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Elevate your store with live shopping experiences for instant product showcasing and sales.

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Live Shopping by LiveMeUp is a fantastic tool to seamlessly add a live shopping experience to your store and boost conversions with interactive video content. Recommended!

This is a great Shopify app that will help you grow your Shopify store faster!

Last Updated:
July 8, 2024

Turn Your Store into a Trendy Video Shopping Destination

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Expanding on the fresh wave of TikTok appeal, this app transforms your Shopify store into a hub of user-generated social video shopping. It bridges the vigor of viral social media interactions and the practicality of e-commerce, delivering a unique shopping experience that contemporary shoppers admire. Employing trendy video formats, the app serves to seize and retain the attention of your customers, resulting in greater audience engagement, elevated conversion rates and boosted sales.

Seamlessly integrating into your digital storefront, the dynamic app caters to a mobile-first user experience. This alignment with recent shopping trends ensures that your store is always accessible and easy to navigate, even for the most tech-savvy shopper.

Moreover, this app isn’t just about high-impact aesthetics, it is an analytical powerhouse. It arms you with actionable data analytics, equipping you with insights to carve a conversion-oriented and profitable path for your business. Dive into the new age of shopping with this trendsetting app.


Instant load videos for snappy, smooth shopping without impacting store's speed.
Real-time product feed synchronization ensures glitch-free live sales.
Expand your community reach with live simulcasting on social media.
Customise video player to echo your brand's essence.
Deep analytics unveil customer interaction data.


Transform your Shopify store into a hub of user-generated social video shopping, seizing and retaining the attention of customers for increased engagement and conversion rates.
Provide a mobile-first user experience, ensuring your store is easily accessible and navigable for tech-savvy shoppers, aligning with recent shopping trends.
Arm yourself with actionable data analytics to carve a conversion-oriented and profitable path for your business, diving into the new age of shopping with trendsetting insights.

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Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Klaviyo, Checkout


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4 reviews in the last 30 days.

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8 reviews in the last 90 days.

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Owlfred Review

Live Shopping by LiveMeUp seems like a fantastic app for Shopify merchants looking to enhance their online shopping experience. With a solid rating of 5 stars based on 29 reviews and over 100 installs, it's clear that merchants are finding value in this app. By offering TikTok-style live video shopping and Instagram-like shoppable videos, LiveMeUp can help boost conversions, drive sales, and engage customers in exciting ways. The features like in-video add to cart, multistreaming across social media, personalized user journeys, and live video analytics make it a comprehensive solution for merchants looking to leverage live streaming for their products. Plus, being free to use with additional paid options available, it's definitely worth trying out to see how it can elevate your online store experience!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Live Shopping?
Live Shopping is a feature that allows merchants to sell products directly during live broadcasts. This can be done leveraging various social platforms or through dedicated applications like Live Shopping by LiveMeUp. It provides an interactive buying experience, engaging customers in real-time.
How does Live Shopping relate to traditional e-commerce?
Live Shopping transcends traditional e-commerce by enabling real-time interaction between the merchant and customers. Unlike traditional online shopping where customers browse static product listings, Live Shopping simulates a brick-and-mortar experience digitally. Merchants can demo products, answer questions, and generate sales all in real-time.
How does live shopping enhance customer engagement?
Live Shopping enhances customer engagement by providing a real-time and interactive shopping experience. Through live broadcasts, shoppers can view product demonstrations, ask questions, and receive immediate responses. This interactive exchange enhances customer engagement and can ultimately drive stronger customer loyalty.
How can Live Shopping improve my online business sales?
Live Shopping can improve your sales by facilitating real-time demonstrations and customer interaction. With the ability to engage customers instantly, you can use live broadcasts to showcase product uses, answer customer queries, clarify doubts, and motivate immediate purchases. Additionally, the interactive and dynamic nature of live shopping sessions can increase customer interest and retention, boosting your overall sales.

Shopify App Comparison: LiveMeUp : Live Shopping vs Reactive Live & Shoppable Ads - which is better?

Live Shopping by LiveMeUp and Reactive Video Platform are both powerful apps that aim to transform your online store into an interactive shopping experience. However, Live Shopping by LiveMeUp stands out by focusing on user-generated social video shopping. With trendy video formats and a mobile-first user experience, Live Shopping captures and retains customer attention, resulting in greater engagement and conversion rates. Additionally, it provides actionable data analytics to help you carve a profitable path for your business. This trendsetting app offers a unique shopping experience that contemporary shoppers admire, making it a top recommendation from us.

On the other hand, Reactive Video Platform focuses on integrating shoppable videos and live-streamed events into your digital storefront. With easy-to-implement shoppable video banners, this app streamlines the shopping experience by directing visitors straight to the checkout process. It also leverages influencer marketing campaigns to increase conversions and engagement. While Reactive Video Platform offers a captivating way to showcase products and elevate customer interaction, Live Shopping by LiveMeUp's user-generated social video shopping approach sets it apart as the more innovative and impactful choice. We highly recommend Live Shopping by LiveMeUp for its trendsetting features and benefits that align with the future of online shopping.

LiveMeUp : Live Shopping Shopify AppLiveMeUp : Live Shopping
Reactive Live & Shoppable Ads Shopify AppReactive Live & Shoppable Ads
Average Rating 5 out of 5 5 out of 5
Number of Reviews 38 8
Estimated Installs 162 0
Min Price $0.00 $0.00
Max Price $199.00 $3000.00
Works With Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Klaviyo, Checkout Checkout
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