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Increase sales and improve store organization with Nada. Hide sold-out products and get low-stock alerts.

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Nada is a must-have app for any Shopify store looking to keep their products well-organized and always in stock with automatic hiding of sold-out items and low-stock email alerts. Recommended!

This is a great Shopify app that will help you grow your Shopify store faster!

Last Updated:
July 8, 2024

Boost Sales and Organization with Nada's Smart Inventory Management

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Optimize your e-commerce store's efficiency with an ingenious solution that automatically hides and sorts out-of-stock products. This utility saves crucial time while enhancing store presentation and customer experience. Striving to appear filled to the brim, it contributes to improved sales conversion.

Offering a seamless experience, this app updates product status in real-time ensuring your store never appears understocked. The controlled visibility of products warms customers towards a more engaging shopping experience, positioning the product range towards a more structured purchase pathway.

The unique notification feature springs into action when vivid sales signals loom on the horizon. Automated alerts enable strategic restocking, saving potential sales loss due to slip-ups in inventory management. This indispensable feature works intelligently in the background, keeping track of stock levels for your successful selling items and notifying you before any routine stock-out situation.

The proud embodiment of versatility, this intelligent app effortlessly aligns an organized, well-stocked look with enhanced stock control. The result is an effective balance between an appealing shopfront and a trackable inventory for improved sales. Ensure a seamless, profitable merchant experience with this smart solution.


Automatically move sold-out products to the end of your collection
Auto hide out-of-stock items from your store to enhance the shopping experience
Receive low-stock email alerts to avoid missed sales opportunities
SEO-friendly redirects for hidden URLs to prevent 404 errors
Real-time inventory tracking and updates for improved stock control


Automatically hide and sort out-of-stock products to maintain a visually appealing and organized store presentation
Real-time updates and notifications help prevent stock-outs and potential sales loss by enabling strategic restocking
Seamless experience with controlled product visibility and improved inventory management

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Owlfred Review

Hoot hoot! Let's chat about Nada | Sort & Hide Sold Out, a nifty tool by Digismoothie focused on smart inventory tracking and product display. The heartiness of its functionality lies in its ability to camouflage sold-out products from your store in real-time and categorically sorting them at the end of your collection. This keeps your store appearing well-stocked and organized, encouraging the overall shopping experience. It's also a night owl, just like me, keeping an eye on your inventory and swiftly reacting to changes. No more night sweats over running out of your best sellers - the app hoots an email alert for low stock scenarios! And to top it all, it waves its magic wand to avoid 404 errors with SEO-friendly redirects for hidden URLs. Despite being a backend app, it has gathered decent praise from its ten users who rated it an average of 4.1. It's almost like having an inventory manager but without the hefty price tag, especially since it starts with a free plan. So for stores keen on optimizing their product display and inventory management, I'd definitely recommend giving Nada a spin!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Nada Sort & Hide Sold Out improve my inventory management?
Nada Sort & Hide Sold Out uses smart algorithms to track products in your inventory and automatically updates their status. This helps store owners manage their stock efficiently, leading to better sales and lesser chances of product shortages.
How can Nada Sort & Hide Sold Out increase my Shopify store's sales and revenue?
By effectively tracking inventory and making sure only in-stock items are displayed, Nada Sort & Hide Sold Out prevents customers from seeing sold-out items. This leads to a smoother shopping experience and can increase conversion rates resulting in higher sales and revenue.
What is centralized stock management and can Nada Sort & Hide Sold Out assist with it?
Centralized stock management is one streamlined system that manages all stock-related tasks across multiple sales channels. Nada Sort & Hide Sold Out can play a crucial part in such a system by ensuring up-to-date product statuses, therefore aiding in maintaining an effective centralized stock management.
Can effective inventory management contribute to a startup's success?
Absolutely. Effective inventory management can prevent stockouts and overstocks, optimize warehouse space, and save money. Using a tool like Nada Sort & Hide Sold Out can streamline this process making inventory management more efficient and cost-effective, contributing to the overall success of a startup.

Shopify App Comparison: Nada | Sort & Hide Sold Out vs LSA Low Stock Alert - which is better?

We have analyzed both apps and have found some key differences that set them apart in terms of capabilities and features. Nada is a comprehensive solution that focuses on automatically hiding and sorting out-of-stock products in your e-commerce store. It offers real-time inventory tracking and updates, ensuring your store never appears understocked. Additionally, Nada provides low-stock email alerts, enabling strategic restocking to prevent potential sales loss. With Nada, you can maintain a visually appealing and organized store presentation while improving inventory management.

In contrast, LSA Low Stock Alert specializes in proactive alerts on low stock items. This app empowers merchants with daily email reports or instant alerts as soon as stock dips below a defined threshold. It offers a user-friendly interface for easy navigation of low stock items and allows you to export lists as CSV files for further analysis or record-keeping. LSA Low Stock Alert ensures your store meets customer demand smoothly and prevents out-of-stock scenarios.

Based on the capabilities and features highlighted, we would recommend Nada for e-commerce stores that prioritize maintaining an organized and visually appealing store presentation. However, if your main concern is avoiding out-of-stock scenarios and receiving proactive alerts, LSA Low Stock Alert would be the ideal choice. Both apps offer unique benefits, so consider your specific needs before making a decision.

Nada | Sort & Hide Sold Out Shopify AppNada | Sort & Hide Sold Out
LSA Low Stock Alert Shopify AppLSA Low Stock Alert
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