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The best tax apps for Shopify in 2024

Written by
Adam Sturrock
Published on
May 7, 2024

Shopify, the dominant e-commerce platform, hosts a vast number of active stores, capturing a significant portion of the online retail market. With its user-friendly interface and ability to scale for businesses of all sizes, Shopify continues to be a popular choice for merchants worldwide.

When it comes to managing finances, taxes play a crucial role for businesses to stay compliant and financially healthy. In the dynamic landscape of e-commerce, having the right tax apps integrated into your Shopify store can streamline operations, alleviate tax-related stress, and ensure accurate reporting for the year 2024.

With a plethora of tax apps available in the Shopify App Store, selecting the best ones for your specific business needs is vital. The tax apps you choose can have a substantial impact on your store's financial management, compliance, and overall success in the upcoming year.

Whether you're just starting your e-commerce journey or looking to optimize tax processes for an established Shopify store, the right tax apps can make a significant difference in your business operations. Explore our top recommendations for the best tax apps for Shopify in 2024 to make informed decisions and maximize your financial efficiency.

Shopify, the leading e-commerce platform, is home to over 2 million active stores, representing a substantial 20% of the global e-commerce market. Shopify is especially renowned for accommodating a diverse range of merchants, from newcomers setting up their first store to large enterprises and household brands. Shopify's accessibility for beginners and scalability for major businesses make it an ideal choice for many individuals and businesses.

The platform provides a wide array of free and paid templates, effectively reducing development costs. Additionally, there are specialized Shopify agencies and experts proficient in handling a wide variety of requirements, offering a valuable resource for those who might otherwise need to build a comprehensive in-house team.

However, with over 7,000 Shopify apps available, choosing the right tax apps for your Shopify store is crucial for effective business growth and efficient operation. This selection process and the resulting tax apps utilized can significantly impact the management and scalability of a Shopify store.

With this in mind, this guide has been crafted with beginner eCommerce store owners to ambitious and sophisticated Shopify businesses in mind. The Shopify tax apps we've selected are also immensely beneficial for medium and large Shopify stores that aim to outshine their competitors.

Let's dive into our top tax app recommendations for Shopify!

#1 Shopify App Award

1. T‑Selector (VAT Switcher)

T‑Selector (VAT Switcher)T‑Selector (VAT Switcher)Tax selector appT‑Selector (VAT Switcher)T‑Selector (VAT Switcher)Tax selector app

From $49/month. Free trial available.

Experience a more streamlined approach to displaying prices with T-selector (VAT Switcher). Designed to provide flexibility for both B2C and B2B businesses, this app allows customers to easily manipulate and view product prices according to their needs. Just with a single click, they can either view prices inclusive or exclusive of VAT, substantially improving the online shopping experience.

This app is appreciated for its versatile customization options. The merchant has the freedom to set VAT-rates and language preferences according to their specific business requirements. Additionally, this tool offers robust support for Shopify markets.

One essential feature is the installation process. The app developers take it upon themselves to handle the app's installation and ensure smooth operation in the duplicated theme environment before the merchant goes live – a nice touch to spare them from technical hassles. Simplify your pricing, tailor the shopping experience to your customers, and enjoy a smoother operation with this app that thoughtfully amalgamates utility with comfort.

T‑Selector (VAT Switcher) is developed and maintained by Zoe Production.

T‑Selector (VAT Switcher) has an average rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars with 17 reviews from Shopify stores.

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#2 Shopify App Award

2. Exemptify

ExemptifyExemptifysuccessful VAT ID validationExemptifyExemptifysuccessful VAT ID validation

$4.99/month. Free trial available.

Bridging the gap between commerce and compliance, this competent app paves the way for smooth international sales within the European Union (EU). The app provides an exceptional solution for real-time EU VAT ID validation, thereby enabling tax-free transactions to other European businesses. This feature is readily available for integration directly into the checkout process for Shopify Plus merchants.

Distinguished by its commitment to both accuracy and convenience, this sophisticated platform dynamically tailors pricing displays according to the customer's location. The benefit? An upfront, transparent insight into the checkout total, thereby contributing to an optimal shopping experience.

As an added advantage, the app ensures adherence to the latest EU distance sales regulations, applying the appropriate tax rate instantaneously. Thus, it presents an invaluable tool to facilitate tax compliance effortlessly, freeing you to focus on growing your business.

The app's capabilities extend beyond just facilitation, doubling as a safeguard for your international sales journey. Experience the power of smart, real-time VAT adjustment, all at the touch of your fingertips.

Exemptify is developed and maintained by daxanema.

Exemptify has an average rating of 4.1 out of 5 stars with 49 reviews from Shopify stores.

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#3 Shopify App Award

3. Sufio: Professional Invoices

Sufio: Professional InvoicesSufio: Professional InvoicesBuild a consistent brand.Sufio: Professional InvoicesSufio: Professional InvoicesBuild a consistent brand.

Pricing plans range from $7/month to $129/month with various features and a 14-day free trial.

Vitalize your Shopify store's administrative tasks with a tool that combines automation, customization, and global compliance in your invoicing process. This application effortlessly generates and delivers professional invoices, credit notes, and additional essential documents, thanks to its automated features. Moreover, its compliance with worldwide B2C and B2B sales regulations, validated by certified accountants, guarantees uncompromised document legitimacy.

Unleash the power of customized workflows tailored to meet unique business requirements. The versatility offered lets merchants devise and execute strategic document-centric workflows that will efficiently cater to their specific operational necessities. This precise alignment with business needs eases management efforts and boosts efficiency.

Leave a lasting impression on customers by leveraging beautifully designed and easily customizable invoice templates. This tool goes beyond bland, run-of-the-mill invoice styles, offering an avenue to express business identity through personalized and professional invoices. The process is simple and straightforward, ensuring that every outgoing document adds to building a distinctive brand identity.

Proficient customer support is readily available to guide you through the intricate process of tax and invoice configuration. Rely on their expertise to navigate these essential, albeit complex, operational aspects. This unwavering assistance reassures a smooth transition and usage experience, cementing this tool as a facilitator of administrative functions and a valuable asset to your business.

Sufio: Professional Invoices is developed and maintained by Sufio.

Sufio: Professional Invoices has an average rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars with 534 reviews from Shopify stores.

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4. WebPlanex: GST Invoice India

WebPlanex: GST Invoice IndiaWebPlanex: GST Invoice IndiaGST Collection ReportWebPlanex: GST Invoice IndiaWebPlanex: GST Invoice IndiaGST Collection Report

From $4.99/month. Free trial available.

Streamline your invoicing process with this proficient tool designed specifically for Indian merchants. This application effortlessly generates GST-ready invoices, eliminating the necessity for third-party software, and saving you precious time. It collates your order data and autonomously creates invoices, flawlessly integrating into your workflow.

Highlighting efficiency, this tool further simplifies your task by offering automated customer emails. Your customers can effortlessly download their invoices through an email link, enhancing their shopping experience and proactively resolving any potential issues.

This feature-rich tool takes into account your business operational specifics, allowing GST calculations based on the fulfillment location. This indispensable feature is ideal for businesses operating from multiple locations as it facilitates accurate GST calculations based on fulfilled inventory location.

Join hundreds of successful Shopify merchants who rely on this versatile tool to streamline their financial processes while ensuring regulatory compliance. This application is a smart investment that promises a hassle-free invoicing process and gets you back in control of your time and productivity.

WebPlanex: GST Invoice India is developed and maintained by WebPlanex.

WebPlanex: GST Invoice India has an average rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars with 390 reviews from Shopify stores.

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5. QuickBooks/Xero sync ‑ Synder

WebPlanex: GST Invoice IndiaQuickBooks/Xero sync ‑ SynderShopify and QuickBooks Online or Xero syncWebPlanex: GST Invoice IndiaQuickBooks/Xero sync ‑ SynderShopify and QuickBooks Online or Xero sync

Free plan available. Free trial available.

Striving to streamline your financial accounts? Maintain flawless records with this efficient app that automatically synchronizes and reconciles your Shopify sales data with Xero, QuickBooks Online, or Desktop. From specific sales items to shipping costs, taxes, discounts, gift cards, and customer data - every piece of valuable information is synced, simplifying your accounting processes.

Going beyond surface-level syncing, the app offers a robust solution for efficient historical imports, multi-currency support, and inventory and COGS synchronization. A great tool for global businesses juggling multiple sales channels, it enables effortless data integration and ensures you never drop the ball when it comes to accounting accuracy.

Less time doing bookkeeping means more energies to focus on your business. Leave behind the complicated puzzle of managing multiple data streams and trust in this solution that has already gained the confidence of Shopify merchants and professional accountants alike. Experience seamless bookkeeping synchronization in under 15 minutes – set up your financial success with precision, today.

QuickBooks/Xero sync ‑ Synder is developed and maintained by CloudBusiness Inc.

QuickBooks/Xero sync ‑ Synder has an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars with 263 reviews from Shopify stores.

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We hope you found this guide on the top tax apps for Shopify useful.

Did we miss an app you think should be included in this guide, please let us know!

Top Shopify tax apps FAQ

Which tax apps do I need for my Shopify store?

You’ll want to take advantage of the many tax apps and integrations available to make your Shopify store the best it can be. Every tax app highlighted in this article can help take your Shopify store to the next level! With that said, if you can't find what you're looking for in this guide, we recommend checking our comprehensive list of every Shopify tax app!

What is the best tax app for Shopify?

The Shopify App Store is always adding new apps, but by analyzing merchant reviews, average ratings, estimated install counts, pricing and other signals we've identified that T‑Selector (VAT Switcher) is one of the top Shopify tax apps available for merchants in 2024.

With that said, it’s not always the best idea to just go for the most popular app or our recommendations. Always look at how many Shopify stars the app has and what the reviews are saying about the app itself. Where possible, we highly recommend testing apps you are considering by leveraging free trials before commiting to any fixed monthly subscription costs.

Why do I need to install a Shopify tax app?

Whilst Shopify comes with a broad range of features and capabilities out of the box, many tax apps go above and beyond what Shopify can provide. Every store has unique requirements and a diverse range of apps are available to meet these needs.

How many tax apps are recommended for Shopify?

We recommend including atleast one tax app for your Shopify store if this type of app would be beneficial for your store. There are a lot of free options out there and some great tax apps that will help you run your business as smoothly as possible.

Can I build my own custom tax app for Shopify?

The short answer is yes ofcourse! Shopify provides a lot of great documentation to build tax apps.

The longer answer is that you should weigh up the upfront time, resources and costs of building a custom apps vs finding a tax app that handles the majority of your requirements for free or for a low monthly fee.

Ofcourse if you can't find a suitable tax Shopify app to meet your needs then it's definitely worth investigating what it would take to build the app of your dreams!


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