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Capture customer data with customizable popups for email & SMS marketing integration.

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EcomSend is a fantastic app to help you grow your email and SMS marketing list with fun pop-ups and spin wheel games, making it easier to boost your sales effortlessly!

This is a great Shopify app that will help you grow your Shopify store faster!

Last Updated:
July 12, 2024

Boost Sales and Grow Your Email & SMS Marketing List with EcomSend Pop-ups!

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Driving customer engagement and converting leads is now a seamless process through the use of expertly crafted pop-ups offering alluring discounts. The EcomSend application is purpose-built to supercharge your email and SMS marketing list, as well as skilfully capturing exit-intent visitors.

The app's comprehensive features allow you to retain potential customers effortlessly, while also keeping your brand aesthetics intact with fully customizable display options. The amplification of your marketing platform is further bolstered as new subscribers are automatically synced into your Shopify account, enabling seamless integration with other marketing apps on the platform.

Technical proficiency is not a prerequisite: the app provides a straight-forward setup that's operational immediately without requiring any coding. With reliable customer support available around the clock through online chat or email, any assistance is within your reach, anytime. This application enables you to transform your e-commerce initiatives into successful customer conversions and retention campaigns.


Sync new subscribers automatically to your Shopify account for seamless integration with other marketing apps.
Effortlessly capture exit-intent visitors with expertly crafted pop-ups offering enticing discounts.
Customize pop-ups to match your brand aesthetic using an easy-to-use editor.
Boost customer engagement and conversions with exit-intent and spin-the-wheel popup games.
No technical expertise needed - get up and running immediately with simple setup, no coding required.


Increase conversions by easily creating fully customizable pop-up discounts tailored to your brand
Grow your email and SMS marketing list effortlessly with opt-in pop-ups or email sign-up forms
Retain potential customers using exit-intent or spin the wheel popup games

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511 review in the last 30 days.

511 reviews in the last 30 days.

1678 review in the last 90 days.

1678 reviews in the last 90 days.

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1488 install in the last 30 days.

1488 installs in the last 30 days.

5042 install in the last 30 days.

5042 installs in the last 30 days.

Owlfred Review

EcomSend Pop Ups seems like a fantastic app for Shopify merchants aiming to grow their email and SMS marketing lists. With a high average rating of 5 from 6626 reviews and over 25,000 installs, it offers customizable popups, exit intent features, and effortless integration with Shopify apps. This user-friendly tool can help boost sales and customer engagement without requiring any coding. If you're looking to enhance your email marketing strategy, give EcomSend a hoot!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I improve my sales email?
To improve your sales emails, focus on personalization by using your customer's name, Express the benefits of the product or service rather than its features, Create a compelling subject line to increase open rates, and always include a clear call to action.
How does email marketing boost sales?
Email marketing boosts sales by enabling consistent communication with customers and potential customers, This regular communication can promote sales by providing targeted offers and updates about products or services.
How do I turn my email into sales?
To convert emails into sales, target your audience with personalized emails, develop a clear and attractive call to action, and follow up with customers to improve conversion rates.
What are the best ways to grow my email list?
The best ways to grow your email list include offering an incentive for signing up, displaying a pop-up on your website, leveraging social media to reach more people, and making it simple for visitors to subscribe.

Shopify App Comparison: EcomSend Pop Ups, Email Popups vs Omnisend Email Marketing & SMS - which is better?

When comparing EcomSend Pop Ups and Omnisend Email Marketing & SMS, we can see that both apps offer powerful features to enhance your ecommerce marketing efforts. However, they differ in certain capabilities.

EcomSend Pop Ups provides a comprehensive set of features that allow you to effortlessly grow your email and SMS marketing list. With fully customizable pop-ups, you can easily create discounts tailored to your brand and capture potential customers. The app also offers exit-intent and spin-the-wheel pop-up games to retain customers. Additionally, EcomSend seamlessly integrates with other email marketing apps, further amplifying your marketing platform. With its user-friendly setup and reliable customer support, you can transform your e-commerce initiatives into successful customer conversions and retention campaigns.

On the other hand, Omnisend Email Marketing & SMS focuses on delivering superb shopping experiences for your customers. It offers a range of enticing landing pages and pop-ups to build your email list effortlessly. The app also provides ready-made email marketing templates and personalized communication options to resonate with your audience's preferences. With features like abandoned cart handling and warm welcome workflows, Omnisend proactively addresses critical e-commerce challenges. Additionally, the app comes with attentive 24/7 support, ensuring you receive unwavering assistance in maximizing the utility of the app.

In conclusion, while both apps offer valuable capabilities for ecommerce marketing, your choice depends on your specific needs. If you prioritize customizable pop-ups and seamless integration, we recommend EcomSend Pop Ups. However, if you want to focus on delivering superb shopping experiences and enjoy personalized communication options, we recommend Omnisend Email Marketing & SMS.

EcomSend Pop Ups, Email Popups Shopify AppEcomSend Pop Ups, Email Popups
Omnisend Email Marketing & SMS Shopify AppOmnisend Email Marketing & SMS
Average Rating 5 out of 5 4.7 out of 5
Number of Reviews 8368 5757
Estimated Installs 30752 58443
Min Price $0.00 $0.00
Max Price $0.00 $59.00
Works With Shopify Flow
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