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Create automatic discounts based on various conditions with advanced features for your Shopify store.

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Every Possible Discount is a must-have app for creating advanced automatic discounts that seamlessly apply on the Cart and Checkout Page without any coding required!

This is a great Shopify app that will help you grow your Shopify store faster!

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July 12, 2024

Create Advanced Automatic Discounts for Your Shopify Store

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Maximize your Shopify store's profitability with a sophisticated discount automation tool. With Every Possible Discount, harness the potential of Shopify Functions to design and implement automatic discounts tailored to fit a broad array of parameters, including product type, vendor, and price. Give your customers the shopping experience they crave without sacrificing your bottom line.

Imagine a world where conditional discounts, Buy X Get Y and BOGO offers are not just strategies you read about, but tools you use daily. Set specific conditions based on the product details you choose, liberating you from the constant micromanagement of discounts, and focusing your attention on growing your business. This tool is ideal for store owners who want a hands-on approach to discounts, without the hands-on hassle.

Unlock discounts you thought were impossible and offer incredible deals that feel uniquely catered to each customer's wants. From tiered discounts to loaded offers, this tool hands the power back to you, the merchant. Make a unique impression on your customers and watch your profit margins grow with comprehensively planned and automated discount strategies.


Automate complex discount strategies with advanced automatic discounts tailored to your needs
Apply discounts seamlessly on Cart and Checkout pages without any coding requirements
Utilize a variety of discount types such as Buy X Get Y, Buy X for $Y, and BOGO offers effortlessly
Set discount conditions based on Customer Total Spent, number of Orders, Product Type, Vendor, and Price
Personalize discounts to cater to your customers' preferences and boost profit margins


Create personalized discounts based on specific conditions to tailor promotions to your target audience
Automatically apply discounts on the cart and checkout pages without the need for coding or theme setup
Increase customer loyalty and build a community around your brand by offering conditional discounts

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Owlfred Review

"Every Possible Discount" is a nifty maximizer tool for any Shopify vendor, making it a cinch to create intricate automatic discounts for your store's cart and checkout page. While this app seemingly hasn't been tracked for installs, its 7 rave reviews, boasting a perfect 5-star rating, surely testify to its efficacy. Leveraging Shopify Functions, it allows you to craft a multitude of discount types: think Buy X Get Y, Buy X for $Y, and BOGO Deals, just to name a few. Not only can you tailor these discounts based on product type, vendor, or price, but also by customer's total expenditure and order numbers - now that's getting advanced! And the cherry on top? There's zero coding or theme setup needed to get it up and running. Did I mention this all happens automatically? No more worrying about manually entering any discount codes. In conclusion, I definitely recommend the "Every Possible Discount" app, especially at a bargain price of just $19/month, plus a 7-day free trial to boot. Happy discounting, Shopify shopkeepers!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I set up an automatic discount on Shopify?
Setting up an automatic discount on Shopify is a straight-forward process. You need to go to the Discounts page in your Shopify admin, click Automatic discounts, then click Create discount. Follow the on-screen prompts to configure your discount parameters, such as minimum purchase requirements or specific product applicability and voila! The discount is set up for you.
Can you run multiple automatic discounts on Shopify?
Unfortunately, Shopify does not currently support the ability to run multiple automatic discounts at the same time. However, you can use apps such as 'Every Possible Discount' that allow for dynamic, tiered, and multiple discounts to enhance your promotional capabilities.
Can you do tiered discounts on Shopify?
Although Shopify's default settings don't allow for tiered discounts, the 'Every Possible Discount' app solves this problem. The app enables merchants to set up tiered discounts, where better offers are unlocked based on order value, quantity, or customer-specific criteria.
How do I add a discount to multiple items on Shopify?
Adding a discount to multiple items on Shopify can be done by creating a discount code then selecting the specific items or entire collections you want the discount to apply to. However, 'Every Possible Discount' can simplify and streamline this process, giving you enhanced flexibility when setting discounts for multiple items.

Shopify App Comparison: Every Possible Discount vs Dr. Discount On Cart - which is better?

We have evaluated both the Every Possible Discount App and the Allโ€‘inโ€‘One Discount On Cart app to identify their capabilities, features, and benefits. Both apps offer a range of functionalities to enhance your discount strategy and boost your online sales. However, there are some key differences between the two.

The Every Possible Discount App stands out for its intuitive tool engineered specifically for Shopify's latest feature, Shopify Functions. Its diverse assortment of discount types, including Buy X Get Y and Tiered Discounts, allows for brilliant customization based on your target audience and seasonal purchasing trends. With its automated discount creations, you can easily create personalized discounts based on specific conditions without the need for coding or theme setup. This app focuses on increasing customer loyalty and building a community around your brand, making it an essential tool for any online business.

On the other hand, the Allโ€‘inโ€‘One Discount On Cart app offers a one-stop solution for all your discount code requirements. Its upgraded cart summary tool enables customers to apply discount codes right in the cart, providing immediate visibility on savings and motivating them to complete their purchase. The app's advanced functionality allows customers to combine multiple coupons through its innovative discount stacking feature, boosting buyer control and increasing the chances of bigger orders. Additionally, it provides excellent support for setting up shipping estimations to drive free shipping tiers. With its user-friendly interface and vivid POPUP widget for promoting cart discounts, this app ensures a rewarding shopping experience for customers while enhancing your business performance.

Overall, both apps have their unique strengths and can greatly benefit your online store. However, based on their different capabilities and features, we would recommend the Every Possible Discount App for its intuitive customization options and focus on building customer loyalty. This app will not only increase your sales but also help you cultivate a strong community centered around your brand.

Every Possible Discount Shopify AppEvery Possible Discount
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Average Rating 5 out of 5 4.9 out of 5
Number of Reviews 13 251
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Max Price $19.00 $19.98
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