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Get instant Slack notifications for key Shopify events, boost your workflow efficiency.

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EZ Notify is a fantastic app for seamlessly integrating your Shopify store with Slack, allowing you to receive custom notifications for different customer and order events, improving your workflow and collaboration with your team.

This is a great Shopify app that will help you grow your Shopify store faster!

Last Updated:
July 12, 2024

Receive Real-Time Shopify Notifications in Slack with EZ Notify

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Experience seamless integration between your Shopify platform and Slack workspace with this application. Stay updated on the latest occurrences in your online store with real-time notifications delivered directly to your chosen Slack channels. From new orders to customer sign-ups, this tool ensures your team remains in the loop regarding crucial eCommerce events.

Additionally, customize your notification rules to direct certain messages to designated channels based on their event data content. These notifications can include a personalized message, allowing you to "@" mention specific team members for improved workflow efficiency. This distinct feature streamlines communication, increasing productivity by eliminating redundancies and improving responses to customer interactions.

Furthermore, leverage the unique slash command feature to efficiently retrieve specific data points from your store directly in your Slack workspace. This aspect not only saves time but also simplifies access to necessary information for data-driven decision making. Manage your eCommerce platform effortlessly, maintain real-time oversight, and improve workflows with this integration tool.


Send customer and order notifications to different Slack channels
Customize Slack notifications by selecting fields to include
Filter notifications based on event data with "Event Rules"
Utilize slash commands for quick data retrieval in Slack
Receive real-time notifications on new orders and customer sign-ups directly to designated Slack channels


Receive real-time notifications on new orders and customer sign-ups directly to your chosen Slack channels, keeping your team informed and enabling quick responses
Customize notification rules to send specific messages to designated channels based on event data, streamlining communication and improving workflow efficiency
Use slash commands to efficiently retrieve specific data points from your store in Slack, saving time and simplifying access to crucial information

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Highview Apps LLC
109 East 17th Street, Suite 80, Cheyenne, WY, 82001, US
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Basic: $9.95/month - 300 events/day. Order events sent to different channels. Search orders & customers in Slack. (7-day free trial) Professional: $19.95/month - 5,000 events/day. Order & Customer events. Customize Slack messages and create rules based on event data. (7-day free trial) All charges billed in USD, recurring every 30 days.
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Owlfred Review

Hoot hoot! Here's the scoop on EZ Notify - Slack Integration: This go-to gem has received consistent 5-star ratings across its 28 reviews - quite the hoot-standout! With the mission of making your life easier, this Shopify app by Highview Apps LLC integrates your store with your Slack workspace smoothly. No more juggling between apps! Receive direct notifications into your preferred Slack channels for new orders and customer sign-ups, and create custom messages to @mention team members. Furthermore, EZ Notify makes store management a hoot with event rules to filter notifications and slash commands for store information retrieval directly in Slack! With prices starting at a very reasonable $9.95 per month (7-day free trial included), EZ Notify could be a keeper for any merchant wanting timely notifications and an improved workflow. Whoooo could ask for more?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why am I not getting notifications on Slack with EZ Notify?
The absence of notifications might be due to different reasons like misconfiguration of the app settings or issues on the platform’s side. Ensure that EZ Notify is configured correctly in your Shopify settings and Slack is set to receive notifications.
What does the EZ Notify Slack Integration app do?
EZ Notify Slack Integration app is designed for Shopify and helps merchants automate order notifications, making it easier to manage order updates and stay organized.
How does EZ Notify improve the efficiency of handling order notifications?
EZ Notify can improve efficiency by automating order notifications and sending them straight to your Slack channel. Instead of manually checking for updates, you get real-time notifications in your workspace.
How to ensure that I receive all notifications in my Slack channel through EZ Notify?
Make sure EZ Notify is correctly set up and linked with your Slack channel. Then, adjust your Slack settings to receive all notifications, ensuring you don't miss any order updates.

Shopify App Comparison: EZ Notify ‑ Slack Integration vs SMS Notifications ‑ Airnote - which is better?

We have compared two powerful Shopify integration apps, EZ Notify - Slack Integration and Airnote SMS Notifications. Both apps offer unique features and benefits that can enhance your e-commerce business, but they serve different purposes.

EZ Notify - Slack Integration provides seamless communication and real-time updates between your Shopify platform and Slack workspace. With this app, you can send customer and order notifications to different Slack channels, customize notifications based on event data, and utilize slash commands for quick data retrieval. This integration tool improves workflow efficiency, keeps your team informed, and simplifies access to crucial information. If you're looking to streamline communication and have real-time oversight of your e-commerce platform, we highly recommend using EZ Notify - Slack Integration.

On the other hand, Airnote SMS Notifications focuses on targeted communication through text messages. This app offers tailored notifications and templates that interact with customers in real time. It excels at recapturing lost sales by using AI-driven abandoned cart recovery templates and flows. With Airnote SMS Notifications, you can boost sales, navigate customer engagement, and drive revenue. If you're seeking to enhance customer interactions and maximize sales potential, we recommend integrating Airnote SMS Notifications into your Shopify store.

EZ Notify ‑ Slack Integration Shopify AppEZ Notify ‑ Slack Integration
SMS Notifications ‑ Airnote Shopify AppSMS Notifications ‑ Airnote
Average Rating 5 out of 5 4.5 out of 5
Number of Reviews 28 11
Estimated Installs 0 0
Min Price $9.94 $10.00
Max Price $19.95 $15.00
Works With Slack
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