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Streamline staff management for POS retailers with payroll-ready time clock, scheduling, and sales commissions.

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EasyTeam POS Staff Management is the perfect solution for Shopify Point of Sale retailers looking to streamline their staff management tasks with payroll-ready time clock, scheduling, and sales commissions features. Recommended!

This is a great Shopify app that will help you grow your Shopify store faster!

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July 8, 2024

Powerful Staff Management for POS Retailers

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Take control of your retail operations with a robust staff management solution, built to complement Shopify POS. With its plethora of tools, you can efficiently handle everything from payroll and work schedules to detailed checklists and sales commissions, ideal for the bustling retail environment.

The app leverages the power of your existing Shopify platform to provide a centralized hub for staff management. Retail stores can streamline their operations, ensuring each employee is rightly compensated. It simplifies the daunting task of managing staff work schedules and facilitates clear role division with checklists.

Furthermore, the integration of a unique sales commission feature allows shops to incentivize stellar staff performance, fostering a vibrant competitive atmosphere within your retail space. This powerful system improves employee satisfaction and drives productivity. Plus, a committed customer support team is ready to resolve queries, making your retail management less cumbersome.

That made managing retail staff on Shopify as effortless as a click. With the right tools at your disposal, you can create a more engaged, efficient, and motivated workforce – gearing your retail store for success.


Allow staff to clock in and out from any location on Shopify Point of Sale or mobile
Schedule efficiently from any device, including the Shopify POS
Calculate sales commissions for retail staff based on their performance
Manage store checklists, such as opening procedures, directly from the POS
Support all types of payroll processing using your preferred provider


Save time by allowing staff to clock in and out from any location on Shopify Point of Sale, making attendance tracking seamless
Streamline operations by managing staff work schedules and facilitating clear role division with checklists directly from the POS
Drive productivity and employee satisfaction with sales commission feature, incentivizing stellar staff performance to create a competitive retail environment

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Owlfred Review

Whoooo's got time for complex staff management when you're trying to soar through sales? That's where the EasyTeam POS Staff Management app swoops in. This retail staff manager app, although not install trackable, has potential as an invaluable asset for POS retailers. With over 4.9 out of 5 stars from the pack, this app stands out with features like payroll-ready time clocks, efficient scheduling, and sales commission calculators. Imagine the convenience of easily clocking in/out from any location, creating smarter schedules from any device, and even calculating commissions with Shopify POS or your mobile. Plus, with the added ability to handle all types of payroll processing and store checklists straight from your POS, your retail operations will glide smoother than ever. Pricing can be as light as a feather too, starting from $0.00 and reaching up to $24.00, with a 30-day free trial to start. Now that’s what I call fly!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you manage a POS system?
Managing a POS system involves maintaining its hardware and software. It includes routine auditing for accuracy, training staff on its use, and troubleshooting any issues.
What is POS in retail management?
A Point Of Sale (POS) in retail management is a system where customers execute payments for goods or services. It plays a crucial role in every retail business as it manages sales, inventory, and customer data.
What issues do retailers face when a POS system has performance issues?
Retailers can face several issues when a POS system has performance problems, including inaccurate inventory tracking, slow checkout times affecting customer experience, and loss of sales data.
What is the best POS system for retail?
The best POS system for retail varies based on business needs. However, the ideal system should have functional elements like efficient transaction processing, robust inventory management tools, and comprehensive sales reports.

Shopify App Comparison: EasyTeam POS Staff Management vs Unitpricer ‑ Weight Size Vol. - which is better?

We have compared the capabilities, features, and benefits of the EasyTeam POS Staff Management App and the Unitpricer - Weight Size Vol. App. The EasyTeam app provides a robust staff management solution that integrates with Shopify POS, allowing retail stores to efficiently handle tasks such as payroll, work schedules, and sales commissions. It simplifies role division with checklists and fosters a competitive atmosphere within the retail space. This app is recommended for retail stores looking to streamline operations, improve employee satisfaction, and drive productivity.

On the other hand, the Unitpricer app caters specifically to customers interested in buying by weight, size, or volume. It offers the flexibility to set prices in both imperial and metric units, seamlessly converting measurements for a global clientele. This app is recommended for Shopify merchants who want to expand their sales avenues by meeting the unique market demand for weight, volume, or size-based products. It enhances customer satisfaction and potentially increases revenue by offering a streamlined shopping experience for customers in sectors like groceries or fabric stores.

EasyTeam POS Staff Management Shopify AppEasyTeam POS Staff Management
Unitpricer ‑ Weight Size Vol. Shopify AppUnitpricer ‑ Weight Size Vol.
Average Rating 4.9 out of 5 2.8 out of 5
Number of Reviews 181 6
Estimated Installs 0 0
Min Price $0.00 $14.00
Max Price $24.00 $14.00
Works With Shopify POS , POS App
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