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Generate electronic invoices seamlessly from your online and physical store sales with Exchanger E-Tax.

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Exchanger E-Tax te permite emitir facturas electrónicas directamente desde tu tienda de Shopify, ahorrándote tiempo y facilitando la gestión de tus ventas en línea y en tiendas físicas.

This is a great Shopify app that will help you grow your Shopify store faster!

Last Updated:
July 12, 2024

Generate invoices from online and offline sales with Exchanger E-Tax.

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Unlock the full potential of seamless e-invoicing with this user-friendly Shopify extension. Crafted with precision, it allows you to issue electronic invoices right from your Shopify store's interface in a few simple steps. It ingeniously streamlines online and in-store sales, making bookkeeping a breeze.

Notably, building a bridge between digital and physical retail, the app integrates smoothly with Shopify POS. Invoices can be promptly issued, and even printed if required, at the point of sale. This functionality undoubtedly brings an incredible immediacy to your checkout process; establishing convenience at the heart of your operations.

Far beyond an app, it is a revolution in e-commerce taxation. Affording you support and certainty, in an otherwise complex landscape. Truly a practical solution, carefully tailored to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shopify merchants. Enjoy the grandeur of a unified, efficient invoicing experience for all your e-commerce exploits.


Registra sales and invoices directly with your tax agency.
Print fiscal documents and validate tax IDs effortlessly.
Automatically generate invoices to save valuable time.
Issue and print fiscal invoices directly from Shopify POS.
Works with Shopify POS, The Factory HKA, WebPOS, DGI, EBI.


Increase efficiency in invoicing processes by issuing electronic invoices directly from your Shopify store, saving valuable time with automatic invoice generation.
Seamlessly integrate with Shopify POS to print fiscal documents and validate tax IDs at the point of sale, enhancing checkout immediacy and convenience.
Streamline your online and in-store sales while ensuring tax compliance, offering support and certainty in e-commerce taxation for a unified and efficient invoicing experience.

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Works with

Shopify POS , The Factory HKA, WebPOS, DGI, EBI


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Owlfred Review

Exchanger E‑Tax is an under-the-radar gem, with handful reviews that are glowing. It is like a secret weapon for all Shopify merchants who want to manage their fiscal responsibilities without any fuss. It handles both your online and physical store sales, issuing electronic invoices with efficiency and ease. Did you know it flawlessly integrates with Shopify POS and webpos systems? This gives you the power to issue - and even print if needed, your invoices at the point of sale. It feels satisfying to send those sales and invoices directly to your tax agency, right? It also has the feature of printing fiscal documents and validating fiscal IDs, making it a reliable ally in your financial endeavours. And, you will be saving precious time because the app issues the invoices automatically! The best part? It's a free app to install, but keep in mind, some additional charges may apply. I'd say it's brilliant for all store owners who value accuracy, reliability, and simplicity in dealing with their fiscal documentation. Carry on, wise Shopify merchants, and may Exchanger E-Tax carry some of the burden of your hard work.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an e-invoice and how is it different from an e-receipt?
An e-invoice is a digital invoice that is issued, transmitted, and received in a standard electronic format. An e-receipt, on the other hand, is a digital confirmation of a completed transaction. While both serve as records, an e-invoice is used to request payment while an e-receipt confirms that a payment has been made.
How do I issue an e-invoice from URA using the Exchanger E-Tax app?
To issue an e-invoice from URA using the Exchanger E-Tax app, you must first configure the app with your business and URA details. Once set up, you can issue invoices directly via the app which will be compliant with URA standards.
What is an ETAX invoice?
An ETAX invoice is a specific type of e-invoice that complies with specific tax authority regulations for digital invoices. It allows for electronic storing and managing of invoices, and is often preferred because it simplifies accounting processes.
How can the Exchanger E-Tax app help with my invoice and receipt management?
The Exchanger E-Tax app specifically helps with the creation, transmission and storage of e-invoices, making them compliant with tax regulations. It also facilitates the creation of e-receipts confirming transactions. This can make your accounting and tax filing processes more efficient and streamlined.

Shopify App Comparison: Exchanger E‑Tax vs Order Printer - which is better?

We believe that both the Exchanger E‑Tax App and the Order Printer App offer unique capabilities and features that can greatly benefit Shopify merchants. The Exchanger E‑Tax App revolutionizes e-commerce taxation by seamlessly integrating with Shopify POS and allowing users to issue electronic invoices directly from their Shopify store's interface. This not only streamlines the invoicing process but also ensures tax compliance and convenience at the point of sale. With features like automatic invoice generation and the ability to print fiscal documents, this app increases efficiency and provides support and certainty in the complex world of e-commerce taxation. We highly recommend the Exchanger E‑Tax App for merchants looking for a unified and efficient invoicing experience.

On the other hand, the Order Printer App focuses on customizing the order fulfillment process by providing a comprehensive printing solution. With this app, users can easily personalize packing slips, invoices, shipping labels, and receipts to match their brand tone and style. The app offers support for HTML and Liquid template alterations, allowing businesses to create unique and distinctive documents. While basic coding knowledge is required, the app also provides assistance for minor template changes. We recommend the Order Printer App for merchants looking to enhance brand consistency and improve the overall customer experience with customized order documentation.

Exchanger E‑Tax Shopify AppExchanger E‑Tax
Order Printer Shopify AppOrder Printer
Average Rating 5 out of 5 3.1 out of 5
Number of Reviews 2 892
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Works With Shopify POS , The Factory HKA, WebPOS, DGI, EBI Shopify POS
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