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SSO Integration: Simplify User Logins & Enhance Security

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Optimize your e-commerce journey with an effortless Single Sign-On feature. This application simplifies the login process by efficiently integrating protocols such as SAML, OAuth, OpenID, JWT, LDAP, and API as authentication sources. Offering multifactor authentication and single sign-on capabilities, enhancing your website's security never been easier and more efficient.

Beyond security, this app paves the way for controlled access. You can restrict visibility to products, pages, collections, or your entire store to specific users authenticated through your identity provider (IDP). This bespoke approach guarantees a personalized and secure shopping experience for your customers.

Additional innovations include auto-generation of users and synchronization of user attributes such as first name, last name, tags, address, and more from your IDP straight into your Shopify customer profile. This intelligent automation brings about seamless interactions with your customers, saving you time and boosting the user experience.

The Single Sign-On solution is compatible with an array of IDPs including Azure AD/B2C, Okta, Cognito, Keycloak, Auth0, Shopify, ADFS, Salesforce, and Custom IDP, making it an ideal choice for diverse businesses. The result? Smooth, secure, and personalized customer interactions that generate lasting trust and loyalty.


Optimize your e-commerce journey with effortless Single Sign-On integrating multiple IDPs for seamless authentication
Control visibility to products, pages, collections, or the entire store for personalized shopping experiences
Automatically generate users and sync user attributes from IDP to Shopify for seamless interactions
Compatible with various IDPs for smooth, secure, and personalized customer interactions
Enable Single Logout to sign out users from IDP when they log out from your Shopify store


Save time and enhance security with effortless Single Sign-On for seamless authentication process
Control access to products, pages, and collections for personalized shopping experiences
Automate user creation and profile synchronization for seamless interactions and improved user experience

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New Customer Account, Hydrogen (Headless Store), Classic Account, Admin Dashboard, Swag/Employee Store, Ecommerce Mobile App


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Owlfred Review

The miniOrange Single Sign On−SSO app is a game changer for Shopify merchants. This owl's eyes light up at the sight of its high average rating of 4.9 from 49 reviews and over a thousand installs! Incorporating a bevy of integration protocols such as SAML, OAuth, OpenID, JWT, LDAP, and API, it ensures seamless SSO into both Plus and Non-plus Shopify stores. The app notably auto-creates users during SSO login and skillfully syncs user attributes from IDP to Shopify, effectively bridging the gap between IDP and Shopify customer profiles. Handy access restriction features allow merchants to restrict access to products, pages, collections, or even the entire store to specific users in your IDP. The capacity for single logout and exclusive SSO support, including headless/mobile/JWT SSO, are delightful features that make this app stand out in the Accounts and Login category. Despite the somewhat steep pricing from $89/month, the comprehensive functions and ease of use could be worth the investment. This wise owl highly recommends the miniOrange SSO app for merchants seeking convenience and enhanced user management.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does SSO simplifies identity and access management?
Single Sign On (SSO) indeed simplifies identity and access management. It allows users to use one set of login credentials to access multiple applications. This reduces the number of times a user has to log in and out of different platforms and provides an integrated and seamless user experience.
How do I integrate SSO login?
Integrating SSO login involves setting up a central server or using an SSO service such as miniOrange Single Sign On. You need to configure the authentication settings of your applications to let them communicate with this central server or SSO service. Detailed instructions are typically provided by the SSO provider.
How SSO facilitates sharing of user passwords?
SSO does not facilitate sharing of user passwords in the traditional sense. Instead, it provides a way for users to authenticate once and gain access to multiple services without needing to re-enter passwords. The central SSO server handles the authentication and passes the necessary tokens or keys to other applications.
What is the SSO login method?
The SSO login method involves entering your credentials (username and password) once on a central login page. After successful authentication, you'll be able to access any of the connected applications without needing to login separately for each. This greatly simplifies navigation and increases security.

Shopify App Comparison: miniOrange Single Sign On‑SSO vs Signonify ‑ Single Sign On - which is better?

When comparing miniOrange Single Sign On-SSO and Signonify Single Sign On, it's clear that both apps provide convenient and efficient user authentication processes. However, miniOrange takes it a step further by offering multifactor authentication and a wider range of integrations with various IDPs such as Azure AD/B2C, Okta, Cognito, and more. This makes it a more versatile and adaptable option for businesses with diverse authentication needs. Additionally, miniOrange's app allows for controlled access, giving merchants the ability to restrict visibility to specific users for a personalized and secure shopping experience. The app also automates user creation and synchronization of user attributes, saving time and enhancing the overall user experience.

On the other hand, Signonify's app focuses more on simplifying user authentication by leveraging popular social media platforms and identity providers. While it offers the convenience of account creation through social networks, it lacks the multifactor authentication and extensive integrations provided by miniOrange. Signonify does, however, excel in seamlessly integrating diverse online businesses across multiple e-commerce platforms, making it a user-friendly and adaptable option. This app is particularly beneficial for merchants managing a portfolio of e-commerce sites, as it allows for easy management and offers users an effortless navigational experience. Overall, both apps have their strengths, but for businesses looking for a more comprehensive and versatile single sign-on solution, we recommend miniOrange Single Sign On-SSO.

miniOrange Single Sign On‑SSO Shopify AppminiOrange Single Sign On‑SSO
Signonify ‑ Single Sign On Shopify AppSignonify ‑ Single Sign On
Average Rating 5 out of 5 5 out of 5
Number of Reviews 59 2
Estimated Installs 1151 39
Min Price $89.00 $9.00
Max Price $149.00 $79.00
Works With New Customer Account, Hydrogen (Headless Store), Classic Account, Admin Dashboard, Swag/Employee Store, Ecommerce Mobile App Google, Apple, Facebook, Wordpress, Prestashop
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