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Create unforgettable retail experiences with this integrated Shopify app.

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Fulfill your customers' desires for unique and immersive retail experiences with a powerful app that seamlessly integrates booking features right within your storefront. Transform the monotonous shopping experience into one where memorable moments take center stage, with your brand acting as the master of ceremonies.

Without relying on a meddling third-party system, this app empowers you to evoke brand engagement through tailor-made experiences. From simplistic reservations to sophisticated eTicketing - currently in the beta phase - this app caters to varied levels of complexity, making it inviting for customers and their friends alike.

Keeping in mind your omnichannel sales strategy, this app provides smooth functionality with Zapier, alongside other integrations. Such efficient connections eradicate bottlenecks, and pave the way for a streamlined user experience. And rest assured, if any hiccups do occur, dedicated support is just a call away, eagerly waiting to assist you.

All in all, this app presents an opportunity to amplify your brand resonance by creating touchpoints that are far from ordinary. Introduce a new paradigm where the e-commerce journey transcends beyond mere transactions, and promotes rich experiences that breed loyalty and satisfaction.


Automatically integrates with any Shopify theme for fast booking of experiences.
Customizable email and text reminders to prompt customers for their upcoming experiences.
Easily embed a calendar or list of all experiences for customer viewing.
Utilize the app's Shopify POS check-in or iOS eTicket check-in app (beta) for efficient management.
Seamlessly integrate with thousands of apps like Zapier, MailChimp, and Zoom to enhance functionality.


Increase brand engagement by offering tailor-made experiences seamlessly integrated within your storefront, transforming the shopping experience into memorable moments.
Enhance customer loyalty and satisfaction by providing customizable email and text reminders, ensuring customers show up for their booked experiences.
Save time and streamline operations with smooth functionality through integrations like Zapier, eliminating bottlenecks and enhancing the user experience.

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Shopify POS , Zoom, Zapier, Web Hooks, Shop POS, QR Codes


From $9/month. Free trial available.
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Owlfred Review

Hoo-boy! Experiences: Events & Tickets has swooped right in and made creating unique, bookable retail experiences a breeze. It's been installed over 200 times, raked in a respectable 71 reviews, and boasts an overall score of 4.6 out of 5 stars; merchants simply can't stop hooting about it! The app's seamless integration with any Shopify theme and quick booking features make it a hit among store owners looking to offer memorable engagements with their brand at the heart. With strong connections to a whole parliament of handy apps like Shopify POS, Zapier, MailChimp, and Zoom, it's clear as day why this app has feathers ruffled. The reminders via customizable emails and texts ensure your customers always remember their forthcoming experiences. A standout feature has to be the easy-to-embed calendar or list that shows off all your exciting events. Let's not forget the well-designed price range of $9 - $129, making it a suitable choice for a wide roost of budgets. Whether you’re adding basic booking features or premier eTicketing, Experiences is worth perching on your branch! Nifty features, positive reviews, and a bustling market make it a definite asset to Shopify merchants.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an appointment booking app in Shopify?
An appointment booking app in Shopify is a tool that enables merchants to schedule and manage customer appointments or services effectively. This app simplifies the booking process and enhances the overall customer experience.
How do event calendar apps improve my Shopify store?
Event calendar apps enhance your Shopify store by allowing you to share important dates or upcoming events with your customers. They can help boost engagement, anticipation, and sales by keeping customers informed about sales events, product releases, or any other events related to your business.
What is the function of the Experiences: Events & Tickets app?
The Experiences: Events & Tickets app provides a platform for managing the creation, booking and selling of events or tickets within your Shopify store. It's a robust tool for merchants looking to add, or improve, event-based commerce to their strategies.
How can I add the Experiences: Events & Tickets app to my Shopify store?
You can add the Experiences: Events & Tickets app to your Shopify store by navigating to the Shopify App Store, searching for the app's name and clicking on 'Add app'. You'll then need to follow the prompts to install and set the app up for your store.

Shopify App Comparison: Experiences: Events & Tickets vs indie: Experiences - which is better?

When comparing the capabilities of Experiences: Events & Tickets App and indie: Experiences App, we can see that both apps offer features that can enhance the user's experience and streamline business operations. Experiences: Events & Tickets App stands out with its seamless integration within the storefront, allowing for tailor-made experiences for customers. This app also provides customizable email and text reminders, ensuring customers attend their booked experiences and enhancing loyalty. Its integration with Zapier and other platforms allows for smooth functionality and eliminates bottlenecks, saving time and enhancing the user experience. Furthermore, the app offers dedicated support for any assistance needed, ensuring a smooth experience for users. We highly recommend this app for businesses looking to increase brand engagement and create memorable experiences for their customers.

On the other hand, indie: Experiences App caters specifically to independent experience creators with its centralized SmartCalendar tool. This tool allows for comprehensive oversight of bookings and inquiries, streamlining business operations and freeing up time for experience leaders. The app also offers the ability to instantly update tour details across multiple platforms, ensuring accuracy and visibility for offerings. Its user-friendly interface replaces complex administrative processes, providing an efficient solution for experience management. For independent experience creators looking to save time and streamline their business procedures, indie: Experiences App is a great choice. We recommend this app for those looking to declutter their processes and focus more on leading unforgettable experiences.

Experiences: Events & Tickets Shopify AppExperiences: Events & Tickets
indie: Experiences Shopify Appindie: Experiences
Average Rating 4.7 out of 5 5 out of 5
Number of Reviews 84 8
Estimated Installs 222 0
Min Price $9.00 $0.00
Max Price $129.00 $0.00
Works With Shopify POS , Zoom, Zapier, Web Hooks, Shop POS, QR Codes Tripadvisor, Expedia
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