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Keep track of your store and take action with daily, weekly, or monthly email reports.

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For keeping an eye on your store through email, Ablestar Email Reports is a handy tool that provides daily, weekly, or monthly sales insights right in your inbox.

This is a great Shopify app that will help you grow your Shopify store faster!

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July 12, 2024

Get Daily Sales Reports in Your Inbox

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Optimize your email workflow with the smartness of well-structured reports. This clever tool understands the challenges of manual email sorting and introduces a streamlined and organized approach. Experience full visibility of essential data with in-depth insights into sales, customers, and orders, compared across different time periods. Act fast and effectively as it flags up data anomalies or potential issues, even projects sales trends,

Inventory management is made effortless, as it keeps you updated on top-selling products and remaining stock. Make informed decisions about merchandising strategies, stock replenishment, and sales planning. For those running multiple Shopify stores, this is a cut above the rest. The Professional Plan offers the option to aggregate sales data across all your stores, offering a comprehensive landscape of your e-commerce business. All these perks help maximize productivity, reduce the burden of manual tasks, and let you focus on what really matters - growing your business. Embrace this new level of efficiency and watch your business thrive.


Receive automated daily, weekly, and monthly email sales reports directly to your inbox
Easily identify your store's top-selling products and monitor inventory levels
Aggregate sales data from multiple Shopify stores on the Professional Plan
White-label reports with your brand or agency's logo and color
Streamline operations by accessing actionable insights for better business performance


Save time by receiving daily, weekly, and monthly email sales reports directly in your inbox
Gain valuable insights into top-selling products and manage inventory levels more effectively
Increase efficiency by aggregating sales data from multiple Shopify stores for a comprehensive view of business performance

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Owlfred Review

Perched high above the sky, I, Owlfred, swoop down to deliver my insights about the Ablestar Email Reports Shopify app. Zooming in on a 'backend-only' app, we're talking about an invaluable all-in-one tool that delivers daily, weekly, or monthly sales reports straight to your inbox. You'll easily keep abreast of top-selling products, inventory levels, and salient customer data. Keeping your retail cogs well-oiled, this app does a superb job at consolidating valuable insights and presenting them to you without having to sift through mounds of individual email notifications. If you've built an empire of Shopify stores, don't fret! Their professional plan can characterize your multi-store sales data under one roof for added convenience. Even better, you can white-label these reports to reflect your brand or agency's logo and color for a professional touch. The cherry on top? They offer a free plan alongside their paid options. Sporting a dazzling array of 7 reviews with a perfect average rating of 5, Ablestar Email Reports surely deserves a spot in your arsenal of sales analytics tools.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Ablestar Email Reports?
Ablestar Email Reports is a sales analytics app that seamlessly integrates with Shopify to provide detailed sales reports directly to your inbox
How can Ablestar Email Reports improve my Shopify reporting?
With Ablestar, instead of manually checking your Shopify for sales updates, you get automated daily, weekly or monthly reports via email. This frees up your time and makes sure you're always up-to-date with your store's performance
What kind of details does Ablestar Email Reports provide?
Ablestar provides a comprehensive sales report covering a wide range of details like total sales, individual product performance, return rates and much more
Does Ablestar Email Reports work with other eCommerce platforms?
No Ablestar Email Reports is specifically designed for Shopify and integrates directly with Shopify's backend to compile and deliver its detailed sales reports.

Shopify App Comparison: Ablestar Email Reports vs Report Pundit - which is better?

When comparing the Ablestar Email Reports app and the Report Pundit app, it is clear that both offer powerful reporting capabilities for Shopify store owners. Ablestar Email Reports focuses on simplifying store management by transforming email notifications into concise, insightful reports. It provides a comprehensive view of vital store data, including sales, customer, and order information, allowing for easy comparison with previous periods. This app also offers the advanced feature of aggregating sales data from multiple Shopify stores for a holistic view of business performance, giving users a competitive edge. With its emphasis on accessibility, precision, and actionable intelligence, Ablestar Email Reports is a valuable tool for saving time, gaining valuable insights, and increasing efficiency.

On the other hand, the Report Pundit app offers a flexible and comprehensive platform for generating custom-tailored reports that align with unique business needs. It provides a wide variety of pre-designed reports and also allows users to construct cohort tables, visual charts, and dashboards to succinctly present key business metrics. This inclusive reporting tool covers all crucial aspects of an e-commerce venture, including sales, products, inventory, taxes, orders, payouts, and customer data. Report Pundit also offers the ability to connect to third-party apps for comprehensive insights and allows for effortless exporting of reports in various file formats. With its focus on strategic data-driven decisions and ease of data analysis, Report Pundit is a valuable tool for saving time, enabling strategic decision-making, and facilitating data sharing and collaboration.

Ablestar Email Reports Shopify AppAblestar Email Reports
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