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Generate unlimited unique discount codes and export them effortlessly with Entafix: Bulk Discount Code.

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Entafix: Bulk Discount Code is a must-have app for generating and exporting discount codes with ease, saving you time and preventing misuse of leaked codes!

This is a great Shopify app that will help you grow your Shopify store faster!

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July 12, 2024

Generate Exclusive Discount Codes & Export in a Click

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Retain the element of exclusivity in your marketing strategies while securing your brand from potential discount code misuse leveraging a powerful bulk discount code generator. With an effortless and intuitive tool, Shopify store owners can execute mass production of unique discount codes in mere moments, simplifying coupon marketing dynamics yet preserving their advantages.

This exceptionally versatile software may take your customized codes or spawn limitless sequences of unique discount representations. Ready for use in several promotional strategies, these discount codes can then be exported directly from the software, making it a stellar tool to save time and energy while maintaining the business's financial integrity.

Automate and revolutionize your discount code distribution process, optimizing your customer rewards program, and enhancing your overall marketing efficiency. With this bulk code production tool, alleviate your digital marketing woes and focus more on growing your business in the thriving Shopify marketplace.


Generate unlimited unique discount codes effortlessly for simplified coupon marketing dynamics and brand exclusivity
Export discount codes directly from the app in CSV or XLSX formats to save time and enhance promotional strategies
Customize and view sample codes easily to tailor your discount campaigns
Automatic detection eliminates unnecessary characters for streamlined code creation
Add and export new codes to created discount sets for seamless distribution.


Generate mass unique discount codes effortlessly to simplify coupon marketing dynamics and preserve exclusivity
Save time and energy by exporting discount codes directly from the app to use in various promotional strategies
Automate and optimize your discount code distribution process to enhance your overall marketing efficiency and customer rewards program

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Owlfred Review

As your friendly, in-the-know owl, let me introduce the gem that is Entafix: Bulk Discount Code. That sneaky problem of discount codes leaking and being misused? Poof! Obliterated. With just a few clicks, you can generate stacks of unique discount codes, curbing misuse and offering your customers a fancy level of exclusivity. Its customization capability is a real winner, allowing you to add personal flavor to your codes and even view sample codes. But this clever little app understands the balance between creativity and practicality. With its automatic detection feature, it smartly omits any unnecessary characters or words from your discount codes. Entafix also thinks about your needs after code generation too, allowing you to effortlessly export your codes as CSV or XLSX directly. And best of all? Their plans start at a delightful $0! Though it may not have registered installs yet, don't overlook this hidden gem: its single review gives it a perfect five stars! For store owners looking to add a touch of charm to their discounts, Entafix: Bulk Discount Code might just be the perfect creative partner!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I use Entafix: Bulk Discount Code to generate promo codes?
The Entafix: Bulk Discount Code app allows you to generate multiple promo codes in one go. You simply have to specify certain parameters such as discount amount or percentage, the product or whole store for discount, and the validity period.
Does the app Entafix create unique discount codes for Shopify store?
Yes the Entafix: Bulk Discount Code app has been designed to generate unique discount codes for your Shopify store. Each code created by the app is unique and cannot be replicated.
How do I know if the discount codes generated via Entafix app are valid?
The validity of discount codes generated with Entafix: Bulk Discount Code depends on the parameters set while creating them. The app generates only valid codes according to the specific requirements set by the Shopify store owner.
How can I bulk create coupons using Entafix: Bulk Discount Code?
With Entafix: Bulk Discount Code, you can bulk create coupons easily by setting the desired parameters. The app simplifies the process of creating multiple discount codes by allowing you to specify the discount criteria, and it generates a set of unique codes based on those inputs.

Shopify App Comparison: Entafix: Bulk Discount Code vs Bulk Discount Code Bot - which is better?

When comparing Entafix: Bulk Discount Code App and Bulk Discount Code Bot App, both apps offer the capability to generate unlimited unique discount codes effortlessly. However, Entafix stands out for its ability to create limitless sequences of unique discount representations, providing greater flexibility for promotional strategies. On the other hand, Bulk Discount Code Bot allows users to input their specific codes, offering ample versatility to match unique promotional strategies.

In terms of user-friendliness, Entafix allows users to easily customize and view sample codes, tailoring discount campaigns to their needs. Additionally, users can export discount codes directly from the app in CSV or XLSX formats, saving them valuable time and enhancing promotional strategies. In contrast, Bulk Discount Code Bot stands out for its high-level automation, leveraging programmed bots to generate discount codes efficiently. This feature makes it a time-saving tool for Shopify merchants, freeing them from the tedious work of discount code generation.

Overall, both apps offer valuable features and benefits for Shopify store owners. Depending on your specific needs, we recommend Entafix: Bulk Discount Code App for its versatility and customization options, or Bulk Discount Code Bot App for its high-level automation and time-saving capabilities.

Entafix: Bulk Discount Code Shopify AppEntafix: Bulk Discount Code
Bulk Discount Code Bot Shopify AppBulk Discount Code Bot
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Number of Reviews 7 367
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