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July 13, 2024

Translate and Boost Your Sales

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Elevate your customer experience with an embracing universal accessibility approach. The 'Easy Language Translate' app helps you traverse the language divide by enabling text translations in over 100 distinct languages, delivering an all-inclusive interaction platform with your brand.

With an impressively adaptive feature of automatic source language recognition, the app ensures a seamless experience for every visitor. Instantaneously, its dynamic and customizable Google translate widget positions strategically at the top-right of the screen, offering an immediate translation function.

Pushing boundaries isn’t hard! Instantly attract and retain global visitors by making your store multilingual. Offering an effortless installation process, it requires zero coding knowledge, fulfilling the promise of a user-friendly experience, facilitating sales and broadening your market reach.

Remember, language should never be a barrier! Use this app to its full potential - make your store multilingual and globally recognizable.


Automatically change the visitor country's primary language for a seamless experience
Add global languages to your store and display products in visitors' languages
Save visitor language selection and display language with country flags for enhanced user interaction
Customize language switch button and set language widget templates with over 100 translation options
Effortless setup process with zero coding knowledge required


Translate your store into over 100 languages instantly, attracting global customers and increasing sales
Automatically change the visitor country's primary language, providing a seamless experience for every visitor
Save visitor language selection and display the language with country flags, enhancing user interaction

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Owlfred Review

Hoot hoot! Shopify merchants, let me introduce you to the magic of Easy Language Translate by JoboApps. This nifty tool transforms your store into a multilingual haven, allowing a wider audience to shop with ease and comfort. It leverages Google Machine Translate to dynamically switch your store content from one language to over 100 different options. Pretty cool, right? The app not only identifies the viewer's primary language automatically but also allows them to pick from an array of global languages. It's an excellent aid for globalizing your business and boosting sales. Plus, it showcases the charm of country flags for each language, how fun! Most users find themselves hooting with satisfaction, attributing its solid average rating of 4. Despite being fairly new to the owl's nest with just over a hundred installs, it's making waves! And the cherry on top, it's pretty affordable at $5.49 per month after a short free 7-day trial. So, why wait to reach a wider audience? Give Easy Language Translate a spin and make your store's language barrier a thing of the past! You'll thank me for this, hoot hoot!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you translate effectively?
Effective translation requires understanding the context and nuances of the source language, a solid grasp of the target language, and utilizing quality language translation tools. Using translation apps like Easy Language Translate can enhance accuracy and speed.
How can I be a successful translator?
Being a successful translator means mastering not just two languages, but also understanding the cultures behind them. A good translation app, staying updated in your field, diligence, resourcefulness, and professionalism are key
Why are translation skills important?
Translation skills are vital as they enable effective communication across different languages and cultures. They can help Shopify merchants expand to non-English speaking markets, enhancing their global reach.
What are the strategies that you can use for improving your interpreting or translating practice?
Improving translation practice can involve enhancing language skills, continual learning in your specialized translation field, and using technology like translation apps. Consistently reviewing and reflecting on your work is crucial to continuous improvement.

Shopify App Comparison: Easy Language Translate vs Hextom: Translate & Currency - which is better?

When comparing the Easy Language Translate app and the Hextom: Translate & Currency app, we observe that both apps offer similar capabilities of translating content into multiple languages to attract a global customer base. However, the Hextom app has a broader range of language options, allowing for translation into 130+ languages compared to the Easy Language Translate app's 100+ languages. This wider language range gives the Hextom app an advantage in reaching a more diverse audience and expanding customer reach.

Additionally, the Hextom app goes beyond just translating words by offering the ability to translate images and alt-text, providing a more comprehensive localized shopping experience. It also seamlessly integrates with over 200 third-party apps and 230+ themes, making it a versatile tool that can adapt to any existing ecosystem. This integration capability sets it apart from the Easy Language Translate app, offering a more seamless and convenient experience for store owners. Therefore, we recommend the Hextom: Translate & Currency app for its wider language options, comprehensive translation features, and seamless integration capabilities.

Easy Language Translate Shopify AppEasy Language Translate
Hextom: Translate & Currency Shopify AppHextom: Translate & Currency
Average Rating 4 out of 5 4.8 out of 5
Number of Reviews 13 2059
Estimated Installs 95 12493
Min Price $5.49 $0.00
Max Price $5.49 $49.99
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