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Convert Your Store into a Mobile App and Boost Revenue

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Transform the online shopping experience for your customers with a seamless, fully functional mobile application. The eStore2App Mobile App Builder equips merchants with the key to unlock the mobile market and reach customers directly on their Android and iOS devices, all while mirroring the functionalities of your Shopify website.

The interface of your mobile app will present brand consistency and facilitate a user-friendly shopping experience, fueling customer engagement and potentially boosting revenue. As an economical and time-effective solution, the app builder eliminates the need for excessive expenditures and extensive timelines, making the transition from web to mobile smooth and swift.

A plethora of features augments the shopping experience for your customers, thereby fostering customer loyalty and opening up new avenues for revenue. Amidst a busy digital marketplace, stand out from the crowd and cater to your customers' needs with a tailored mobile shopping platform using the eStore2App Mobile App Builder.


Build your store's Android & iOS mobile app quickly with the eStore2App Mobile App Builder
Increase customer engagement and boost revenue with mobile commerce eStore2App
Save time and money by using the eStore2App solution
Ensure secure transactions with no middleware involvement
Easily create your mobile app without any coding through Drag & Drop functionality.


Create a seamless mobile shopping experience for customers, potentially boosting revenue while maintaining brand consistency and user-friendly interface
Save on development costs and time by quickly transitioning your Shopify store to a mobile app with no need for extensive expenditures or long timelines
Stand out in the digital marketplace and foster customer loyalty by offering a tailored mobile shopping platform with numerous features to drive revenue

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Owlfred Review

Hoot, hoot! The eStore2App Mobile App Builder, brought to you by Dhanashree Inc., is an absolute catch for Shopify merchants looking to bridge the gap between the web and mobile storefronts. With an impressive 5 stars averaged over 26 reviews, it's clear that users appreciate this tool's strength in bringing your e-commerce business to your customer's Android & iOS devices. The magic of this app lies in its ease of use; with a drag-and-drop feature and no need for coding expertise, you'll have your very own mobile app in the blink of an owl's eye. Worried about the cost? Don't be! The eStore2App solution is designed to save you both time and money while helping to increase customer engagement and revenue. This app focuses on lowering development costs and ensuring a secure platform for your app, devoid of any dodgy middleware - which is always a hoot! This mobile app builder comes with a budget-friendly range of plans starting from $25/month. Additionally, don't forget about the 30-day free trial to take it for a spin. So, merchants take note, if you're looking to create an engaging mobile app with ease, then eStore2App Mobile App Builder is definitely worth checking out.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does having a mobile app increase revenue?
Having a mobile app can indeed increase revenue. It allows businesses to reach more customers, increases customer engagement and retention, and unlocks additional revenue streams through in-app purchases and advertising.
Is it profitable to make mobile apps?
Developing a mobile app can be profitable depending on several factors such as the monetization model used, the app's quality, and the market demand for the app. However, it's important to consider the costs associated with app development and maintenance.
Is it worth it to build a mobile app for your business?
Building a mobile app can provide several benefits for businesses. It can improve customer engagement, provide valuable data insights, and even create a new revenue stream. However, the decision should be based on careful consideration of the business's specific needs and resources.
How do mobile apps generate revenue?
Mobile apps generate revenue through several means such as in-app purchases, advertising, subscriptions, and in some cases, selling the app in the app store itself. The right model depends on the nature of the app, its user base, and the business's overall strategy.

Shopify App Comparison: eStore2App Mobile App Builder vs Shop2App ‑ Custom Mobile Apps - which is better?

We have reviewed two mobile app builder apps, eStore2App Mobile App Builder and Shop2App - Custom Mobile Apps, that both offer seamless and customizable solutions for creating mobile shopping platforms. While both apps have similar features such as the ability to build Android and iOS mobile apps without coding and the option to launch on app stores, there are some notable differences that set them apart.

eStore2App Mobile App Builder emphasizes on providing a user-friendly interface and maintaining brand consistency, which can help foster customer loyalty and potentially boost revenue. The app also highlights its ability to ensure secure transactions without middleware involvement, offering peace of mind to merchants. Additionally, eStore2App prides itself on being an economical and time-effective solution, eliminating the need for excessive expenditures and extensive timelines. With its drag and drop functionality, merchants can quickly create a mobile app without any coding.

On the other hand, Shop2App - Custom Mobile Apps emphasizes on offering a highly customizable and adaptable platform, empowering merchants to tailor their app to match their vision and needs. The app stands out by providing compatibility with third-party CRMs, allowing for effective management of brand communications. Shop2App also offers dedicated support and hassle-free migration assistance, making it easy for merchants to transition from other app builders. With the goal of reaching more customers and unlocking new potentials, Shop2App offers a comprehensive solution for solidifying a brand's presence in the competitive mobile marketplace.

Both eStore2App and Shop2App have their unique strengths and can be recommended based on individual merchant preferences. If brand consistency, a user-friendly interface, and cost-effectiveness are top priorities, eStore2App Mobile App Builder is an excellent choice. For merchants seeking a highly customizable platform with third-party CRM compatibility and dedicated support, Shop2App - Custom Mobile Apps provides a comprehensive solution. Ultimately, the decision depends on the specific needs and goals of the merchant.

eStore2App Mobile App Builder Shopify AppeStore2App Mobile App Builder
Shop2App ‑ Custom Mobile Apps Shopify AppShop2App ‑ Custom Mobile Apps
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