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Integrate WhatsApp into your Shopify store for enhanced customer engagement and increased sales.

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DoubleTick is the perfect Shopify app to level up your customer engagement game with personalized WhatsApp notifications and seamless integration.

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July 8, 2024

Boost Sales and Customer Engagement with DoubleTick's WhatsApp CRM

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Transform the way you connect with your customers using DoubleTick WhatsApp Sales CRM. Tailored for Shopify storefronts, this tool infuses your e-commerce functionality with the power of WhatsApp for a personalized, interactive experience. Your customers are more than numbers, they're individual people, and with this platform, you can foster those relationships directly through the app.

Integrating this tool into your store facilitates direct, personalized communication with your customers in real time. It embeds a WhatsApp chatbot widget on your site, allowing your customers access to instant connectivity and support, vastly improving their shopping experience and in turn, enhancing their loyalty.

But that's not all. With this app, you can automate smart reminders for customers who've abandoned their shopping carts - a gentle nudge can often convert potential sales! From notifying about the completion and fulfillment of orders to conducting personalized post-purchase follow-ups, this application effectively utilizes the popularity and convenience of WhatsApp to build a robust customer relationship.

In the world of e-commerce where customer engagement is crucial, this app cultivates a deeper, more meaningful interaction between you and your customers. Streamline your customer management, increase satisfaction, and maximize conversions with the power of WhatsApp integration that DoubleTick brings to your store.


Embed a WhatsApp chatbot widget on your site to provide instant connectivity and support, improving the shopping experience for your customers.
Set up automated smart reminders for abandoned shopping carts to recover potential lost sales and boost conversion rates.
Notify customers about order completions and fulfillments through WhatsApp, keeping them informed and engaged.
Send personalized post-purchase follow-ups via WhatsApp to enhance customer relationships and satisfaction.
Cultivate deeper interactions with your customers by streamlining customer management and maximizing conversions through WhatsApp integration.


Increase customer engagement and satisfaction with personalized, real-time communication via WhatsApp, leading to higher retention rates and loyalty.
Boost conversion rates by automating smart reminders for abandoned shopping carts, effectively recovering potential lost sales and increasing revenue.
Streamline customer management and post-purchase follow-ups, maximizing conversions and enhancing overall customer experience with the power of WhatsApp integration.

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Owlfred Review

Hoot Hoot! Introducing DoubleTick WhatsApp Sales CRM, brought to you by Apport Software Solutions Private Limited. This neat little backend Shopify app is designed to boost sales and enhance customer engagement by integrating WhatsApp into your eCommerce operations. Features are owl-some with capabilities like a WhatsApp Chatbot widget to interact with your customers, abandoned cart WhatsApp notifications to nudge potential buyers, and immediate order fulfillment notifications for that speedy service validation. It also allows for post-purchase follow ups, which adds a personal touch to your business. Although it currently has a lukewarm average rating of 2.5 based on two reviews, let's not forget that every young fledgling has room to grow! With increased usage and improving features, plus its free to install price point, this app has the potential to be a hoot of a pick for your customers' experience improvement and maximizing your Shopify store's conversions. Any additional charges are laid out transparently, so no unexpected surprises. So if you're a tech-savvy owl looking for a dynamic conversational sales and marketing suite, DoubleTick WhatsApp Sales CRM might just be the right fit for your store.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the importance of a CRM for sales on WhatsApp?
CRM is crucial for WhatsApp sales as it helps to track customer interactions,improve customer service and engagement as well as analyse customer behaviour for better marketing strategies.
Can DoubleTick WhatsApp Sales CRM be integrated with WhatsApp for business?
Definitely. DoubleTick WhatsApp Sales CRM is designed to seamlessly integrate with WhatsApp Business which makes it easy to manage customer interactions.
How does DoubleTick WhatsApp Sales CRM aid in direct marketing?
DoubleTick WhatsApp Sales CRM enables effective direct marketing by allowing personalized messaging to clients via WhatsApp which can dramatically improve customer engagement and sales.
How can a CRM tool like DoubleTick helps improve customer engagement on WhatsApp?
DoubleTick CRM helps improve customer engagement on WhatsApp through efficient management of customer interactions and targeted messaging which lead to improved customer experience and retention.

Shopify App Comparison: DoubleTick WhatsApp Sales CRM vs Spur: Instagram & WhatsApp - which is better?

We have reviewed the DoubleTick WhatsApp Sales CRM app and the Spur: Instagram & WhatsApp app, both of which offer unique capabilities and features for businesses looking to enhance their customer engagement and boost sales. The DoubleTick app stands out with its personalized, real-time communication via WhatsApp, allowing businesses to foster deeper relationships with their customers. With features such as embedding a WhatsApp chatbot widget on the site and sending personalized post-purchase follow-ups, this app streamlines customer management and increases satisfaction.

On the other hand, the Spur app excels in its automation capabilities, specifically in social media marketing and customer support. By seamlessly integrating with WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook, businesses can operate on autopilot, provide rapid responses to customer queries, and convert social media engagement into measurable sales. The app's efficiency is further enhanced with the ability to capture and manage all communications in a single eCommerce-focused inbox. With its intelligent chat automation and smart marketing strategies, Spur is an essential tool for businesses aiming to solidify their presence in the eCommerce landscape.

DoubleTick WhatsApp Sales CRM Shopify AppDoubleTick WhatsApp Sales CRM
Spur: Instagram & WhatsApp Shopify AppSpur: Instagram & WhatsApp
Average Rating 2.5 out of 5 5 out of 5
Number of Reviews 2 65
Estimated Installs 0 38
Min Price $0.00 $34.00
Max Price $0.00 $299.00
Works With Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, WhatsApp API, Stripe, Zapier
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