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Offset emissions & drive retention with Ecodrive: plant trees with customer orders. 🌳

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Ecodrive is a fantastic app that allows customers to plant trees with their orders, helping offset emissions and driving retention for your brand. 🌳

This is a great Shopify app that will help you grow your Shopify store faster!

Last Updated:
July 12, 2024

Plant Trees with Every Order and Drive Customer Loyalty

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Revolutionize your customer's shopping journey with a meaningful and sustainable impact through the power of real tree planting. Catering to an ever-increasing number of eco-conscious consumers, this invaluable tool captures a larger audience, contributing to an increase in conversions and overall customer lifetime value.

More than just an add-to-cart feature, this app empowers you to simultaneously enhance customer loyalty and participate in Earth's protection. Layering an inviting feeling of environmental responsibility onto the shopping experience, customers are no longer just purchasing - they are planting the seeds for a greener future with every transaction.

Dive into the green movement one tree at a time, and strengthen the bond between your brand and its customers by standing together for a cause that points beyond profits. Join the ranks of businesses who understand that robust customer relationships are built on shared values and committed actions.

Discover a riveting new way to integrate sustainability into your e-commerce strategy, and watch as your brand grows - just like the trees your customers plant.


All trees are verified using technology that tracks timestamps and geo-coordinates
Unlock a new segment of sustainable shoppers and provide them with a unique experience
Identify and target your eco-conscious customers for tailored marketing strategies
Drive conversions, improve retention, and foster loyalty through sustainable practices
Collaborate with the app to demonstrate shared values of sustainability and environmental responsibility.


Increase customer loyalty and lifetime value by allowing them to actively participate in real tree planting with every purchase
Gain a competitive edge by appealing to the growing demographic of eco-conscious consumers, leading to higher conversions and overall customer retention
Strengthen brand-customer relationships by showcasing shared values of sustainability and environmental responsibility

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Owlfred Review

Ecodrive: Plant Verified Trees is a phenomenal app for eco-minded Shopify merchants and customers alike. With its superb rating of 5 out of 5 from 14 reviews, it's clear that the users find the app to be an exceptional tool for contributing to the environment. This sustainability-centric app enables shoppers to plant trees with each of their orders, significantly contributing to offsetting emissions. Not only does this do wonders for Mother Earth, but it also enhances customer retention – what’s not to love about that! The app further capitalizes on the growing trend of consumers yearning to support brands that make strides towards protecting the planet. The progressive feature of verifying all tree plantings with tech that tracks timestamps and geo-coordinates gives additional credibility, attracting those sustainability-driven customers. Gathering data about your eco-conscious customers boosts your marketing efforts, enhancing customer experience and loyalty. Even though it's not visible on the Shopify app store install count (it's a backend app), Ecodrive's high average rating indicates a favorable response from existing users. With no extra pricing to worry about, this app is a free and green thumbs-up for merchants intending to make a difference.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Ecodrive: Plant Verified Trees?
Ecodrive: Plant Verified Trees is a Shopify app that falls under the donations category. It lets merchants integrate tree planting charities into their stores and lets customers donate to plant trees as part of their purchases.
How does the Ecodrive: Plant Verified Trees app benefit my store?
Integrating Ecodrive: Plant Verified Trees into your Shopify store adds a philanthropic aspect to your business. By allowing your customers to donate towards tree planting charities, you not only contribute towards environmental conservation, but also build goodwill and trust with your customer base.
Are there specific tree planting charities associated with Ecodrive: Plant Verified Trees?
Yes Ecodrive: Plant Verified Trees works with designated tree planting charities. However, specific charities are not listed which signifies a broad network of partnerships. For detailed information, merchants are advised to contact the app developers.
Why should I motivate my customers to plant trees?
Encouraging your customers to plant trees through their purchases serves multiple purposes. It shrouds their shopping experience with a sense of purpose and accomplishment, fosters environmental awareness, and contributes to global environmental conservation efforts.

Shopify App Comparison: Ecodrive: Plant Verified Trees vs CarbonClick - which is better?

We've reviewed both the Ecodrive: Plant Verified Trees app and the CarbonClick app, and we must say, both are excellent options for ecommerce stores looking to integrate sustainability into their business strategies. But there are some key differences that set them apart.

Ecodrive empowers customers to actively participate in tree planting with every purchase, enhancing customer loyalty and fostering a bond between the brand and its customers. The app uses technology to ensure that all trees are verified, providing customers with a unique experience. Additionally, Ecodrive helps ecommerce stores identify and target their eco-conscious customers for tailored marketing strategies. The ability to drive conversions, improve retention, and showcase shared values of sustainability make Ecodrive a standout option.

On the other hand, CarbonClick focuses on enabling customers to offset their carbon footprint with a simple click during the checkout process. This feature not only helps customers make a positive impact on the environment but also boosts customer loyalty and potentially increases repurchase rates. CarbonClick allows ecommerce stores to differentiate themselves by offering customers an opportunity to create tangible positive change with each transaction. The app also provides seamless installation and enables sustainable shipping practices.

Both apps offer unique capabilities and benefits, and we highly recommend considering either Ecodrive or CarbonClick based on your specific needs and target audience. They are powerful tools that can help your ecommerce store stand out in the increasingly important realm of sustainability.

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