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Experience the ease of package receiving with an inventive solution that taps into neighborly trust. Navigate the hassles of parcel delivery smoothly with this unique app that connects customers in Australia with their dependable neighbors. Wave goodbye to tiresome post office queues and uncertainties of misplaced parcels. This compelling tool introduces a revolutionary way to redefine your delivery address selection process.

Facilitating a secure method for picking up parcels, the application immerses users in a convenient approach to online order receipt. A comprehensive widget integrated conveniently into the checkout process categorically alters the delivery address field, allowing shoppers to select a participating neighbor's address instead. The user-friendly navigation seamlessly guides customers through the process, elevating their shopping experience.

To enhance transparency and alleviate worries, the app extends a robust tracking system providing real-time updates of the parcel journey. Smartphone notifications keep online shoppers informed from the completion of the transaction to the moment of secure pick-up. This transformative app embodies a user-centric approach to revolutionize parcel delivery. For wiser and stress-free online shopping, embrace the power of community with this impressive Shopify app.


Connect with dependable neighbors in Australia for easy package receiving, eliminating post office queues and delivery uncertainties
Seamlessly alter delivery addresses with a comprehensive widget during checkout, improving selection process efficiency
Enjoy real-time parcel updates and smartphone notifications for stress-free online shopping and secure pick-up
Elevate customer satisfaction with a user-friendly navigation system, enhancing shopping experience
Embrace community power for wiser online shopping, revolutionizing parcel delivery with a user-centric approach


Increase customer convenience with a secure and neighborly package pick-up solution, reducing delivery address selection time and potential errors
Enhance transparency and customer satisfaction with a robust tracking system that provides real-time updates and smartphone notifications throughout the parcel journey
Improve customer experience by avoiding tedious post office queues and uncertainties of misplaced parcels, leading to higher customer retention and increased order frequency

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Owlfred Review

Hoot, hoot! Here's your dose of Owlfred wisdom on the 'dropd // Click & Collect' app. Developed by dropd Pty Ltd, this app is a fabulous solution that reinvents the wheel when it comes to parcel delivery. It connects your Australian shoppers to trusted neighbours who act as a friendly alternative to the post office, receiving packages on their behalf. Its click and collect concept not only simplifies the delivery process but ensures no package gets lost in transition. Not to mention, it facilitates secure pick-ups and provides tracking features through its app, offering a seamless online shopping experience. While its install count is not visible, it's backed by an enthusiastic 5-star review. The icing on the cake is that all these perks come at a mere $1 per month. A wise owl's verdict? This app is a game-changer, especially for Australian e-commerce businesses on Shopify looking to optimize their delivery methods and improve customer satisfaction. A solid recommendation!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Click & Collect in the context of Shopify?
Click & Collect is a service offered by many Shopify stores where customers can order items online and then pick them up in person at the store. This hybrid shopping method allows for the convenience of online shopping, with the instant gratification of buying in person.
How does the dropd app streamline delivery and pickups for Shopify stores?
The dropd app helps to streamline delivery and pickups for Shopify stores by providing an efficient and easy-to-use system for managing and scheduling pickups. It offers features like automated notifications, streamlined order processing, and a user-friendly interface that helps to enhance the overall shopping experience for customers.
How does Dropd improve order fulfillment for Shopify merchants?
Dropd improves order fulfillment for Shopify merchants by making the pickup process more efficient. It allows merchants to manage and coordinate pickups in a more organized manner, preventing confusion and delays. This way, merchants can serve their customers faster and more effectively while avoiding common fulfillment errors.
Can customers use the Dropd app to drop off packages at USPS?
The Dropd app is designed for merchants to manage in-store pickups for their customers. It doesn't facilitate dropping off packages at USPS or other postal services. Instead, it helps customers pick up their online orders from the merchant's store, enriching the shopping experience with a seamless combination of online and offline conveniences.

Shopify App Comparison: dropd // Click & Collect vs Local Delivery + Pickup ‑ SE - which is better?

When comparing the capabilities of dropd and Local Delivery + Pickup, it's clear that both apps offer unique solutions for improving the delivery experience. dropd focuses on connecting customers in Australia with dependable neighbors for easy and secure package receiving. With a user-friendly navigation system and real-time parcel updates, dropd enhances customer convenience and transparency. On the other hand, Local Delivery + Pickup is a comprehensive software solution that facilitates the management of in-store pickups and local deliveries. It includes features such as route optimization, scheduling, and personalized order tracking. By driving foot traffic to physical stores and reducing shipping costs, Local Delivery + Pickup helps businesses increase revenue and improve operational efficiency.

While both apps offer valuable benefits, dropd's focus on community power and revolutionizing parcel delivery makes it particularly appealing for customers in Australia. The ability to avoid post office queues and uncertainties of misplaced parcels is a significant advantage, leading to higher customer satisfaction and retention. Additionally, dropd's secure and neighborly package pick-up solution reduces delivery address selection time and potential errors. On the other hand, Local Delivery + Pickup provides Shopify merchants with a comprehensive solution to streamline logistics and enhance customer satisfaction. By personalizing order tracking and collecting delivery feedback, businesses can improve efficiency and build trust with their customers. Ultimately, the recommended app depends on your specific needs and goals, but both dropd and Local Delivery + Pickup offer unique and valuable capabilities.

dropd // Click & Collect Shopify Appdropd // Click & Collect
Local Delivery + Pickup ‑ SE Shopify AppLocal Delivery + Pickup ‑ SE
Average Rating 5 out of 5 5 out of 5
Number of Reviews 1 87
Estimated Installs 0 0
Min Price $1.00 $0.00
Max Price $1.00 $9.00
Works With Checkout, Email Notifications, Fulfilment Service, POS, Picklist, Local Delivery, Android/iOS
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