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A loyalty program with referral, gamification, points, and badges to increase retention.

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Evolve is a fun and customizable loyalty program that uses gamification to increase customer retention and engagement.

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July 12, 2024

Increase Retention with Referral, Gamification, Points & Badges

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Experience the power of an uncomplicated yet robust rewards and loyalty solution, thoughtfully crafted to drive customer retention, loyalty, and advocacy. Tailored to your brand's unique needs, this platform allows for rapid deployment and perpetual iteration, alleviating the need for developer assistance.

Armed with a wealth of program analytics, you can effortlessly gauge consumer behaviors, deriving invaluable insights that fuel data-driven decisions. This technology empowers you to cultivate profound customer relationships, fostering a culture of enduring brand fidelity.

With a keen emphasis on simplicity and efficacy, this app ensures your desire for enhancing customer loyalty is not a complex endeavor but an achievable strategy. Dive deeper into customer engagement and retention tactics and transform your recurring customers into vocal advocates for your brand. Leverage the power of data and drive your business forward with this intuitive rewards and loyalty platform.


Customize loyalty and rewards at no additional cost
Engage and retain customers through gamification and customer engagement
Schedule a free consulting call for loyalty program implementation
Easily launch and manage loyalty programs with modular deployment
Gamify the shopping experience with levels to boost customer retention


Increase customer retention and loyalty effortlessly with tailored rewards and loyalty programs
Gain valuable insights into consumer behaviors through program analytics, enabling data-driven decisions for cultivating lasting customer relationships
Easily launch and manage loyalty programs without the need for developer assistance, transforming repeat customers into brand advocates.

About the Vendor

Unotag Pvt Ltd
Delaware, Delaware, DE, 19901, US
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klaviyo, judge.me


$29/month. Free trial available.
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Owlfred Review

Evolve - Rewards and Loyalty by Unotag Pvt Ltd is a fresh approach to gamifying your Shopify customer experience. Although it only has a handful of reviews and one confirmed install, it's well worth hooting about! This app offers a unique combination of loyalty, rewards, and referral systems, turning them into playful, badge-collecting, point-earning experiences. For $29 a month, Evolve presents a modular approach sleekly designed to remove coding hassles from the process of creating and managing your loyalty program. Features like complete customization and analytics go a step further to ensure you understand your customers' behavior. Plus, the generous offer of a free consulting call on loyalty program implementation shows a commitment to customer service. While its early days for Evolve, the potential this app presents is immense. Wise owls and savvy merchants should give this fledgling innovation a chance to prove its worth. Watch this space. Flying high on gamification, rewards, and loyalty could be your brand's next big move!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the role of gamification in customer retention?
Gamification promotes regular interaction prompting customers to stay engaged with your brand over time. It's a way of increasing customer retention.
How can referrals be gamified for businesses?
Referrals can be gamified by offering rewards, points or perks for referring others. It's a tactic businesses use to motivate existing customers to spread the word about their product or service.
Does gamification significantly improve customer engagement?
Indeed, gamification can lead to a marked increase in customer engagement. When interaction with a brand is made fun and rewarding, customers are naturally more likely to engage repeatedly.
How can gamification impact customer acquisition?
Gamification can greatly enhance customer acquisition. When customers are incentivized to share and refer, the subsequent word-of-mouth can lead to an exponential increase in new customer acquisitions.

Shopify App Comparison: Evolve ‑ Rewards and Loyalty vs Polymatiks Intelligent Pricing - which is better?

We believe that both Evolve - Rewards and Loyalty App and Polymatiks Intelligent Pricing App offer unique capabilities and features that can greatly benefit businesses. Evolve allows for rapid deployment and perpetual iteration of loyalty programs, without the need for developer assistance. This makes it easy to enhance customer loyalty and drive brand advocacy. On the other hand, Polymatiks Intelligent Pricing App leverages AI and machine learning to personalize and optimize pricing strategies, with features like Members-Only private sale events and personalized offers. This platform enhances the shopping experience and drives online sales.

While Evolve focuses on cultivating lasting customer relationships through loyalty programs and program analytics, Polymatiks Intelligent Pricing App takes a more data-driven approach to pricing decisions and revenue optimization. Both apps contribute to increasing customer retention and loyalty, but in different ways. If your priority is to enhance customer engagement and retention through loyalty programs, we recommend Evolve. However, if you want to maximize revenue opportunities and personalize the shopping experience through data-driven pricing strategies, we recommend Polymatiks Intelligent Pricing App. Ultimately, the choice depends on the specific objectives and needs of your business.

Evolve ‑ Rewards and Loyalty Shopify AppEvolve ‑ Rewards and Loyalty
Polymatiks Intelligent Pricing Shopify AppPolymatiks Intelligent Pricing
Average Rating 3 out of 5 5 out of 5
Number of Reviews 8 12
Estimated Installs 1 0
Min Price $29.00 $99.00
Max Price $29.00 $499.00
Works With klaviyo, judge.me Instagram, Klaviyo, inveterate, LoyaltyLion, Smile.io
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