature. This promises to provide businesses with a uniform analytical view, regardless of the number of physical stores in operation. Accessibility, simplicity, and service delivery efficiency are at the heart of this app, all aimed at fostering business expansion.

Outshine your competition by harnessing this app's prowess in realizing the story behind your foot traffic. Transform numbers into business growth strategies while exceeding customer expectations, through this top-tier analytics solution.


Peel and stick battery-powered thermal sensor for accurate visitor counting
One-click integration with your POS system for seamless data collection
View revenue, foot traffic, and conversion rate metrics in a single dashboard
Compare foot traffic trends across multiple stores for strategic insights
Export data via CSV or connect with other tools using API for enhanced analytics opportunities


Optimize your retail strategy with decisive data insights on foot traffic, empowering you to design a custom shopping experience
Gain valuable insights into customer behavior to make every interaction count, ensuring customer satisfaction and loyalty
Drive towards indisputable success by turning footfall into actionable data for exponential business growth

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Owlfred Review

Peering into the app known as Dor with my wise owl eyes, it's clear to see that this thermal-sensing people counter has its foot (or talon) in the door of customer insight. While it doesn't boast a legion of users, it seems to have been warmly received by those who have installed it. Dor uniquely combines an easy-to-install, peel and stick, battery-powered thermal sensor with a one-click POS integration, allowing retailers to access vital data such as revenue, foot traffic, and conversion rate all in one place. Its retail sales analytics provide granular insight into foot traffic trends across your stores, letting you export your data or connect further tools through an API. Despite being a newer owl in the nest, Dor's all-in-one simplicity aligns seamlessly with the Shopify ethos of empowering businesses to grow and exceed customer expectations. I give a hoot of approval for this app and recommend it to anyone needing actionable insights into their brand performance. Remember, there's a free plan available, so you have the option to try before you fly!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Dor app help improve my retail sales strategy?
The Dor app delivers cogent analytics derived from thermal-sensing people counter technology. It empowers your retail strategy with decisive data about visitor foot traffic, enabling you to make more informed decisions and grow your business.
Can the Dor app give insights beyond plain visitor numbers?
Yes Dor provides detailed insights on customer behavioural patterns and interactions. It does not merely count visitors but interprets the stories hidden in your foot traffic analytics to help you design customised shopping experiences and improve overall brand performance.
How easy is it to deploy the Dor app across multiple stores?
Dor is designed to easily deploy across multiple stores. It's a handy visitor counting utility that helps you gather insights from all your retail locations, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of your business traffic.
Can the Dor app help me exceed customer expectations?
Definitely. By unlocking insights from visitor footfall, the Dor app helps you better understand your customers' aspirations. This information can prove instrumental in meeting and exceeding customer expectations, ultimately driving indisputable business success.

Shopify App Comparison: Dor vs Fastmag Official - which is better?

We have evaluated two apps that have different capabilities and features, each providing unique benefits for businesses. The first app, called Dor, is a powerful tool that uses a battery-operated, thermal-sensing people counter to provide accurate foot traffic data. It goes beyond just counting visitors by offering actionable insights into customer behavior, allowing businesses to design a customized shopping experience. With one-click integration with POS systems, a single dashboard to view metrics, and the ability to compare foot traffic trends across multiple stores, Dor empowers businesses to optimize their retail strategy and drive success. We highly recommend this app for businesses looking to make data-driven decisions and enhance customer satisfaction.

The second app, Fastmag Official, acts as a seamless connector between online and offline business platforms. It allows for unbroken integration, synchronization, and data transfer between the external system and the Shopify online storefront. With three key functionalities and a centralized hub for hybrid retail management, this app enhances control over retail operations and enables efficient management of orders and product lists. Fastmag Official is a valuable tool for businesses operating in the era of multi-channel retailing, where offline and online operations intertwine. We recommend this app for businesses looking to streamline their operations and improve overall efficiency.

Dor Shopify AppDor
Fastmag Official Shopify AppFastmag Official
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Number of Reviews 7 9
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Max Price $99.00 $150.00
Works With Shopify POS
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