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Diversify your consumer base and unlock fresh avenues of growth with an exceptional sales channel app, designed to conveniently integrate with your Shopify dashboard. Propel your venture into global territories without the worry of inventory management - a task which now gets automatically synchronized with Shopify.

No longer fret over international shipping costs. Benefit from discounted rates that ensure your products reach across borders with ease. From top fashion labels to varied retailers, broaden the scope of your brand's visibility and establish a foothold on undiscovered markets.

In addition to expanding your consumer outreach, this app further simplifies the e-commerce process by providing a real-time online order tracking system. With seamless fulfillment services spanning the globe, orders are processed and dispatched in a timely and efficient manner.

This optimized app is your passport to international markets. It empowers you to enlarge your business sphere while granting a hassle-free inventory and order management system. Embrace the opportunity for global growth with this intuitive and efficient app.


Full integration of products inventory, orders, shipping, and tracking
Receive special discounts in shipping and product fulfillment
Promote your products to millions of customers globally
Access discounted international shipping rates to reach customers worldwide
Simplify e-commerce with real-time order tracking and efficient global order fulfillment.


Expand your consumer base globally with streamlined inventory management that synchronizes seamlessly with your Shopify dashboard
Access discounted international shipping rates to effortlessly reach customers worldwide and increase your brand's visibility
Simplify your e-commerce process with real-time order tracking and efficient global order fulfillment services

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envia, google marketing, payment processor


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Owlfred Review

If you're seeking to expand your ecommerce horizons, Ecart Marketplace just might be the app for you! This back-end app provides a marketplace for approved ecommerce stores to showcase and sell their products, tapping into a new audience and a wider reach. The key benefits include discounted international shipping for Sellers, reaching new customers, featuring alongside top fashion brands, and more. It doesn't stop thereβ€”Ecart has functionalities such as automatic inventory synchronization, online order tracking, and fulfillment services across the globe. As an added bonus, the app seamlessly integrates with Envia, Google Marketing, and various payment processors. Some users might find the elusive number of installs and the lowish average rating of 2.9/5 wonky, but remember, this is a largely backend app and the market is still setting the pace. To round this up, maintaining everything from your Shopify Dashboard has been made as simple as ABC! Do note that it's free to install but there might be additional charges depending on the services used. Get ready to promote your fantastic products to millions of customers with the Ecart Marketplace!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can Ecart Marketplace help in boosting my Shopify sales?
Ecart Marketplace connects your Shopify store to various online marketplaces. This can increase your product's visibility leading to potentially more sales.
Can Ecart Marketplace list my Shopify products on multiple online marketplaces?
Yes Ecart Marketplace is designed to sync your Shopify store and broadcast your products on multiple online platforms.
What makes Ecart Marketplace a good choice for marketing Shopify products?
Ecart Marketplace provides seamless integration of your Shopify store with popular online marketplaces. This makes it easier to market your products to a wider audience.
Are online marketplaces beneficial for Shopify stores?
Online marketplaces can be an efficient channel for Shopify store owners. They increase product exposure and can draw in customers from various sources.

Shopify App Comparison: Ecart Marketplace vs AutoFeed: Shopping Data Feeds - which is better?

We have evaluated two apps that offer unique features and benefits for different aspects of e-commerce. The Ecart Marketplace app focuses on expanding your consumer base globally by seamlessly integrating with your Shopify dashboard. It offers full integration of products inventory, orders, shipping, and tracking, making inventory management and order fulfillment hassle-free. Additionally, the app provides access to discounted international shipping rates, allowing you to effortlessly reach customers worldwide and increase your brand's visibility. With its real-time order tracking system, you can simplify the e-commerce process and ensure timely and efficient order processing and dispatch.

On the other hand, the AutoFeed: Shopping Data Feeds app specializes in optimizing product feed creation for Google Shopping, Bing, and Meta platforms. It enables you to increase visibility and reach by customizing product titles with automated rules. The app also helps improve marketplace performance by identifying products lacking crucial attributes such as Google category or barcode/GTIN through its extensive error logging system. Moreover, it allows you to tailor shopping experiences to diverse consumer needs, giving you a competitive edge in the crowded online market space. With multi-language and multi-currency settings, the app offers a truly global reach.

Overall, both apps provide valuable functionalities, but their focuses and capabilities differ. If you are looking to expand your consumer base globally and simplify inventory management and order fulfillment, we recommend the Ecart Marketplace app. However, if you want to optimize product feed creation and improve marketplace performance by customizing product titles and quickly identifying errors, we suggest using the AutoFeed: Shopping Data Feeds app. Depending on your specific needs and goals, either of these apps can greatly enhance your e-commerce operations.

Ecart Marketplace Shopify AppEcart Marketplace
AutoFeed: Shopping Data Feeds Shopify AppAutoFeed: Shopping Data Feeds
Average Rating 2.9 out of 5 5 out of 5
Number of Reviews 2 2
Estimated Installs 0 0
Min Price $0.00 $4.95
Max Price $0.00 $25.95
Works With envia, google marketing, payment processor
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