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July 12, 2024

Boost Your Sales with Sustainable Clothing!

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Promote your commitment to sustainability with the Sustainable Clothing - Fashion app, specifically tailored to highlight the eco-friendly aspects of your products. through strategically placed sustainability banners. Not only does it showcase your contribution to ethical and sustainable practices, but it also aids in the responsible purchasing decisions of your customers.

Easy to install, this tool seamlessly blends with your existing website design and catalog. You can exhibit your own custom sustainability ratings, presenting a clear and impactful representation of your ecological journey. Alternatively, you can utilize the app's efficient algorithm, which calculates these ratings based on your product data, thus saving you time and ensuring accuracy.

Customizable and hassle-free, this tool extends the visibility right to the cart level, ensuring your customers remain conscious of sustainable options at every step of their shopping journey. Dedicate your platform to championing sustainability with this comprehensive tool, and become a leader in the fashion industry's fight against environmental harm.


Showcase your commitment to sustainability with strategically placed sustainability banners, highlighting the eco-friendly aspects of your products.
Easily install the tool to seamlessly blend with your website design, customize your own sustainability ratings, or use the app's algorithm for accurate calculations based on product data.
Extend visibility of sustainable options to the cart level, ensuring conscious shopping decisions for your customers.
Champion sustainability in the fashion industry and lead the fight against environmental harm.
Promote higher conversion rates and repeat purchases by increasing customer trust and loyalty through your sustainability commitment.


Increase customer trust and loyalty by showcasing your commitment to sustainability, leading to a higher conversion rate and repeat purchases
Save time and ensure accuracy by utilizing the app's algorithm to automatically calculate sustainability ratings based on product data
Boost sales by increasing visibility of sustainable options at the cart level, encouraging customers to make eco-conscious purchasing decisions

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Owlfred Review

Dear Shopify merchants, the Fashion Impact Sustainability Tool by Fashion Impact is your newest ally in promoting your sustainable clothing line. This tool brings a unique perspective to your shop by allowing you to include sustainability banners on both product and cart levels. With the chance to either add your own sustainability ratings or let their algorithm do the magic, this app is completely customisable and user-friendly. The early reviews are scarce, but don't let this deter you. It seamlessly integrates with your current site, boosting your brand by spotlighting the sustainability of your products. A notable feature is the app's impressive cart modification and sales analytics capabilities. With a starting price of $9.99 per month following a 7-day free trial, this might be the cost-effective, eco-friendly addition your store needs. Owlfred recommends giving it a whirl, as it promises to be an asset to those who prioritize sustainability in fashion.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I increase sales in my clothing store?
Offering sustainable fashion and tracking sales analytics can help increase sales. Implement tactics like showcasing positive customer reviews, offering discounts to first-time buyers, and creating engaging marketing campaigns.
How do you advertise sustainable fashion?
Advertise sustainable fashion by highlighting its benefits, such as environmentally-friendly materials and ethical manufacturing. Use platforms like social media and e-newsletters, and focus on attracting sustainability-minded consumers.
Is there a market for sustainable clothing?
Yes there is a growing market for sustainable clothing. Many consumers are now choosing brands that offer environmentally-friendly and ethically-produced items. It's a trend that's gaining momentum in the fashion industry.
How can we be more sustainable with clothes?
You can be more sustainable with clothes through several methods: buying less, choosing quality over quantity, supporting brands that use organic or recycled materials, and reusing or recycling clothing instead of discarding it.

Shopify App Comparison: Sustainable Clothing ‑ Fashion vs Dr. Shipping Calculator - which is better?

The Sustainable Clothing - Fashion app is a comprehensive tool that allows you to showcase your commitment to sustainability in the fashion industry. With strategically placed sustainability banners and customizable sustainability ratings, you can easily highlight the eco-friendly aspects of your products. The app also offers an efficient algorithm that automatically calculates sustainability ratings based on your product data, saving you time and ensuring accuracy. By extending the visibility of sustainable options to the cart level, you can encourage conscious shopping decisions and promote higher conversion rates. With this app, you can become a leader in the fight against environmental harm and increase customer trust and loyalty.

On the other hand, the Dr. Shipping Calculator app focuses on enhancing the shipping experience for customers. It leverages real-time shipping rate visibility, allowing customers to see accurate shipping rates directly in their cart or drawer. This transparency and trust can help boost conversion rates. The app also displays legally stipulated shipping rates, ensuring compliance. Additionally, the Free Shipping Bar feature incentivizes customers to increase their order value by showing how much more they need to spend to qualify for free shipping. By streamlining the shipping process and improving the overall shopping experience, this app can lead to higher retention rates and increased sales.

While both apps offer different benefits and features, we would recommend the Sustainable Clothing - Fashion app for its focus on sustainability. It offers unique tools and features specifically tailored to showcase your commitment to eco-friendly practices in the fashion industry. By promoting sustainability, you can not only increase customer trust and loyalty but also contribute to the fight against environmental harm. So if sustainability is a key aspect of your brand, this app is a great choice.

Sustainable Clothing ‑ Fashion Shopify AppSustainable Clothing ‑ Fashion
Dr. Shipping Calculator Shopify AppDr. Shipping Calculator
Average Rating 3 out of 5 4.9 out of 5
Number of Reviews 1 90
Estimated Installs 0 2073
Min Price $9.99 $0.00
Max Price $14.99 $14.99
Works With Directly in Shopify admin Dr. Volume Discounts, Dr. Free Gift on Cart, Dr. Discount On Cart
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