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July 11, 2024

Boost Sales and Build Trust with Customizable Product Reviews

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Transcend the traditional review model with a fully customizable and efficient app that supports 38 unique languages. Coax your customers to share their authentic experiences of your products, enriched with photos and videos through strategically timed automatic emails post order fulfillment or delivery. You can even port reviews from alternative platforms to create a rich and diverse store of consumer experiences.

The magic doesn't stop there. Engage prospects visually by showcasing these user-generated content on distinctive storefront widgets. Share the power of positive experiences on the most popular social media platforms to extend your brand reach. Turn the already compelling customer reviews into powerful SEO tools with star ratings on Google, eventually boosting your conversion rate.

Ensuring a smooth experience for you is the priority. With an easy setup process that tailors to your store sophistication, you can control widget texts, themes, and colors to align with your store's aesthetics. Should you need any assistance, a dedicated 24/7 support team is on standby for any needed design tweaks. Welcome to an interactive journey to enhance your store's credibility, visibility, and customer engagement.


Enables customers to share reviews with photo and video support via automated email prompts
Showcases customer reviews, star ratings, and trust badges prominently on unique storefront widgets
Facilitates social sharing of reviews on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, as well as Google Shopping
Offers an interactive space for customer engagement with Q&A sessions, coupons, and email marketing integrations
Smoothly integrates with Shopify's Shop app to sync reviews for a streamlined review management process.


Increases customer trust and conversions by showcasing user-generated content on distinctive widgets
Boosts SEO and visibility with star ratings on Google, driving more organic traffic to the store
Saves time and enhances credibility with easy setup process and 24/7 dedicated support

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Review Trend Insights

1472 review in the last 30 days.

1472 reviews in the last 30 days.

4202 review in the last 90 days.

4202 reviews in the last 90 days.

Install Trend Insights

10535 install in the last 30 days.

10535 installs in the last 30 days.

26904 install in the last 30 days.

26904 installs in the last 30 days.

Owlfred Review Product Reviews is a highly popular and top-rated Shopify app with over 25000 reviews and an average rating of 5. This app is designed to help you collect and showcase product reviews and star ratings on your store, enhancing trust and potentially increasing sales through social proof. With a wide range of features including customizable review requests, social media sharing options, and integration with Google for SEO benefits, is a powerful tool for boosting conversion rates and engaging customers. Plus, the fact that it supports multiple languages makes it accessible to a global audience. Despite its popularity, the app remains free, making it a valuable asset for any Shopify merchant looking to leverage the power of customer reviews to drive success. I wholeheartedly recommend Product Reviews to any store owner seeking to build credibility and trust with their audience.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do customer reviews build trust?
Customer reviews build trust by providing real feedback from real users. They show business transparency and often highlight the strengths of your product or service while providing constructive criticism. This feedback loop is vital as it fosters trust and confidence in potential customers.
How do online reviews build credibility?
Online reviews build credibility as they demonstrate a business's authenticity and reliability in real-time. The volume and quality of positive reviews can enhance your online reputation, boost your search engine rankings, and influence potential customers to choose your business over competitors.
How do reviews impact sales?
Reviews significantly impact sales by influencing potential customers' buying decisions. Positive reviews can increase conversion rates by demonstrating product quality and customer satisfaction. They can also improve your product's organic search ranking, increasing traffic and thereby sales.
What makes a 5 star review?
A 5 star review typically signifies total customer satisfaction. It includes feedback about excellent service, high-quality products, or positive interactions. Good 5 star reviews usually include specific details about what the user liked and why it exceeded their expectations.

Shopify App Comparison: Product Reviews App vs Ali Reviews ‑ Product Reviews - which is better?

The Product Reviews app offers a fully customizable and efficient platform for collecting and showcasing customer reviews. With support for 38 languages, this app allows customers to share their authentic experiences through photos and videos. The app also offers automatic email prompts to encourage customers to leave reviews, and reviews can be imported from alternative platforms. Additionally, the app features distinctive storefront widgets to showcase user-generated content, and reviews can be shared on popular social media platforms. Overall, Product Reviews enhances your store's credibility, visibility, and customer engagement.

The Ali Reviews ‑ Product Reviews app positions itself as an all-encompassing solution for collecting and managing product reviews. With an intuitive dashboard and a 1-click import feature, this app allows you to import hundreds of product reviews from external platforms like Amazon and AliExpress, establishing credibility for your online store. The app also offers an integrated automated email and SMS review request system to obtain detailed, genuine reviews from each customer order. Additionally, the app utilizes review rich snippets and Google Shopping capability to drive organic traffic and boost sales. With customizable review display options and fast site loading times, Ali Reviews streamlines your review management and trust-building journey.

Attribute Product Reviews App Shopify Product Reviews App
Ali Reviews ‑ Product Reviews Shopify AppAli Reviews ‑ Product Reviews
Average Rating 5 out of 5 4.9 out of 5
Number of Reviews 30397 14353
Estimated Installs 335059 30336
Min Price $0.00 $0.00
Max Price $15.00 $49.90
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