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Gather valuable feedback from your customers before they leave your store with an exit intent popup.

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Get valuable feedback from your customers by adding an exit intent popup with Simplify Exit Intent Survey - find out why shoppers are leaving and improve your store!

This is a great Shopify app that will help you grow your Shopify store faster!

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July 15, 2024

Find Out Why Shoppers are Leaving Your Store

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Encourage meaningful shopper interaction at the pivotal point of their exit with a strategically placed intent survey. Catered to your customers whose opinions can make a real difference to your store and its potential earnings, this app paves the way for informed improvements and strategic decisions.

Impeccably customizable, the intent survey blends seamlessly into your store's aesthetic. With an intuitive editor and custom CSS selections, create a survey design that echoes your brand's visual language, encouraging shopper engagement. This adaptability extends to the nature of feedback you can receive, too.

Offer your customers an opportunity to voice their experiences — both positive and negative — through a pre-set list of feedback options or through their own words in the 'Other' section. Leverage this precious information to optimize your store based on genuine, firsthand customer insights. Daily insights become valuable business drivers, ensuring your store continuously evolves to meet the needs of your clientele while boosting potential revenue.


Encourage shopper interaction with an exit intent popup for feedback submission
Collect vital feedback from customers to make informed improvements
Customize the survey design to align with your brand's aesthetic
Offer options for shoppers to choose from or provide open-ended feedback
Utilize customer insights to optimize your store and boost revenue.


Increase shopper engagement and collect valuable feedback at the point of exit
Customize the survey design to seamlessly blend with your store's aesthetic, enhancing brand engagement
Leverage customer insights to continuously optimize your store and drive potential revenue

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Owlfred Review

Hoot hoot! Let’s talk about the Exit Intent Survey, an underrated gem in the world of Shopify apps, brought to you by Robert Mardall. This feedback and surveys tool aims to help you understand why shoppers exit your store without making a purchase through customizable exit intent popups. The app has a perfect average rating of 5, indicating a deep satisfaction among its users, albeit limited in count. The tool collects invaluable feedback from the most essential critics, your customers, allowing you to improve your store's features and appearance based on authentic opinions. It's a joy to navigate with an intuitive editor and custom CSS options to tailor your popup style. A standout feature is the ability to curate a list of exit reasons for users to pick from, such as "The store was confusing", or allowing them to articulate their reasons in their own words. Best of all, keep your feathers smooth knowing this tool is free of charge. I would certainly recommend giving the Exit Intent Survey a whirl if customer feedback is what you seek.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an exit intent survey?
An exit intent survey is a type of online survey that triggers when a visitor on your website shows signs of leaving, such as hovering over the close tab button. It aims to understand why the visitor is leaving, giving valuable feedback to improve user experience.
How does Simplify Exit Intent Survey help me understand why customers leave my store?
Simplify Exit Intent Survey triggers a survey when customers are about to leave your Shopify store. It helps to capture real-time feedback, enabling you to identify issues and take immediate actions to improve your online store satisfaction and shopping experience.
What is reverse showrooming and how can feedback help overcome it?
Reverse showrooming involves customers researching products online before purchasing from a physical store. Feedback from exit intent surveys can help overcome this by identifying and addressing user concerns or issues influencing their decision to leave your online store without making a purchase.
Could my Shopify store close down if I do not understand why my customers are leaving?
Yes it could. If you don't understand the reasons for mass customer exits, you may continue replicating the mistakes causing the issue. This could result in decreasing customer satisfaction levels and sales, potentially leading to business closure. Regularly analyzing feedback from tools such as Simplify Exit Intent Survey can help you identify, understand, and tackle these issues more effectively.

Shopify App Comparison: Simplify Exit Intent Survey vs Whisper Post Purchase Survey - which is better?

The Simplify Exit Intent Survey App and the Whisper Post Purchase Survey App both offer valuable insights into customer behavior and feedback, but they do so at different points in the customer journey. The Simplify app focuses on encouraging meaningful shopper interaction at the pivotal point of exit. With its strategically placed intent survey, this app allows you to collect vital feedback from customers and make informed improvements to your store. The customizable survey design ensures that it seamlessly blends into your store's aesthetic, enhancing brand engagement. This app is perfect for increasing shopper engagement and collecting valuable feedback.

On the other hand, the Whisper app is tailored for Shopify users who want to understand their customer's shopping journey from the post-purchase perspective. This intuitive tool allows you to create comprehensive surveys aimed at essential customer feedback, such as 'How did you hear about us'. By analyzing customer responses with live data and interactive charts, you can identify the most effective marketing channels and gain insights into store performance. The flexibility to customize surveys as needed ensures that you can continuously refine your queries for maximum relevance and impact. This app is a great choice for merchants who want to become more customer-aware and responsive.

In conclusion, while both apps offer valuable insights and the ability to customize surveys, they cater to different stages in the customer journey. If you want to encourage shopper engagement and collect feedback at the point of exit, we recommend the Simplify Exit Intent Survey App. However, if you're looking to gain post-purchase insights and understand store performance, we recommend the Whisper Post Purchase Survey App. Both apps have their unique benefits and can help you optimize your store and drive potential revenue, so it ultimately depends on your specific needs and objectives.

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